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A show about how we communicate and how that communication changes our lives. ASHA Voices is the official podcast of the American Speech Language Hearing Association

A show about how we communicate and how that communication changes our lives. ASHA Voices is the official podcast of the American Speech Language Hearing Association
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A show about how we communicate and how that communication changes our lives. ASHA Voices is the official podcast of the American Speech Language Hearing Association






What If Permanent Hearing Loss Could Be Reversed?

Today’s guests help us rethink what’s possible in hearing treatment. We talk with Jeff Holt and Tina Stankovic, scientists on the forefront of hearing research. Jeff discusses an unexpected discovery that tied a specific gene to a genetic form of hearing loss. And Tina describes her investigations into ways to reverse sensorineural hearing loss—the most common type. What are the obstacles and possible solutions? Both talked with me at the 2019 ASHA Convention, where they presented at the...


Preview: ASHA Voices in 2020

Join us for a preview of what you'll hear on ASHA Voices in the new year!


How Will January’s Home Health Changes Affect Services?

The new Medicare reimbursement model taking effect in home health might seem complicated and confusing. But in this week’s episode, we have experts break it down for you. Find out what you need to know about the Patient Driven Grouping Model, or PDGM, as we parse the changes and debunk the myths.


The Changing Work World: Along With New Tech, A Growing Need for Soft Skills

Can how you treat your clients and colleagues make you stand out in a crowd? As increasing automation affects how people work, we discuss the importance of soft skills with emotional intelligence expert Kari Knutson. Also, technology is making it easier to connect with clients and students from afar. We talk telepractice with Tracy Sippl. Her experience as a telepractice consultant to schools guides our conversation about this tech-based technique. And on the audiology horizon, research...


Shifting the Focus to What’s Possible for People with Dementia

Dementia. The word alone can evoke anxiety, given the emotional toll it can take on families. But two speech-language pathologists share what’s possible when families and clinicians work together. Hear what can happen when we flip the model from what’s wrong to what can go better. Also, we’re joined by fluency expert Joe Donaher to talk about voluntary stuttering, a treatment tool that he says can relieve some of the anxiety that can come with a fluency issue.


Talking About Hearing Loss … and a Solution to the Cocktail Party Problem?

You know that hearing problem you can have when you’re trying to pick up just one voice in a crowd… This week on the podcast, we talk to a neural engineer. His research into how we hear and communicate may lead to a fix for the cocktail party problem by allowing people to highlight a specific voice in a crowd. Also, we hear about a new tool from the Ida Institute called My Hearing Explained. We talk about how this new tool goes beyond the audiogram to show real-world effects of hearing...


Lessons Learned From Stuttering Struggles and Beatboxing Sounds

On this episode of ASHA Voices, we talk with Taro Alexander about the loneliness that can come with growing up with a stutter. Now, his nonprofit, the Stuttering Association for the Young, or SAY, provides a community to a new generation of young people who stutter. Alexander will receive the 2019 Annie Glenn Award for his work with SAY at the next month's ASHA Convention in Orlando. Also presenting at convention is a researcher we'll hear from later in the episode. Joined by a former...


Update: Troubling PDPM Effects

This week, we're presenting a short, special-edition episode featuring voices of those negatively affected by the new Patient Driven Payment Model. PDPM is changing the way skilled nursing facilities, or SNFs, are reimbursed for services under Medicare. In this episode, we share stories of speech-language pathologists who saw cuts in job status, pay, and patient treatment when PDPM went into effect.


Become Your School’s Speech-Language Leader

We’ll talk to SLP Kim Murza about how, given their large caseloads, school-based SLPs can work smarter not harder to maximize their services. And, Sean Sweeney of the Speech Techie blog shares tools you can use during speech-language treatment.


A New Payment System, Changes in SNFs

Listen in for a conversation about health care trends, patient outcomes, and the evolving role of speech language pathologists in skilled nursing facilities. We’ll hear from ASHA’s director of Health Care Services and a panel of SLPs in leadership roles at rehab companies. We’ll discuss both challenges and opportunities they see in this time of change. Acronym Guide: PDPM - Patient Driven Payment Model; SNF - Skilled Nursing Facility; CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services;...


Cognitive-Communication Disorders and the Justice System

On the first episode of ASHA Voices, we take a look at the intersection of cognitive-communication disorders (CCDs) and the justice system.


Trailer: ASHA Voices

Get a preview of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's new podcast.