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EP:51 Social Media SUCKS! (if you don't know what you're doing!) Sebastian Rusk - Book Signing 2014

We dove into the archives for this episode, by taking things back to 2014 when I hosted my first book signing for my first book "Social Media SUCKS! (if you don't know what you're doing!) I gave an hour long talk about my journey, how I got started, why I wrote the book and my point of view of where are at with social media. Grab your copy of Social Media SUCKS here: Looking for a Social Media Keynote Speaker for your next event? Contact me today!


EP:50 Tony Grebmeier on Addiction, Recovery And a Failed Attempt at Suicide

My guest this week is Tony Grebmeier He is a husband and father first. Then, entrepreneur, podcast host, journal creator, and host of the BEFULFILLED community. He's most well-known for building a multi-million dollar business. It is his mission in life to create a community where entrepreneurs know they can achieve anything they want despite their past. CONNECT with Tony! Looking to GROW as a person? Start Your 12 Week...


EP:49 How To Heal Yourself From Chronic Illness and Fatigue with Kelli Tennant

a production My guest this week is Kelli Tennant. Kelli is the host of her podcast, "This Is The Platform" - she helps women heal chronic pain + fatigue with Functional medicine + Ayurveda + spiritual development. Connect with Kelli: Join Kelli's signature, 4-week online course and finally take control of your own health:


EP48: Commitment & Social Media Marketing 2019

a production This episode is a replay of a talk I gave at a clients office in Nashville a few weeks back. USHEALTH Advisors offers affordable healthcare to individuals, businesses and families and my agency has been helping them with their BUZZ video content, in their Miami and Nashville offices. I talked about COMMITMENT and social media and why the two are MARRIED. Need a podcast? Free Podcast Launch...


EP47: Consistency & Hard Work For Social Media Marketing 2019

a production This episode is a replay of keynote I gave for a client this week. I've been doing a ton of work with this client to help them get on board with creating social media content for them as a brand, as well as their 55+ sales reps. I titled this talk "Consistency & Hard Work For Social Media Success" since that is precisely what it takes to make it happen this day in age. =============== Need a Social Media Keynote or Emcee for your next...


EP:46 Love, Relationships and Heartbreak w/ Apollonia Ponti

The Seb Rusk Show - EPISODE 46 - Love, Relationship and Heartbreak w/ Apollonia Ponti Apollonia is a Love, Relationship & Dating Coach. Master Your Femininity and Masculinity. Become a Highly Desirable Man or Woman and Attract Your Dream Partner. How To Attract Women. 10 Proven Techniques To Be Irresistible To Women! YouTube for Bosses this is the course Apollonia...


EP:45 - Public Speaking as a Business and Building a Brand w/ Brian Fanzo

On episode 45 I've got my good buddy Brian Fanzo on the show. Brian is a "Change Evangelist", Keynote Speaker and the creator of the phrase, PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON! Follow Brian! Connect with Brian!


EP:44 - How To CRUSH Social Media Marketing In 2019

a production Social Media Marketing has been around for almost 16 years and it is probably safe to say that it is not going anywhere, which is even more of a reason for you to get your brand in gear and start marketing both yourself and your brand on social media. Here's How To Start Social Media Marketing In 2019 ==== Need a Social Media Keynote Speaker for your next event? More info:


EP:43 - How To Buy and Sell Bank Notes w/ Scott Carson (

On this episode I'm joined by Scott Carson, the brains behind Scott and his team not only buy and sell bank notes at a discounted rate, they also help people get into the note business. Scott knows the value and importance of creating digital content, and it shows with the raving success his podcast, "The Note Closers Show Podcast" - that has thousands of downloads on a monthly basis AND it's monetized with monthly sponsors who come on the show to talk about their...


EP:42 Talk Triggers and Word of Mouth Marketing w/ Jay Baer

My guest on episode 42 is my good friend Jay Baer. Jay is the founder of Convince & Convert, a strategy consultancy that helps the world's most interesting brands gain and keep more customers. "Talk Triggers" is Jay's 6th book. Talk Triggers is a complete guide to creating customers by using Word of Mouth marketing. Grab your copy today: (BONUS: there is a TON of FREE content on the website that was not included in the book, so be sure to take advantage of some...


EP:41 Personal Branding and Social Growth w/ Brittany Krystle

EP41 is all about Personal Branding and CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT with my guest, Brittany Krystle! Personal branding really isn't a choice any more, it's more a MUST! Brittany an ex-attorney, turned personal branding and social growth. She helps brands tell their story through amazing digital content. Be sure to follow Brittany! IG:


EP:40 How Outsourcing Can Scale Your Business w/ Jeff J. Hunter Founder of

On EPISODE 40, my guest is Jeff J. Hunter, founder of Jeff started his company a short 5 years ago and has experienced explosive growth within that time as he has not only be able to outsource tasks for his own business, but his company VAStaffer now provides outsourcing services all kinds of businesses and brands.


EP:39 Lead By Example With Your Content

This week on the show I talk about how to lead by example with the content you are creating. If you sell videos to businesses, well then you should be producing your own videos. Same applies with podcast content, etc. I also discuss an interesting blog post I read this week about on "How to Replace Multiple “Subscribe” Links with a Single “Listen Now” Button on Your Podcast Webpage" READ:


EPISODE 38 - How To Get Booked To Speak More : Illusionist, Benji Bruce

a http://SocialBuzzONAIR.comMy guest this week is Illusionist, Benji Bruce. Benji and I met a few years back at a gig in San Diego and stayed connected. Benji is an accomplished Speaker and Professional Entertainer who started at the young age of 11 years old.Benji has launched an online solution called that helps Keynote Speakers get booked on more stages.More info on Benji at 38 - How To Get Booked To Speak More :...


EPISODE 37 - Stories Tell, Facts Sell: What's YOUR Story? (Keynote Speaker Sebastian Rusk)

a http://SocialBuzzONAIR.comOn EPISODE 37 - Stories Tell, Facts Sell: What's YOUR Story? Keynote Speaker Sebastian Rusk talks to a group about the art of Storytelling and Social Media!


EPISODE 36 - How Digital Storytelling Works with Social Media (Keynote Sebastian Rusk)

a productionOn EPISODE 36, Sebastian gives a talk about "How Digital Storytelling Works with Social Media" which was a talk given for a local networking group in MiamiEPISODE 36 - How Digital Storytelling Works with Social Media (Keynote Sebastian Rusk)


EPISODE 35 : Digital Storytelling w/ Social Media (Miami Association of Realtors)

a productOn EP:35 I share a talk I gave to a group of Realtors in Key West in June of 2018 titled "Digital Storytelling and Social Media" - most Realtors are just doing it wrong, so I was extremely passionate when sharing this message with this group!Podcasts are an amazing way to tell a story.You should totally launch yours today.More info:


EPISODE 34 : Alex, Inc. with Zach Braff on ABC [REVIEW]

a productionTOPIC: ABC Television Network's 📺 new show, Alex, Inc.('s a true story!)EPISODE 34 : Alex, Inc. with Zach Braff on ABC [REVIEW]Based on the podcast "StartUp" from Gimlet Media, "Alex, Inc." follows Alex Schuman as he embarks on the adventure of starting his own company. Having already found success professionally, as a radio journalist, and personally, as a husband and father of two, Alex isn't satisfied just coasting along and decides to do...


EPISODE 33 : Gary Vaynerchuk's new book "Crushing It" - Agent 2021 Conference

On EPISODE 33 : We chat w/ Gary Vaynerchuk about his new book, "Crushing It" when we sat down with him at his Agent 2021 Conference in MiamiGrab your copy of Gary's new book here:


EPISODE 32 - The Seb Rusk Show : What are Ketones with Top Nutritionist Rob Deboer

a http://SocialBuzzONAIR.comThis week we sit down with Rob Deboer, top Nutritionist with Pruvit.A few weeks back I started drinking KETONES and have felt nothing short of AMAZING.*CLEAR FOCUS*SUSTAINED ENERGY*BURNING FAT, USE AS ENERYTry 5 days here: