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Vintage clips from UK radio - and more recent broadcasts of note. (Check out too the 'RadioMoments - This Week in History' podcast and also 'RadioMoments - Conversations')

Vintage clips from UK radio - and more recent broadcasts of note. (Check out too the 'RadioMoments - This Week in History' podcast and also 'RadioMoments - Conversations')


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Vintage clips from UK radio - and more recent broadcasts of note. (Check out too the 'RadioMoments - This Week in History' podcast and also 'RadioMoments - Conversations')




1710: Farewell, Tony Lyman - 2021

Tony Lyman began his radio career in hospital radio at Radio Nene Valley – whilst working as a postie - before making his radio debut on board the Voice of Peace, anchored just off Tel Aviv. From there, he joined Trent in Nottingham in May 1979, assuming the role of relief presenter before graduating to his late-night slot, for which he’s fondly remembered on a station which then owned its market. He spent time too at the then National Broadcasting School as he honed his...


1708: UK radio announces the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh - 2021

This montage illustrates how UK radio broke into regular programming on the event of the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh on Friday 10th April 2021. The gaps are as broadcast – there were several handbrake turns, as the internal procedures demanded. It does not do justice to the many thoughtful links by so many broadcasters as the day unfolded – and the carefully crafted obituary pieces aired.


1707: Simon Mayo first on Greatest Hits Drive - 2021

In the most expected move in UK radio, Simon Mayo transfers from Scala weekdays to Greatest Hits Radio. He calls upon the decent 'new term' analogy - just as he did when beginning Radio 1 breakfast.


1705: Simon Mayo announces move

When Simon arrived at Bauer-owned Scala Radio, a few of us stroked our chins and thought he'd turn up on Greatest Hits Radio before too long. On the 1st February 2021, he announced just that.


1704: Final Jane Garvey Woman's Hour on Radio 4 - 2020

How many true radio greats are on air in a generation? A dozen? Jane Garvey is high on my version of that list. And if the list is a chart, she's still on the way up. She leaves Woman's Hour at just the right time to carve out a Jane-shaped future - where she can own the next decade in UK radio and beyond. Like most greats, her brilliance sounds effortless - and, frankly, I doubt she does have to put in the effort many would have to when seeking anything like the standards she does....


1702: Pick of the Pops into Radio 2 continuity! - 1969

What a wonderful culture clash - with Alan Freeman at his peak hosting Pick of the Pops and hitting a Radio 2 junction.


1699: Keith Skues final BBC show - 2020

27th September 2020 saw Keith Skues hit the stab on Mr Tambourine Man for the final time, as his 500th show marked the end of his broadcasting career at the BBC, aged 81. As he previewed some of the songs to come, he conceded that he might not fit them all in. Last shows can be like that. Other choice moments included: “Are you familiar with a gentleman called Tim Davie?” “Keith: ‘Why should I be?” His 60-year career included: the British Forces Network in Cologne;...


1698: Cousin Brucie returns to WABC - 2020

The style and voice of characters like Cousin Brucie dominated AM radio in the 50s and 60s in the US - whilst life in UK radio was altogether more sedate. Gradually, life changed there as it has here. He moved around and his famous WABC went all talk. But in 2020 - some 46 years since he appeared on the station, he was back - aged 84. The chap who'd listened to Bruce Morrow as a kid ended up buying the station - and, off peak, chose to give his old hero another go. Brucie was back - with his...


1697: Bauer station 'closedowns' - August 2020

2020 and another slew of stations reach the end of the road, as national radio brands become bigger. This time, Bauer incorporate more of their new acquisitions into their branded world after a journey which, thanks to the competition authorities, has been more protracted than any sane person would have wished. The arguments in favour of the brand and networked approach are well-rehearsed, and we all appreciate that the future of radio in a broader audio world - not least with the...


1696: The BBC Radio 5 story

On 27 August 1990 the BBC launched its fifth national radio station – Radio 5 - the first network addition since 1967, using the frequencies 693 and 909, formerly occupied by Radio 2. Radio 5 carried sport, educational and children’s programmes. In 1994 Radio 5 was replaced by Radio 5 Live, featuring news and sport.


1695: Dotty's last breakfast on BBC 1Xtra - 2020

Dotty's last breakfast show on 1Xtra on 30th July 2020


1694: First Kiss breakfast with Jordan and Perri - 2020

The new breakfast show on Kiss launched on 3rd August 2020 with Jordan and Perri.


1692: Norman Smith leaves the BBC - 2020

On 30th July 2020, Norman Smith announced his farewell from the BBC. He joined the BBC as a local radio reporter in 1986, becoming a parliamentary correspondent in 1993, appearing on BBC Radio 4 on Today and Yesterday In Parliament. Assistant political editor since 2014, his 6.33 morning appearances were a familiar part of the Today routine.


1691: The Bruno Radio 1 chart where Number Two came after Number One - 1986

If you’ve ever hosted a chart, you’ll know that precision counts. Every word. Every second. You have little space to adlib around errors inconspicuously. Remember that too in vinyl days without digits counting down in front of you, just a pile of black singles and a list of songs with your scribbled timings all over it. Bruno Brookes was a chart great on Radio 1 – without doubt. On this occasion though on 6th July 86, listen to the moment when he played number three – then launched...