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ACEP Frontline, hosted by Dr. Ryan Stanton, features in-depth conversations on the hottest topics in emergency medicine and critical care.

ACEP Frontline, hosted by Dr. Ryan Stanton, features in-depth conversations on the hottest topics in emergency medicine and critical care.
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ACEP Frontline, hosted by Dr. Ryan Stanton, features in-depth conversations on the hottest topics in emergency medicine and critical care.




Dr. Kathryn Hawk from Yale Medicine on Opioid Overdoses in the ED

In this episode of ACEP Frontline, Dr. Kathryn Hawk joins us once again to talk about the management and approach to opioid overdoses in the emergency department. She is one of our "opioid specialists" and always brings great information on the opioid epidemic and the management of addiction and overdoses in emergency medicine.


EMS Updates and Trends from the 2019 Emerald Coast Conference

In this episode of ACEP Frontline, we talk to a couple of EMS leaders about the current course and trends in EMS and how the traditional "walls" between emergency medicine and EMS are coming down.


Atrial Fibrillation Update- Management and Anticoagulation- Dr. Jim Williams

Atrial fibrillation is a common emergency department presentation. Dr. Jim Williams returns to The Frontline to discuss the current management, trends, and anticoagulation. As the American population ages, we will see a growing number of the patients and emergency medicine will have a front row seat.


Stephen Anderson, MD, FACEP - Emergency Medicine Foundation

Forty-seven years ago, the Emergency Medicine Foundation was created to help define the specialty and move it forward. Dr. Stephen Anderson and Dr. Ryan Stanton sat down to talk about how the EMF is improving the specialty of Emergency Medicine with funding for research and advocacy.


David Wang, MD - Palliative Care

Today on ACEP Frontline Dr Ryan Stanton talks with his guest Dr. David Wang about Palliative Care and how to have difficult conversations with patients and their loved ones. For more resources, please visit ACEP's Palliative Care page:


James Neuenschwander, II, MD, FACEP - Pacemaker Interrogation

Today on ACEP Frontline we’re talking interrogations. In a community hospital setting, it can be tough to get a pacemaker or ICD interrogated in a timely fashion after hours or on the weekends. Dr. Neuenschwander is doing some great research looking into the ED providers doing their own interrogations in a fraction of the time it would take to get a rep in. According to him, it’s all about improving patient care as well as the specialty of Emergency Medicine.


Daniel Moore, MD - Efficiency and ED Flow

Today’s ACEP Frontline was recorded at the Emerald Coast Conference in Destin Florida earlier this spring. Dr. Ryan Stanton talked with Dr. Daniel Moore about capacity and throughput in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Moore took data from his department and came up with solutions tailored for their needs and has solved their front-end patient wait times and created capacity for transfers.


Dr. Andrea Brault- Billing And Networks- ECC19

In this episode of ACEP Frontline, Dr. Ryan Stanton interviews Dr. Andrea Brault, a national leader in physician billing, reimbursement, and legislation, about some of the things we can do to reflect the care provided AND where we are going in the future.


Joseph Piktel, MD, FACEP – Research Forum Highlights (ACEP18)

Today we talk to Dr. Joe Piktel about Primetime Practice Changers at the ACEP18 Research Forum. On the docket: research and its place in social media, medication assisted therapy for OUD in the ED, the chest pain patient, sepsis and more. What’s the evidence and where’s the research? We’re talking about it, on ACEP Frontline!


Puneet Gupta, MD, FACEP – EMRA Leaders and Future Leaders, LAC19

Recorded at #LAC19, we sat down with Dr. Puneet Gupta to talk about leaders in EMRA and the movers and shakers who are shaping the face of emergency medicine and health care. Listen in to see just what these disrupters are doing to make EM better, from mitigating gun violence to taking an active role in the wellness of the EM physician.


ACEP Frontline- OOB Crisis In EM- Laura Wooster

Emergency medicine is under attack from insurance and other industries interested in boosting profits and undercutting the safety net of the US healthcare system. Without intervention, this could seriously threaten access for millions of Americans and destroy the emergency system that has been built over the past 50+ years. In this episode, we talk about the situation, facts, and where to go from here.


Emily Rose, MD, FACEP – Dangerous and Deadly Rashes

Today on ACEP Frontline we talk with Dr. Emily Rose about rashes. With more parents choosing not to vaccinate, you’re more likely to see some rashes that you thought were a thing of the past. We’ll discuss a few pearls for making the correct diagnosis for more common presentations and also how to identify deadly rashes that just might have you fooled.


Christina L Shenvi, MD, PhD, FACEP – ADEPT Tool for Geriatrics (ACEP18)

This episode of ACEP Frontline takes us back to ACEP18 when we talked to Dr. Christina Shenvi about the geriatric patient and how the ADEPT tool can help with the management of delirium or agitation in the elderly patient. You can access the online tool by visiting: This bedside tool is available in our emPOC app. Available exclusively to ACEP Members at Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Jay Schuur, MD, MHS - Enough Is Too Much- Avoiding Unnecessary Imaging- ACEP18

Recorded at ACEP18, Dr Schuur talks about avoiding unnecessary imaging and the quality improvement in the ED. Change isn’t easy, so what does it take to get docs to follow the evidence that less is more? For more information, please visit


Cedric Dark, MD, MPH - Medicare For All (LAC19)

On this episode of ACEP Frontline we head back to LAC19 and talk about health care coverage. Dr. Ryan Stanton and Dr. Cedric Dark dig into what Medicare for All might look like and what it would take to fund it.


Michael Bublewicz, MD, MBA - Mask-free NIV for the Emergency Department

Today on ACEP Frontline Dr. Ryan Stanton and his guest Dr. Michael Bublewicz discuss mask-free NIV – a growing technology for the ED patient in respiratory distress.


ACEP Frontline- Kaide- Hemophilia Management- ACEP18

Dr. Kaide returns to the Frontline to talk about the management of hemophilia in the emergency department.


ACEP Frontline- Is There A Doctor On Board- Dr. Matthew Delaney

Dr. Delaney discusses emergencies in commercial aviation and what emergency physicians can do at 35k feet. Recorded at ACEP18.


Caroline Freiermuth, MD - Treating Sickle Cell Disease in the ED

Today on ACEP Frontline, host Dr. Ryan Stanton and his guest Dr. Caroline Freiermuth discuss treating the Sickle Cell patient when they present to the ED. June 19 was Sickle Cell awareness day, so it’s the perfect time to refresh your understanding of this rare but significant disease and get some pearls for the management of the patient. For more information about improving EM care for the Sickle Cell Disease, please visit


Erik Blutinger, MD and Scott Pasichow, MD - EMRA Resident Transition

In today’s episode of "ACEP Frontline", Dr. Ryan Stanton talks with EMRA members Dr. Erik Blutinger and Dr. Scott Pasichow about starting a career in Emergency Medicine. Whether you are graduating med school and going into residency, moving from residency to attending or to a fellowship, even going from attending back into fellowship, transition can be unnerving. How does one actually prepare for the life in Emergency Medicine? Dr. Blutinger and Dr. Pasichow share their insights.