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An episode-by-episode analysis and critique of the television show Queer as Folk. The show started airing in December 2000, and we discuss how gay life has changed, or stayed the same 15 years later. At the end of each episode we ask the question of whether the episode's content still holds up today.

An episode-by-episode analysis and critique of the television show Queer as Folk. The show started airing in December 2000, and we discuss how gay life has changed, or stayed the same 15 years later. At the end of each episode we ask the question of whether the episode's content still holds up today.


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An episode-by-episode analysis and critique of the television show Queer as Folk. The show started airing in December 2000, and we discuss how gay life has changed, or stayed the same 15 years later. At the end of each episode we ask the question of whether the episode's content still holds up today.




5.08 Honest to Yourself

Brian’s midlife crisis reaches a head when he wins his bet with Brandon, but opts not to collect his reward. Drew Boyd is outed in a tabloid and turns to Emmett for advice. When the paparazzi track him down, he hides out in Emmett’s bedroom. Ben continues to stress over Hunter’s departure and clashes with Michael as he begins giving away Hunter’s possessions. Lindsay and Melanie begin their home-separation with mixed results, and Justin confronts his father over his supporting the anti-gay...


5.07 Hope Against Hope

Justin dumps Brian and moves in with Ben and Michael, much to the consternation of Brian who pays them a late night drunken visit. After banning Random Hot Guy Brandon from Babylon, Brian launches a contest with him to top the ten hottest guys in Pittsburgh. Ben is still depressed over Hunter running away from home, and it took Homer and Achilles to snap him out of it and join Michael in protest of Proposition 14, a seemingly impossible anti-gay rights ballot initiative. Lindsay decides to...


5.06 Bored Outta Ya Fing Mind

Today we’re talking about episode 6 of Season 5, and it’s called “Bored out of Ya Fucking Mind” It first aired in the US on June 19th, 2005. I was written by Del Shores, his seventh of eight teleplays. He also produced 41 episodes, or half of the series. “Bored out of Ya Fucking Mind” was directed by Alex Chapple. He directed 8 episodes and this is his last one. Alex Chapple is probably the most accomplished director post-Queer as Folk, working on shows like The Americans, every flavor of...


5.05 Excluding and Abstemiousness

Today we’re talking about episode 5 of Season 5, and it’s called “Excluding and Abstemiousness” It first aired in the US on Jun 12th, 2005. It was written by Shawn Postoff, his sixth of seven episodes, and he also served as story editor for 14 episodes. “Excluding and Abstemiousness” was directed by Chris Grismer, who only directed three episodes of Queer as Folk. He went on to direct episodes of Kyle XY, Orphan Black and the the Keifer Sutherland vehicle, Designated Surviror. Here’s the...


5.04 Hard Decisions

Threeway custody begins with Lindsay, Melanie and Michael splitting baby JR three ways. Brian tries to lure Michael out of suburbia and back to Babylon by throwing a super heroes themed night at Babylon. In another story ripped from the headlines, HIV positive Hunter bashes his head at his swim meet and Callie’s parents cause chaos by screaming out that he has AIDS. Debbie begins her life of leisure after retiring from the diner, only to find herself right back in the diner to solve...


5.03 Fags Are No Different Than People

A three way of a different kind happens when Michael, Melanie and Lindsay collide in a custody hearing with Lindsay’s lawyer destroying Melanie and and Michael’s character. This results in a judgement of three-way custody of baby JR. At Carl’s urging, Debbie retires from the diner leaving Rosie O’Donnell in her place. Emmett’s Queer Guy segment on the local news doesn’t quite go as planned but after spreading his legs at the social gym, he relights his gay flame on the next episode. In a...


5.02 Back in Business

Today we’re talking about episode 2 of Season 5, and it’s called “Back in Business” It first aired in the US on May 22nd, 2005. This episode played back to back with the season 5 premiere episode. It was written by Del Shores, his sixth of eight episodes, and he also produced 41 episodes of the show. “Back in Business” was directed by Michael DeCarlo, his tenth of eleven episodes. Most recently he directed “Proposal of Two Kinds” in season four. We weren’t a big fan of that episode, but we...


5.01 Move and Leave

Michael takes it upon himself to throw a ten year anniversary surprise party for Melanie and Lindsay who proceed to air all of their dirty laundry in front of 25 guests. Ben and Michael decide that it’s time to leave Liberty Avenue and buy a house of their own next to two other gay couples with children. Justin is still in Hollywood, but Brian cancels his trip to see him for reasons that we can’t quite figure out. It ends up not mattering because the studio pulls the plug on Rage and Justin...


4.XX Season 4 Recap and Trivia

In a special episode, we recap the massive story arcs of season four and Patrick challenges Matt to a game of Queer as Folk Trivia!


4.14 Liberty Ride

High drama ensues when Brian shows off on his bicycle, rides into the ditch and breaks his collarbone. With Michael’s help, Brian crosses the finish line in a blizzard to find the gang covered in snow waiting for them. Having survived cancer, Brian vows to make changes to his live which include buying the naming rights to the Liberty House hospice and naming it after Uncle Vic, plus asking Justin to move back in with him. Unbeknownst to Brian, Justin has already decided to move to LA to...


4.13 Proposal of Two Kinds

Melanie and Lindsay reach a breaking point and decide that they will split up after the baby is born. Brian continues his late night workouts and is discovered by Justin’s detective work. Having to choose between Rage being made into a movie and going on the Liberty Ride with Brian, Justin chooses fame and fortune. Carl proposes to Debbie and Ben proposes to Michael. After a quick wedding in Toronto, Ben, Michael and the rest of gay Pittsburg kick of the Liberty Ride.


4.12 Irritation and Separation

Melanie and Lindsay struggle to stay together in the aftermath of Lindsay hooking up with Sam Aurbach. Hunter and Callie have sex for the first time but when Callie’s parent’s find out, they appear at the Bruckner-Novotny apartment for a showdown. After ghosting Emmett, Drew Boyd stalks Emmett and tries to woo him back. Emmett briefly falls for the hunky quarterback’s attentions, only to have to call him out after Drew’s wife contacts Emmett to cater their wedding. After an action packed sex...


4.11 Gay or Straight? That is the Question

Lindsay says farewell to Sam Auerbach causing a rift with Melanie who snooped on them from a second story window. Debbie goes on offense in trying to woo Carl back and stalks him to the Policeman’s ball. When that doesn’t work, she takes him to a football game. After being strong-armed by smarmy professional fund raiser Jeffrey Pendergrass, Brian takes it upon himself to rid Pittsburgh of him, causing the Liberty Ride fundraiser to crash and burn.


4.10 The Snake in Paradise

Drew Boyd proves to be quite the top with Emmett in a string of seedy motel hookups and no amount of Justin’s chicken soup can help Brian's ED so Justin enlists Michael for help. Brian's confrontation with his mother restores his secret powers. Ben has a troubling encounter with a bug chaser and Lindsay and Sam's relationship is disturbingly consummated.


4.09 Have Some Balls

Brian begins radiation treatment after having a testicle removed. Ben meets a fan of his first book who has curious intentions. Debbie starts plotting a way back into Horvath’s life and Lindsay ramps up her gallery opening of Scoundrel Sam Auerbach’s work and Emmett caters an engagement party for a professional football player and is later de-pants by the hunky new arrival, quarterback Drew Boyd.


4.08 Two Kinds of Lies

Brian begins a slow recovery after having his left testicle removed, forcing Justin and Michael to decide whether to tip off Brian that they know about it, or to let him suffer alone without the support of his loved ones. Debbie continues to mourn the loss of Vic by buying a $47,000 tombstone, all while being unable to return to work at the Liberty diner, leaving Justin in charge, much to the consternation of every gay man order greasy food in Pittsburg. Elsewhere, Lindsay sketches a naked...


4.07 Preponderance of Death

Brian finds out that cancer or not, he is facing testicle-ectomy in order to stay alive. The prognosis is good, but life with one ball seems to weigh on Brian the most. As he gets closer to his surgical date, Brian begins to eschew sex with Justin, and shockingly a foursome with two hunks that Justin captured from Babylon. Blake finally realizes that carrying on a physical relationship with Ted is detrimental to Ted’s recovery process. Vic is laid to rest causing Debbie to go round the bend...


4.06 Death in the Family

Debbie and Uncle Vic argue over Vic moving on in his life, and Debbie still carrying resentment over her role in keeping Vic alive. Brian and Justin place their bets on who can nail the hunky new doctor in town, only to be interrupted by comedy and tragedy. Michael and Justin get word that a famous Hollywood director loves Rage and wants to turn it into a movie. Pessimistic Ben provides a cautionary voice around all things-Rage, still smarting from being rejected by his publisher last week....


4.05 How Far You Can Go

Cody’s crusade against straight people takes a sinister turn when he teaches Justin how to fire a gun and then digs up an unsavory character from Justin’s past. Daphne takes matters into her own hands and makes a feeble attempt to cajole Brian into intervening in Justin’s increasingly angry and erratic behavior. Facing an unfriendly judge in the custody case of her lesbian friends, Melanie is removed from the legal team and with Brian’s help faces the uncomfortable reality that she will...


4.04 Escalating Violence

Justin and Cody…escalate their crusade against straight people and casual, verbal gay bashing, this time with the help of a gun. When Justin is reluctant to escalate, Cody takes him to church where he witnesses a prejudicial minister railing against homosexuality with the usual chapter and verse from Leviticus. In one of three story runners, Emmett is having lots of outdoor sex…until a monsoon overtakes Pittsburgh leading him to escort a howling wolfman into Melanie and Lindsay’s...