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Host of Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Nationally recognized guests discuss today’s top news and politics.

Host of Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Nationally recognized guests discuss today’s top news and politics.


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Host of Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Nationally recognized guests discuss today’s top news and politics.






#StopMarxism Don Jans #ReligiousLiberty #1stLiberty #FakeNews #MeganBarth #COVIDTESTING #MikeDaugherty #WAKEUPAMERICA #ReaganBabe

#MilitaryDisrespected #MarxismMarching Don Jans Expert on Marxism and Leninism discusses the Biden policies that are driving us there. Energy independence is gone. Women are out of competitive sports. Government picking winners and losers. National Guard moved to the garage! #LBGTQAgenda Lathan Watts First Liberty Director of PR discusses the impact of the Biden Administration policy on LGBTQ and the effect on Christian Adoption agencies, Food distribution and any community assistance. Also...


#Capitol #Masks Dr Eric Nepute #FreeSpech #NationalCenter Scott Shepherd #Gold Tom Barrett #CancelCulture #FreeEnterprise

#Masks #Capitol Dr Eric Nepute discusses the negative effect of masks. The New President wants Mandatory Masks and 100 days of masks for everyone else. Dr Sapute shares the problems with that. Dr Nepute also gives his eyewitness account of the events on January 6th. #CancelCulture #ExecutiveOrders Scott Shepherd National Center for Public Policy Research discusses the firing of a Trump Admin person after it was discovered by the NHL that he worked for the Trump Administration. Biden signs 17...


#MediaBias #DanGainor #Newsbusters #BlackAmericansLose #HoraceCooper #Project21News #RuleOfLaw #DavidShestokas #PersecutedChristinas DedeL

#MediaBias #Censorship Dan Gainor Newsbusters MRC exposing the radical left bias of MSM and their coverage of the Inauguration. The caravan headed to our Southern Border, no coverage on the explosive Chinese Professor video which claims Chinese interference in the election. #BlackAmericaLoses Horace Cooper Project 21 News Co Chair Project 21 Black Leadership Council " I will tell you – throughout the summer and heading into the election – survey after survey reported that black Americans...


#ChinaThreat #PastorGreg #InaugurationEvents #MattLong #RealTalk #MoneyB #HealthCareFreedom #LibertyHealthShare

#CapitolTruth #FreeSpeech Megan Barth shares her eyewitness report from her experience at the capitol and how the media has gotten this wrong. We also discuss the assault on the free speech here is America. A brand new FCC ruling that effects what you can say on your personal Walkie Talkie. #WhatisNext Matt Long of the Matt Long Show joins us as we discuss what the world could look like on January 21st and what the 20th might bring, Also what the Texas Legislative session is...


#FreeSpeechCensorship @rmanning957 #RichardManning #MLK Project21News #JulianBoykin #CapitolRiots #LatinosForTrump #Reset #MichaelRectenwald

#FirstAmendment #ObamaGate Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government President joins to discuss the Cancel Culture attacks on Free Speech CNN is suggesting the Biden Admin take action against these "right Leaning" "Conservative" news outlets. Liberal media figures and outlets are suggesting that Joe Biden should take an aggressive approach to conservative media when he becomes president of the United States. “There is no...


#ALinskyExposing Don Jans #IranDanger David Wurmser TomBarrett #KnowtheTrutn Pastor Greg

#ITSALLALINSKY Don Jans our expert on Marxism and Communism and Socialism who has studied this for 40 years and traveled to many of these countries discusses the evidence that what we are witnessing is heavily influenced by Saul Alinsky. Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals which many consider the handbook for the radical left. #IranHatesAmerica David Wurmser senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy American Foreign Policy Expert Former Middle East Advisor to VP Dick Cheney discusses the...


#CovidTruth #StoptheShutdown #ThomasRenz #DrSherriTenPenny #CovidLies #Disinformation #DrPamPopper #DrEricNepute

#CovidTruth #TruthAboutVaccines #CovidLawsuits Atty Thomas Renz, Renz Law and Dr Sherri Tenpenny, DO, Speaker, Educator and Consultant join Pastor Greg for a full hour discussion on the recent three lawsuits filed to address the shutdowns, mental health issues because of it, businesses lost permanently, life long plans destroyed due to the shut down. President Trump recently said that COVID data is far exaggerated, which falls in line with the lawsuit that several attorneys and doctors have...


#MediaDelusion @dangainor @newsbusters #ANTIFACapitol @ClareMLopez #Unconstitutional @Shestokas #UngodlyLeft @PastorGregCGR

#MediaMadness #Censorship Dan Gainor Newsbusters MRC Discusses the Media narrative and the hypocrisy about the events of the Capitol. #ANTIFA Clare Lopez #ImpeachmentCoup David Shestokas


#PresidentTrump @realDonaldTrump #Prayer4PresidentTrump #PrayerForAmerica @PastorGregCGR #ChosenGenerationRadio

Ken Thornberg Joins Pastor Greg on to pray for President Trump


#SpiritualWarfare Ken Thornberg #TexasStrong Matt Long #RealTalk @Moneyb69 #HelathCareFreedom @SharingLHS

#SpiritualWarfare Ken Thornberg Freedom Encounters Ministries a deliverance and spiritual warfare ministry joins Pastor Greg to lead us in some warfare prayers over our nation. #TexasStrong Matt Long host of the Matt Long show joins Pastor Greg live from the Texas Capitol where the 2021 Texas Legislative session is getting under way. Will the Capitol be open and serve the people? Will the GOP led legislature pass the eight priority items on the Party Platform? #RealTalk Hip Hop and Rap...


#RatsJumpShip #IllegalImpeachment @rmanning957 #AntiSemitism @CJValues #CapitolTruth #DefednThePresident #Treason @ClayClark

#RatsJumpShip #AnotherImpeachment Richard Manning Americans for Limited Government many resigned and have left their posts after the events at the Capitol. Many of them pointed fingers at the President claiming he caused it. My investigation fully refutes that narrative. VP Pence bares some responsibility, ANTIFA bares responsibility and the Capitol Police and the Congress bare responsibility. Collaborating stories about barriers being moved by Capitol police to allow Trump supporters in and...


#CapitolTruth Eric Caron Don Jans #1stLiberty @1stliberty #PSYOPS @theJimJams #TruthinLove @PastorGregCGR

#ExposingMarxPlan #DCCapitol Don Jans Expert Speaker and Eric Caron former Treasury Agent and Homeland Security Special Agent. Eric will speak to the security in place at the Capitol and the complicity of the Capitol police in order for an unarmed group to breach the perimeter. Don adds that this is the kind of event that Marxists love to take advantage of to paint the picture of who the "enemy" is. That would be those that believe in God, the Bible and hold a Biblical...


Larry Klayman w Pastor Greg It is Our House Thursday 010721 They can not take it if we do not let them.

#DeceptionExposed Attorney Larry Klayman joins Pastor Greg to discus the actions or lack of actions related to the election fraud. What does the Senate and the House confirming what over a 1000 sworn and signed affidavits show was a fraudulent election do to our Republic? How dangerous is it that we appear to have lost the Rule of Law? The DOJ, FBI and State Department all appear to be fully corrupted and now enter a President elect who sat atop the Burisma scandal, Benghazi, Fast and...


#BetheLight Dr Bruce Hartman #StoptheTreason Larry Klayman #CanWeUnite Dr Tom Barrett #NewsYouCanUse Pastor Greg

#LightintheDarkness Dr Bruce Hartman joins Pastor Greg to discuss finding light in this dark age in which w are living. How do we wake everyday and hold on to hope when the world around us is spinning into chaos? How do we fulfil our role as salt and light and still keep our light burning bright in a post Christian world? #DeceptionExposed Attorney Larry Klayman joins Pastor Greg to discus the actions or lack of actions related to the election fraud. What does the Senate and the House...


#MediaLies @dangainor @newsbusters #ImmoralDemocrats @Project21News Derryck Green #ElectionFraud @shestokas #StoptheEvil @PastorGregCGR

#MediaDepravity Dan Gainor Newsbusters Media Research Center discusses the media depravity that is promoting godless behavior. The lack of reporting on the events in DC. The threats and the violence against Senator Josh Hawley should be front page news and the story is buried. Nowhere to be found. It is reported that bricks and knives are staged for Antifa attacks which we have seen before, again media silence. I have direct reports that groups were moved out of neighborhoods because their...


#OvercomingCovid @JudyDMikovits #CivilDisobedience Matt Long #RealTalk @Moneyb69 #HealthcareFreedom @SharingLHS

#Plandemic #PlagueofCorruption Judy Mikovits, PhD, spent twenty years at the National Cancer Institute, working with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, one of the founding fathers of human retrovirology, and has coauthored more than forty scientific papers. She co-founded and directed the first neuroimmune disease institute using a systems biology approach in 2006. Dr. Mikovits lives in Southern California with her husband, David. #DontRollOverTexas Matt Long joins Pastor Greg to discuss the upcoming Texas...


#OvercomingCovid @rmanning957 #RadicalLeftists @horowitz39 #CCPinUSA @TrevorLouden1 #MarchOnDc @PeteSxntilli

#OvercomingCovid Richard Manning President and CEO Americans for Limited Government discusses with Pastor Greg how Pastor overcame Covid and Double Pneumonia at home. Also, taking a stand against election fraud and supporting our Senators and Congressional Members. 202 224 3121 Capitol Switchboard #RadicalLeft #AmericNeedsGod David Horowitz former radical leftist of the 60's has a Second Edition of Radical Son and also Dark Agenda the war to destroy Christian America We discuss both of these...