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Pearcey Presents Rhonda Burchmore

Pearcey Presents Returns with a BANG... Part 1 of our awesome chat with the beautiful, talented and amazing Mrs Rhonda Burchmore! How to stay in touch with Pearcey Presents??? Website -> Facebook -> @pearceypresents Twitter -> @pearceypresents Insta -> @pearceypresents YouTube -> @pearceypresents Pearcey Presents would also love if you support our tremendous guests by seeing a show, giving them a follow ect and here's how you can! Website ->...


Pearcey Presents Highlight & Teaser Show - Heath Scotland, Peter Hitchener & Dilruk Jayasinha

This week’s Pearcey Presents is a highlight and teaser show. Sorry I have been extremely unwell for the past 2 weeks and not able to talk let alone focus on the show nearly enough as I would like. However, please have a listen to some highlights from Heath Scotland & Peter Hitchener as well a few teaser clips from my chat with Comedian Dilruk Jayasinha, which will be released in the coming weeks. Please Support Dilruk Visit and...


Pearcey Presents - UTONIC Co-Founder - Michael Brinkley

Following on from Episode 8, our popular chat with Michael Brinkley one of the Co-Founders of UTONIC. We finish up Part 2 discussing romantic vestures, how the name UTONIC came about, UTONIC’s culture and future plans and so much more. **I just wanted to thank everyone for the support of the Pearcey Presents Podcast** To Find Out More about UTONIC, the latest and greatest, scientifically proven 100% Australian Made & Owned Functional Drink please check out the links below. Web:...


Pearcey Presents UTONIC Co-Founder Michael Brinkley

Episode 8 of Pearcey Presents Features Part 1 of one our funniest and interesting characters to date. You might not know the names yet, but I am certain both UTONIC & Michael will continue to make one hell of a splash in the functional drink space. UTONIC are backed by science and specially designed to serve a specific purpose. In this episode, we talk about a whole range of interesting topics, being an entrepreneur at a young age, relationship with his parents, how to research ways of...


Pearcey Presents Bonus Episode

I promised it and here it is! Pearcey Presents Bonus Episode!!!


Pearcey Presents Austin Galt - WHITE NIGHTS: A COLOMBIAN ODYSSEY

Episode 6 of Pearcey Presents gets a glimpse in the Cali Mafia and Colombia’s Wild Side as told by Australian writer Austin Galt - WHITE NIGHTS: A COLOMBIAN ODYSSEY, a man that has lived the life and partied like you could only imagine. As well getting to know the man behind this incredible story. “Austin arrived in Colombia looking for a life less ordinary. He found it - or did it find him? On Austin's first day in the country he was hauled off a bus to look down the barrel of a gun as...


Heath Scotland

Pearcey Presents the second instalment of our chat with the wonderful and passionate Heath Scotland. This episode is a CAN NOT MISS show! He tells us the full story on the 'Mulwala Ski Club" incident and the misreporting of that night's events! Shares more thoughts on former coach Mick Malthouse. His transition from being an elite sportsperson to a business owner and the struggles he raced along the way and so much you won't want to miss part 2! ** Please Help Support Heath and S.O...


Pearcey Presents Lindsay Gaze - Part 2

Pearcey Presents episode 4, part 2 featuring our fantastic chat with legendary Basketball figure and 'Father of Australian Basketball' Mr Lindsay Gaze. We cover off so many fantastic stories during part two; how we meet Margret his beautiful wife, not being at the birth of his two children let alone not remembering their birthday dates, being the first person to bring America and European imports out to Australia, challenges facing Basketball and sport in general in Australia, his son...


Pearcey Presents Peter Hitchener

WOW Episode three of the Pearcey Presents Podcast. In today’s episode we sit down in the Channel 9 studios in the Docklands (Melbourne) with the Order of Australia Medallist Mr Peter Hitchener. ‘Hitch’ openly discusses a wide array of topics including; how his love grow for the media, trends in the industry over the past 50 years, the unspoken relationship you build with viewers as a newsreader and the growing insolation in modern cities, losing dear friend Brian Naylor and his wife Moiree...


Pearcey Presents Lindsay Gaze - Part 1

Welcome back to episode two of the Pearcey Presents Podcast. In today’s episode (Part 1 of 2) we sit down with the 'Father of Australian Basketball' Mr Lindsay Gaze. Lindsay openly discusses a wide array of topics such as; his parents splitting up as a youngster, love of sports, playing an A.F.L. exhibition match at the 1956 Olympics, playing and coaching at multiple Olympics, his influence growing the game of Basketball in Australia and the World, challenges facing Basketball and all...


Pearcey Presents Heath Scotland - Part 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Pearcey Presents Podcast. In today’s episode (Part 1 of 2) we have a delightful and insightful chat with former Collingwood & Carlton football player turned business owner of S.O Premium Signage, Heath Scotland. We cover a range of different topics from growing up in Darley, his passion for footy and not taking no for an answer, coaching philosophies and returning to his junior club Darley to Coach and win a premiership. Being drafted to Collingwood...