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Tara's kids...doing all the same things other kids do!!! A while back now, I got an email from Weingart stating that he had received correspondence form a Canadian paramedic by the name of Tara Anema. Tara really wanted to get the word out about a particular pediatric patient population that she had seen mismanaged by all levels of emergency provider in all types of situations. Why all the hubbub about this particular group…well the condition is hemophilia and her own two sons are effected....

Pediatric Syncope Part Deux...Still Fell Out

Buck Kyle MD...AKA pediatric cardiologist extraordinaire... is back to finish up part two of our in-depth look at pediatric syncope and the thirteen causes of sudden cardiac death. Never feel threatened by the patient with a chief complaint of DFO (done fell out) again! For the next hour we will cover the rest of the electrical, structural, and miscellaneous conditions that are responsible for V Tach/DFO, which may can ultimately to sudden cardiac death. Pediatric Syncope and POC Echo...

Pediatric Syncope (DFO ~ Done Fell Out)

Welcome back to the show Dr. Buck Kyle! Dr. Kyle is a attending pediatric cardiologist at Texas Children’s Hospital and on this episode we will discuss what causes all those little kids to pass out before they come to your ER and then look so fantastic. Are they all OK to go home? Is there anyone in there that’s truly sick and if so how do we identify that subset? Sit back, hold on tight, and try not to DFO (done fell out) because it’s going to be fast, fun, and may leave you a little...

The Five Canons of Levitan - Difficult Airway Part 3

Canon - a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged No one has changed the face of how we approach difficult airway more than Rich Levitan, MD. In this episode I review five of Rich's most important contributions to how we approach emergent intubations. These are techniques you can take to the department tomorrow to improve your view, increase your success, and save your patient's life! Click here to follow Dr. Levitan on twitter. Ear to sternal notch...

Child Abuse

It is hard to put into words or even imagine the concept of someone intentionally hurting a child, but it happens more frequently than we'd like to believe. In this episode, I had the privilege of discussing some of the cornerstone exam findings and history flags for occult abuse with Marci Donaruma-Kowh, MD a child abuse expert from the Baylor College of Medicine ~ Texas Children's Hospital. This episode will change the lens you view your pediatric patients through; even with those who have...

Asthma Andrews Style - What's the best oral steroid you ask?

What's the best oral steroid to treat acute asthma exacerbations you may ask? Well, we're here to answer that for you. Please welcome Dr. Annie Andrews, MD, MSCR who has written all the articles you will find listed below on just that subject. In this podcast we will prove that dexamethasone is not only the most cost effective steroid to prescribe in asthma exacerbations, decreases recidivism, and has the best compliance rates, but it tastes great...

Asthma...The Music Of The Night

In this episode, the first of a three part series on asthma, we will cover the diagnostic and treatment strategies that will help you rapidly move patients through your ED. No, of course you don't need the patient's asthma classification, but you DO NEED to understand which patients need more treatment and when it's OK to stop. I will break that all down for you with the aid of the algorithm above. We'll talk in depth about who can go home safely and who should be in the Unit! Download the...

Anyone Seen My Corn? Pediatric Foreign Bodies

THE DERMA-Q How many times have you seen a square object inserted into a round hole.....of an ear canal??? It's quite a quandary and can be the source of frustration for both you and the patient. You may end up waiting two to three hours just to be able to sedate the little bugger because they have usually just choked down a cheese burger and fries (if your in Britain it may be bangers and mash, Australia a vegemite sandwich, Russia borscht, etc, etc) and then even after you have them...

Are You Ready...For Little Patients?

Dr. Facilier begged the question..."Are you ready for Transformation Central?" Transformation? My ER runs just fine. What could I need to be ready for or transform my ER into??? Well, there's this little thing standing between you and poop in your underwear; most of us call them pediatric patients. What should scare you is that 30% of the hospitals in the US are not ready and by not ready I mean that they do not have the proper equipment or training necessary to take care of critically ill...

Thin Kids, Gallbladders Too

Now I've got your mind palatable to the fact that young thin kids can get cholecystitis too, lets figure out how to weed those kids out from the hundreds of gastroenteritis that you're still going to see each week. On this episode we'll explore which labs and rads get you to the place you want to be.... not just a disposition, but the correct disposition. Dr. Doug Fishman is back to get you on the right track to making the right diagnosis! Podcast 21 ~ Pediatric Cholecystitis 2

Great Pedi Gallbladders of Fire

You may think that Miley Cyrus' on-stage theatrics was the most shocking thing to happen in 2013, but au contraire mon frère. Hold on tight, because the most outrageous thing you've heard between stanzas of "Auld Lang Syn" is that kid's are getting gallbladder disease. This is especially frequent in the good ole US of A where we have mid-morning cheese burgers for a snack. Shocking I know. In this episode Pediatric Gastroenterologist Dr. Doug Fishman, from the Texas Children's Hospital, is...

Park that Shoulder in Place - Shoulder Reductions & One Hip

How many times have you been involved in an adult or pediatric shoulder reduction that you just can't relocate. Very frustrating, but here's your solution: Dr. Jay Park has invented a method that allows you to reduce a shoulder without sedation (RNs love that) and without any pain to your patient (Press Ganey scores will rise faster than your salary). Listen up, this defines cool! Jay Park, MD Contact Jay For Website Design: Dr. Park is involved in numerous medical...

2 - Red Eyes

Red eyes usually come in pairs and so do podcasts on the subject. In part two of the red eye disorders we discuss the non-threatening maladies that can turn into eye threatening disorders if missed. Sit back and relax and let dear ole' dad tell you one more time why it's going to be OK...If you listen to him. Otherwise you may get spanked. I'm serious he spanked me a lot for not listening. Call CPS; there's still a chance for me.... Eye Show Notes Dr. Shenoi's Emergency Preparedness...

The Eyes Have It..... Or At Least The Red Eyes Do

Harold Andrew Sloas Jr, DO, CAPT, USN-R is a board certified ophthalmologist (and my dad). He had a competition with his son Harold Andrew Sloas III, DO, RDMS, FAAEM to see who could get get more letters behind their name. As it turns out none of those letters have any bearing on what we'll be talking about today. You're in for a real treat because I got to sit down with dear ole' dad and talk about some red eye disorders. We explore all the threatening causes of the red eye on this podcast...

Pediatric Concussion

I have had the opportunity to work with some truly amazing people in my life and Dr. Matt Bayes, sports medicine physician extraordinaire, is no exception. Dr. Bayes is the only person I have known to successfully ask about a “code red” and somehow avoid receiving one. Dr. Bayes now resides in St. Louis, Missouri (Bayes from The Lou) and has been part of the sports medicine team that delivers care to the St Louis Cardinals. On this episode Dr. Bayes takes me through the intricacies of...

Calcium Channel Blockers, Beta Blockers and Undifferentiated Hypotension....OH MY!

One of the most sphincter tightening overdoses to deal with in adults and pediatrics is the CCB overdose. In this podcast I cover all the treatments that work, don't work, and you would think should work to give you a recipe for success. Hold on to your insulin; it's not just for diabetics and critically ill patients anymore. Intralipids??? How the heck does that help??? Well you need to tune in to find out...... CCB/BB/Undifferentiated Show Notes CCB/BB PDA Companion Hypotension...

Penis Talk ~ With Your Hosts Sloas and Stroup

The finale in the Urology trilogy. In this episode Dr. Sean Stroup, CDR, USN, MC and I wrap-it-up with a series of "down-there" complaints (down-there does not imply that this episode is about Australians with grievances) with the most sensitive of subjects to any male patient, penile complaints, worries about the willie, persevering about the pee pee, jargon about the junk, etc. Hold on to your hats.... The Disclaimer hasn't changed: if you think jokes about "shrinkage" are funny than...

Urology Part 2 ~ The Painless Scroti

"Amigo, the only thing in this world that gives orders is balls. Balls. You got that?" ~ Scarface 1983 Every man is attached to their nuts. In this episode CDR Sean Stroup, MD USN and I continue to discuss non painful ballular complaints. You make think your safe with a non-painful swollen scrotum, but oh contraire mon frere, you can lose a nut that way too. A guy just can't get a break.... The Disclaimer from the last episode still applies: if you think jokes about old man balls are funny...

Urological Complaints Part 1 - The Painful Scrotum

"Rub your balls, squeeze your balls so you don't get cancer" ~ Tom Green Few things cause more pain for the patient and fear in the practitioner than scrotal discomfort in a child. I sat down with my good friend and pee-pee doctor CDR Sean Stroup, MD USN at the National Naval Medical Center in sunny, beautiful, oh how I miss it: San Diego, to discuss painful ballular complaints. Dr. Stroup is a fellowship trained urologist practicing on the west coast and sees a ton of children at the Naval...