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Anesthesia Deconstructed: Science. Politics. Realities.


This podcast will touch on issues ranging from clinical to politics of anesthesiology and take a balanced, realistic approach based on the evidence.

This podcast will touch on issues ranging from clinical to politics of anesthesiology and take a balanced, realistic approach based on the evidence.


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This podcast will touch on issues ranging from clinical to politics of anesthesiology and take a balanced, realistic approach based on the evidence.








The Business of Anesthesia Part 1

Please join me for this discussion with Joe Rodriguez MSN CRNA where we talk about the trials and tribulations of building an anesthesia company, being successful at it and all the pitfalls in between! Learn the ropes in this 2 part series!


Chronic Pain Management & CRNAs

Meet Nurse Anesthesiologist Scott Rigdon DNAP, CRNA who owns a full time chronic pain practice and trains other CRNAs to do so as well. On this podcast we talk to Dr. Rigdon about what it is like to be a chronic pain practitioner. What the training is like and how to get it as well as what he does day to day in his clinic. We learn about the process of attaining competence in chronic pain and how different it is from clinical anesthesiology.


The Federal Trade Commission, Medicine, APRNs & Anti-Trust

Meet Daniel Gilman Phd JD an Attorney Advisor in the FTC’s Office of Policy Planning, where he works on competition issues in health care and technology, and on the impact of regulation. He has received the He co-authored the FTC staff policy paper, Competition and the Regulation of Advanced Practice Nurses, helped draft the FTC Staff Report, Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy, and has published in journals such as the Georgetown Law Journal, Health Matrix, Oregon Law Review, American...


You Have a Complaint Against Your License: Understand, Defend and Navigate

Have you ever had a complaint filed to the board of medicine or board of nursing against your license? It is a process that providers are unprepared to navigate and unaware of the risks and pitfalls which could permanently impact their license and ability to work. What may appear as a frivolous complaint you feel you do not need legal help with could easily become a year(s) long process which consumes you. Do not underestimate being targeted by a weaponized complaint! Meet lawyer Teresa M....


Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell MD: ER/CCM on Covid 19 in Brooklyn NYC, Experiences, Theories & Treatments

Meet Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Physician Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell. He has been on the front lines in one of the epicenters of Covid 19 in the US, Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn New York City. On this podcast we talk to Dr. Kyle-Sidell about how the virus has evolved from a clinical perspective, past and current theories on treatment and current understanding of the pathophysiology. He shares with us his experiences treating these patients, both young and old and the personal...


Anesthesia on the Front Lines of Covid 19 in Detroit Michigan

On this podcast we talk to Nurse Anesthesiologist Joshua Olson MS, CRNA about what it is like on the front lines of Covid 19 in the country, Detroit Michigan. Mr Olson talks about the emotional toll this takes on everyone involved, the heroic level clinical work done at his facility to save patients lives and the ever changing face of this new pandemic. We also discuss the socioeconomic factors which have made Detroit a hotspot and how Nurse Anesthesiologists have stepped up to make a...


Covid 19: What Anesthesia Providers Need to Know

On this episode we talk about Covid 19, what anesthesia professionals need to know about N95 Masks and PPE, testing, epidemiology and symptomatology, as well as utilizing 2 ventilators, expanding CRNA role into the ICU as "force multiplier" as opposed to limiting their positive impact as an ICU RN, what resources are out there and more. We also provide a Covid19 resource document now circulating all over the globe with daily updates at this link:


AANA CEO Dr. Randall Moore and the future of healthcare

On this podcast we talk with Dr Randall Moore the CEO of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) about the future of healthcare. We discuss President Trumps executive order, specifically section 5 as it relates to APRNs and how that will change practice nationally. The format is an open conversation about not just where healthcare is headed for CRNAs but as a country. Many great insights and a realistic glimpse into the future!


Meet Dr Sophia Thomas American Assoc. of Nurse Practitioners President

On this podcast we talk about how Dr Thomas became and NP and how she progressed through being professionally involved all the way to President of the AANP. We talk about the future for APRNs in an evolving healthcare world. Additionally, we discuss President Trumps executive order, specifically section 5 as it relates to APRNs and how that will change practice nationally. Lastly, we talk about the relationship between Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants as well as the two...


Meet Scott Becker JD CPA of Beckers Healthcare

On this podcast we talk about how Mr Becker decided to get into law, healthcare law and his journey to Harvard law school. We talk about how important family support is and how his was there for him. Additionally, we discuss physicians and allied healthcare providers roles as we continue dealing with the challenge of access to healthcare in a fiscally responsible manner. Lastly, we talk about ASCs, HOPDs and where Mr Becker sees healthcare headed in the future. This is an amazing man with...


Physician Anesthesiologist Dr Matthew Mazurek On CRNA history, politics, titles and surgeon supervision

Dr Matthew Mazurek talks about his article on CRNA history, his views on why friction between the CRNA and MD professions originated, a possible solution, why CRNAs should be working to the top of their license, why surgeon supervision is antiquated and how titles do not matter! An amazing discussion with a true advocate for the best patient care and our shared profession of Anesthesiology! Article Found Here:...


Erik Kramer CRNA FNP Mission Trips Mexico, Mosul and The Congo

Many healthcare providers talk about going on medical mission trips but few ever take the time out of their lives to actually do so. Erik Kramer CRNA FNP not only served humanity on a mission trip but he has done many! Erik and his family spent 5 years in a small rural hospital in Mexico where he provided anesthesia, emergency and critical care service as well as encountered the Sicario Cartel daily. He went to Mosul where he took care of victims of war from both sides and witnessed some...


CRNA Recertification, the NBCRNA and the CPC with Dr. Terry Wicks

The entire medical industry has seen significant controversy when it comes to recertification and certification and the CRNA world has been no different. This episode I talk to Dr Terry Wicks the incoming President of the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) about the new CPC program and recertification in general.