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Why So Biased? – Tips To Grow Your Brand’s Tribe Using Ingroup Bias

What will you learn during this insightfully unbiased episode of TPOCM? • Tips on how to increase your loyal fanbase using Ingroup Bias in your content • What a Cognitive Bias is • What Ingroup Bias is (also called Ingroup Favoritism) & how it is used in today’s marketing & advertising • How Samsung crushed Apple with its ad “Growing Up” Watch It Now: Introducing “Why So Biased” A NEW 10 minute or less minisode where we dive in & explore how today’s...


Tips To Build Brand Trust, Character Authority, & Engage Your Viewers Using Color

• What you will learn during this amazing episode of TPOCM? Almost Too Much. Here's a List: • How to use color to prepare your audience for your brand's message • How to use color to build your audiences trust • Build character authority • Make your viewers more receptive to your message • My first ever AOL screen name I talk about Dr. Robert Cialdini's study from his new (2016) book, "Pre-suasion," which talks about how to prepare your audience to be more engaged with your brand’s message...


Brand Catchphrases: What We Can Learn From Dilly Dilly

What is your brand's slogan or catchphrase? How can you create a powerful catchphrase like Bud Light's "Dilly Dilly?" In this episode, we discover how Bud Light sparked renewed interest in its brand with the very popular "Dilly Dilly!" catchphrase. In this week's segment of "Why So Biased?" - Where each week, I choose two cognitive biases being used in this week's content example while you also get the opportunity to send me which cognitive biases you think are being used - I am breaking...


The Pilot

Introducing The Psychology of Content Marketing Podcast! Your weekly mini golf hole-in-one kind of feel podcast for marketers, graphic designers, social media managers, content specialist and really anyone who wants to engage their audience in new and creative ways using the power of Psychology! This episode is simply a bio of who I am (Kory Webber), my experience in marketing, and the value you will receive by subscribing and tuning into TPOCM every week! So Let's get going!


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