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Balance Matters: A neuro physical therapist’s journey to make “Sense” of Balance


Join Erica DeMarch, founder of Step and Connect and inventor of Balance Matters as she interviews leaders in medicine, health and wellness to give you up-to-date information re: balance tips, resources and exercises to implement in your


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Join Erica DeMarch, founder of Step and Connect and inventor of Balance Matters as she interviews leaders in medicine, health and wellness to give you up-to-date information re: balance tips, resources and exercises to implement in your




Neurorehabilitation Perspectives with Dr. Julie Vaughan-Graham

Great discussion on neurorehabilitation perspectives. We discussed are we addressing the client’s perspective? What does the client want and what is their needs vs. what we think may be important. In neurorehabilitation, the therapist is interested in how the person completes the activity, not just the task completion. We talked the importance of observation skills and dived deeper into the Bobath model and current research, as well as compensatory movements, movement synergies and sensory...


Optical Flow and Postural Control with Jaimy Wahab and Katherine Deines

Jaimy Wahab PT, DPT, NCS is a neurologic and vestibular physical therapist. She is the founder/owner of the Balance and Neurologic Center of the Rockies and an affiliate instructor for the Doctor of Physical therapy program at Regis University. She is an Affiliate Educator at Re+Active Education, an online, international continuing education platform, teaching advanced vestibular rehabilitation content. She became board certified as a Neurologic Clinical Specialist in 2007 and recertified in...


Tai Chi for Balance with Diane Bailey

Classic texts say that tai chi will help you become “Strong as an oak, flexible as a willow, and [mentally] clear as still water.” It’s often called meditation in motion. Scientific studies are showing more and more health benefits that you can get from this practice. Dianne Bailey, CSCS, FAS, CTCI As a fitness professional, martial artist, and owner of a successful personal training studio in Denver, Dianne is passionate about creating the best opportunities for the mature adult to...


Benefits of Urban Poling with Mandy Shintani

Mandy Shintani Mandy Shintani is an occupational therapist, gerontologist and the founder of Urban Poling. Her mission is to inspire all towards active living and wellness through innovative pole designs and education. As an avid proponent of life long fitness, she has experienced herself how Urban Poling fuels a healthy and fun lifestyle that includes, using poles with other exhilarating activities such as snowshoeing, hiking and adventure travel, which she is passionate about. As a...


Vestibular Rehab Technology: Eye Movements and Infrared Video Googles with Helena Esmonde

Learn about vestibular rehab technology, infrared video goggles from Helena Esmonde, the co-founder of Vestibular First. Dr. Helena Esmonde, PT, DPT, NCS, is co-founder of Vestibular First, a company that makes affordable, FDA-cleared Insight Infrared Video Goggles as well as vestibular education tools. Helena has been treating patients with dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance for 15 years and passed the Emory Vestibular Competency Exam in 2015. She became certified to treat Cervicogenic...


Impacts of Lower Limb Lymphedema on Gait and Balance with Alaina Newell

Alaina Newell, PT, DPT Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Oncological Physical Therapy Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women's Health Physical Therapy Alaina received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA in 2012. She completed her Women’s Health residency at UPMC and joined the team in 2014. She is one of the few Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Oncology as well as Women’s Health Physical Therapy. She is also a Certified...


Rhythm and Movement: Beyond the Metronome with Sarah Thompson, MM, MT-BC, CBIS

Music can lift moods, help with studying, and make workouts more productive and enjoyable. I know I enjoy working out to music, I run further and push myself more when I listen to music. While all of those ways of listening to music are important, there is a difference between recreational music, therapeutic music, and clinical music therapy. Today we are going to learn from Sarah, a board-certified music therapist about the benefits of music therapy. Sarah's 2 tips to non- music...


Posture, Pain and Postural Control with Heather Campbell, PT, DPT, OCS

Heather discusses posture assessment purpose and priorities: In terms of ’tips’ or a focused approach to improvement where posture, balance, and reduced fall risk are involved, I have two pillars on which I build recommended programs: Heather Campbell, PT, DPT, OCS has 43 years of experience integrating musculoskeletal and neurologic recovery. She earned her physical therapy degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a master’s degree in motor control and exercise physiology...


Vestibular Rehab and Telehealth with Sarah Gallagher

Are you adding vestibular rehab to your telehealth sessions? We have the honor to learn from a pioneer in telehealth rehab, Sarah Gallagher, PT, DPT, NCS, the owner of South Valley Physical Therapy, the founder of the Dizzy Clinic and founder and chair of the Vestibular SIG Telehealth Task Force. This interview was recorded a year ago prior to the pandemic when telehealth was not widespread. COVID-19 has quickly changed the landscape of telehealth. This interview is still extremely...


Optokinetics (OPK) with Kenda Fuller

“I think of optokinetics like I would think of a hammer. A hammer can both drive a nail and pull it out. Optokinetics can push the vestibular system or it can make it challenging to use for your balance.” -Kenda Fuller Kenda Fuller Bio: Kenda Fuller, PT, was a pioneer in the practice of vestibular and balance rehabilitation in the 1980’s, certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists as a neurological specialist in 1990. She is responsible for the neurologic content in...


The Relationship between Saccades and Locomotion with Dr. Politzer

The Relationship between Saccades and Locomotion with Dr. Politzer Dr. Politzer bio: Dr. Politzer is a leading optometric expert in diagnosing and treating vision problems in neurologic disease. For more than 38 years he has been caring for patients and presently staffs and runs his own private practice, Neuro-Sight Visioncare and vision clinics at multiple hospitals in Colorado and is also a consultant to many groups. He has had numerous presentations and publications on Neuro-Optometric...