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Mediawatch looks critically at the New Zealand media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the 'new' electronic media.

Mediawatch looks critically at the New Zealand media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the 'new' electronic media.


Wellington, New Zealand


Mediawatch looks critically at the New Zealand media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the 'new' electronic media.




Midweek Mediawatch - tough time for Todd's team

On this week's Midweek Mediawatch, Hayden Donnell talks to Bryan Crump about some tough interviews for National's incoming leadership team, a new owner's big plans for Stuff, and journalist joy at a pair of missing trampers being found alive.


Bridges rolled after polls pile on the pressure

The return of TV channels’ political opinion polls piled the pressure on the National Party’s leader and kickstarted Friday’s move to replace him. Covid-19 has changed many things in politics and public life, but the media's intense focus on the party leaders is not one of them.


Prominent pundit pulls back over Muller link

Prominent political pundit Matthew Hooton has withdrawn from commentary for the time being because of a conflict caused by his link to the successful leadership bid of National MPs Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye.


Mediawatch for 24 May 2020

Bridges rolled after polls pile on the pressure; Prominent pundit pulls back over Muller link; Media on the block vulnerable to vultures.


Media on the block vulnerable to vultures?

NZME’s bold bid to buy its biggest rival for $1 foundered in the High Court this week. But Stuff - our biggest publisher of news - is still on the block along with the nation’s most popular magazines. What's to stop offshore buyers snapping them up on the cheap in a bid to turn a quick buck?


A lonely Māori voice at the Covid-19 briefings

You might not know his face, but you probably remember his voice. Māori Television’s Heta Gardiner has been one of the most memorable contributors to the daily Covid-19 briefings


Mediawatch for 17 May 2020

Media merger saga turns into bitter court battle; no Budget relief yet for under-pressure news media; a lonely Māori voice at the Covid-19 briefings.


NZME's play for Stuff goes to court - again

The long-running saga of the mega-merger of our two biggest news publishers is heading for the High Court - not for the first time. Last time round, NZME and Stuff were fighting for the right to get together. This time the pair are seriously estranged.


No relief for under-pressure commercial media in Budget

Spending on broadcasting and public media has been boosted by $25m over four years in Budget 2020, but there was nothing in it to ease the plight of commercial news media companies.


Media health claims fuel push to ease the lockdown

With Monday's decision on Level 2 looming, some in the media are pushing hard to loosen the lockdown, claiming it is killing jobs now and will kill more New Zealanders in future.


The forgotten media crisis

As politicians rush to provide help to TV, radio, and online news, magazine sector representatives say they're being left out of the discussion.


Radio ‘roadblock’ interview sparks racism complaints

A confrontational radio interview about iwi-run roadside checkpoints this week prompted complaints of racism. Broadcaster Sean Plunket condemned one iwi’s actions as “separatism,” asked an iwi leader if he was would take similarly strong action over child abuse in the area - and later joked about the absence of Aboriginal Australians from Tasmania. ​ ​


Mediawatch for 10 May 2020

Health fears fuel media push for lockdown move; our last current affairs magazine left in print; radio 'roadblock' interview sparks complaints.


Eyes on NZ on Air under new management

Struggling news media companies hope the funding agency New Zealand on Air will bankroll more of their journalism, in addition to the local dramas and documentaries for TV it has funded from the public purse for years. Mediawatch asks its new CEO Cameron Harland if it wants that job - and how it’s adapting to Covid chaos disrupting all the broadcasters it supports.


Great taste of Threedom

Some people couldn’t wait to get a fast-food feed ASAP after the level 3 switch - and the media copped criticism for wall-to-wall on-the-spot coverage of the frenzy. But reporters went beyond the pent-up demand of mobile fast-food fans, uncovering breaches of level 3 rules that could have serious consequences.​


Struggling media get takeaways from government

On Thursday media companies learned some will take away more than others from the government's first targeted Covid-19 crisis package. Meanwhile, the minister of broadcasting has signaled he'll follow Australia's moves to make online plaforms like Facebook pay for news content they carry.


Return of party politics puts leaders under pressure

For weeks our political news has centred on the fight against Coronavirus. But this week pre-Covid concerns emerged in the media to create political headaches for Winston Peters and Simon Bridges


Media ramp up news of going down a level

Last Monday's announcement on moving off alert level 4 was a major event for the media. In normal times people aren't so interested in a PM's press conference co-starring top cops and public servants.


Mediawatch for 26 April 2020

Media ramp up news of going down a level; media companies get COVID-19 takeaways from government; return of political problems for two party leaders.


Increasing media resistance to the deification of Dr Ashley Bloomfield

A song has been written about him. People have penned paeans to his extreme competence. But the media is starting to resist the deification of Dr Ashley Bloomfield.