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#17: Why Casey Neistat Told Matt He Doesn't Give Up

Matt met Casey Neistat in Boston and asked him a simple question, “How do you decide to give up on a project and when do you decide to muscle through it anyways?” We break down his answer and explore his 3 biggest videos of all time. Loved this show? It would make our month (wait, no, our YEAR) if you left us a 5-star review on iTunes. ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟 Hit us up on Twitter @matopher & @jakearenot


#16: How MKBHD Attracted 6.5 Million Subscribers with 3 Simple Video Types

We're talking about how MKBHD (AKA Marques Brownlee) went from an unknown creator to the dominant YouTube tech review channel with 6.5 million subscribers by sticking to 3 simple video types over a stretch of 1,000 videos. Go check out the episode summary: Quick Stats • Subscribers: 6.65M • Views: 992M • Videos: 1.04K The MKBHD Origin Story • He didn’t start out with flashy tech • You can go all the way back and see his 13 year old golf swing analysis video •...


#15: Streamline Your Editing Workflow

Do you want better videos that stand out, get clicks, and keep your audience engaged? Then you'll want to learn how to edit your videos more effectively. On this week's Episode of Six Stars Only, we're discussing how you can streamline your editing workflow to create professional-looking videos that keep your viewers watching all the way to the end. We cover the multitude of reason's why editing and post-production are so important as well as the things that editing alone can't fix such as...


#14: How Clear Storytelling Can Unlock Unparalleled Growth

Another book review! This time we're unpacking the highlights from Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller and sharing why clear storytelling works as a sense-making device to grow your YouTube channel, business, or anything else. See the full episode summary & show notes here. If you have just a YouTube channel, do you need a brand? YES! -- In 2018, knowing how to clarify a brand message is more important than ever. It doesn't matter if you're a business or a content creator. Biggest...


#13: Channel Teardown: How Rich are They?

On this week's episode of Six Stars Only, we're deconstructing the YouTube Channel "How Rich Are They" and discuss how we can add our own personal style and flair to our content. What is, "How Rich are They?" YouTube channel that talks about celebrities and about how rich they are. Covers rappers, athletes, actors, musicians, YouTubers, etc. He's recently pivoted into making more TMZ/Gossip type videos as of recent. Who runs the channel? I don't know, "It's ya boy Alfred." Quick Stats: 132k...


#12: Demystify Top-Ranked YouTube Videos With These Simple SEO Techniques

Want to step up your YouTube game? Check out our episode summary: and check out Backlinko’s Definitive Guide to Video SEO. How should you research keywords to rank your video for more views? Major Key: Total watch time = YouTube’s #1 ranking factor. Audience retention (the % of your video watched) is also key. Why you shouldn’t overlook session watch time. Create raving fans with these user engagement rules of thumb. Create a video title that scores clicks in 2...


#11: Why You Don't Need 1 Million Subscribers. You Need 1,000 True Fans.

On this episode of Six Stars Only we're talking about how you don't need a million fans, you just need 1,000 True Fans. We're dissecting Kevin Kelly's amazing essay, "1,000 True Fans," and how we can apply it to our own lives to make a living off of our own videos. Have you ever wanted to make a living off of your YouTube channel? If you're like us, that's the ultimate dream. However, it also seems like a long shot. It may even seem impossible. Well, it may be a lot more doable than you...


#10: Donald Glover's Jaw-Dropping Rise From YouTube Star to Media Titan

We’re taking a deep dive into Donald Glover’s history and tracing his humble beginnings from one of the world’s first breakout YouTube stars. We’ll unpack the stepping stones that lead from making millions of people laugh on his viral videos and culminates in Glover winning an Emmy for his hit show Atlanta, snagging a Grammy under his rapper name, Childish Gambino, and even playing smooth-talking Star Wars smuggler Lando Calrissian in a blockbuster spin-off. Even if you’ve heard Donald...


#9: Channel Teardown: Red Letter Media

Have you ever wondered why and how your favorite YouTubers got to where they are? Well, on this week’s episode we’re dissecting the popular movie review channel Red Letter Media. We dissect why it’s so popular and how it is so good at attracting and growing subscribers. Jake talks a bit about the history of the channel and its beginnings. How two friends, Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman took a small video production company and eventually turned it into one of the ultimate film review channels...


#8: Battle-Tested Free Resources Every Video Creator Should Know About

We’re sharing the best list of 100% free resources we've actually used to create videos that stand out from music to motion graphics. (Yes, we've really used & approved every resource on this list.) ➡️ Go check out the show notes here & find all the links to the great resources we mention: Why should you use these free resources in your next video? 1) They’ll help you create videos WAY faster than you could without them. You’ll save massive amounts of time by using...


#7: The ONE Thing: Carving Out Time Every Day for Compound Results

On this week's episode, we talk about Gary Keller's book "The ONE Thing" and how it's helped us be more focused and intentional with our time. Jake talks about his life as a "reformed lazy person" and what he's doing to build habits that yield compound results. Matt drops some truth bombs about how people sabotage their success by not valuing their commitments and. We even talk about the importance of your health to your success as a video creator. Matt busts out the "Italian Hands" for a...


#6: Matt + Jake Origin Stories (And How We Named This Show)

We explain where our podcast's name actually came from and how Matt and Jake started creating weird videos and ended up meeting in college. We hop into a bunch of topics including: - How Matt's encounter with Drift's CEO inspired the show's name - What we actually do for our day jobs and the career goals that motivate us - The origin stories of our video creating antics (and why we keep creating) - How Jake and Matt ended up becoming roommates in college - Unpacking the weird videos, photo...


#5: The Lifesaving 3-2-1 Outline for Quick Videos

Are you or someone you're filming not used to being on camera? Well, in this week's episode, we tell you the quick and easy outlining trick we use to bring laser focus to short, impactful videos. Matt talks about how he came up with this idea and how he uses it to create simple, effective outlines that help bring focus to your videos. Also, we share our experience of how we got used to being on camera and how to feel natural and authentic while filming. Loved this show? It would make our...


#4: Storytelling Lessons Learned From Writing a 50,000 Word Novel

We're talking about how Jake wrote a 50,000 word novel and how you can use the storytelling and outlining lessons he learned to clarify your video creation process. Keep listening for some golden nuggets to help you build a more disciplined storytelling habit including: How Jake put himself in a situation where he couldn't give up (even though he wanted to) Why the right type of accountability group can make a night-and-day difference in actually getting your work published. The nitty-gritty...


#3: Please... Kill These Cardinal Video Sins Forever

Today we're talking about the most common (and inexcusable) mistakes we see video creators making — and how we've stumbled into the right strategies and gear to cure them with minimal effort. You have no excuse to put out crappy video. It's easier than you think.... When there's an endless ocean of videos your audience could pick from, you owe it to your audience to not slap them across the face with disappointing quality. Loved this show? It would make our month (wait, no, our YEAR) if you...


#2: Why is Looper's Insanely Repetitive Format So Addicting?

If you don't want to be just another wannabe YouTube creator, writer, or podcaster with no following and no hope of making a difference, keep listening.... Because we're in the same boat. In this episode, Matt Woods and Jake Arent deconstruct Looper's incredibly repetitive format and why it works so well. We dissect their killer formula, taking a boring format, finding a nerve, and doubling down on what works. We also discuss how to not get bogged down by the pressure of reinventing the...


#1: Cringeworthy Reasons Creators Self-Sabotage (Especially Us)

If you don't want to be just another wannabe YouTube creator, writer, or podcaster with no following and no hope of making a difference, keep listening.... Because we're in the same boat. In this inaugural episode, Matt Woods and Jake Arent rant about how self-doubt totally destroys your ability to grow as a creator. We pinpoint the real dangers of refusing to embrace criticism (especially when it hurts.) Jake even tells the story of how Matt made an ultimatum that lead to them both diving...