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The Pricing Trick with Mike Arce

Mike Arce (pronounced “R.C”) is a fitness marketing expert. He founded Loud Rumor, a premier marketing agency for fitness studios. Mike understands the market, and he shares with us how to sell your “Perfect Membership”. It’s pretty slick and it’s worth a listen, because it helps fill your gym fast!


StoryBrand Stud (and Canadian) Jon Morrison

Jon Morrison is my main man from Canada who is an expert in helping business owners actually tell their story through their website and marketing. Too many business owners confuse the market with their message, and Jon helps YOU cut through the clutter and make sure your message is getting through. Join us for this […]


The Movement Maestro Shante Cofield

Shante Cofield is a Physical Therapist and a prolific Instagram poster under her handle “The Movement Maestro.” When she’s not dropping knowledge bombs on her IG account, she is instructing RockTape seminars across the globe and saving the world through exercise. Shante shares with us her analysis of the current pool of SUper-Trainers and how […]


Being the Best Chiropractor You Can

Dr Brett Winchester is a Chiropractor and a lead instructor for the Motion Palpation Institute- MPI. Brett has spent decade refining his craft, and was one of the earliest Chiropractors to adopt DNS rehab. In fact, he was the main “Importer” of DNS. Brett also discusses why a Clinic/Gym Hybrid is so needed, and how […]


The Success Mindset with Mike Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe is a CrossFit box owner and a founder of Barbell Shrugged and the Shrugged Collective. He has spent years helping to get his mindset correct to become a true business owner and not a slave to his business. He discusses his struggles and his early years here. This is very needed for all […]


Exploding Out of the Gate in Fitness

Chris Weber is the founder of Beakinship, a Fitness Marketing company in Atlanta. Chris was the original marketer that brought Orange Theory Fitness to Georgia, and he has learned how to scale along the way. Chris also talks about his ASTRONOMICAL goals for new fitness facilities…. Like having their membership revenue cover ALL expenses upon […]


Chiropractor Tom Teter

Dr. Tom Teter is a Chiropractor and a professor for Exercise Science in Kansas City, MO. He has studied the meeting of exercise and Chiropractic for over a decade and shares what he has learned with us on this interview. He also talks about what abilities a great trainer can have, along with his experiences […]


Egoscue Method with Brian Bradley

Brian Bradley runs all the outreach for the Egoscue Method and their excellent outdoor workout called “The Patch”. The Patch is a perfect version of a clinic/gym hybrid model, where the “workout” is a continuation of the “rehab”. Brian also discusses the power of functional rehab, and how he believes we can help patients and […]


Automated Systems with Clint Hosman

Listen in as Clint Hosman tells you how to make your employee’s life easier through the use of automated systems. Clint also tells the listeners how they can flourish in the marketing of their gym. Clint goes on to tell us the story of Gerald the Elk and what it means to live a life […]


Managing A Gym with Alex Gruin

Alex Gruin is the General Manager of the Lifetime Fitness in Henderson, Nevada. Alex and I discuss the trials of taking care of 250,000 sq ft of gym space, 100’s of weekly classes, and how to keep staff focussed on the client experience. Alex also talks about his talent acquisition strategy and what its like […]


Dr. Todd Pickman of MoveWell University

Dr. Todd Pickman is a busy Chiropractor and the developer of MoveWell University, a program designed to help Chiropractors add functional movement and rehab into their practice. Todd developed the program after years of struggling to find the “missing piece” of patient care. Todd has also developed an integrated fitness model that helps recruit qualified […]


Health Club Defense with Kevin Diamond

Kevin Diamond is an attorney specializing in the defense of healthclubs. Based in Las Vegas, he is counsel for 24 Hour Fitness and many other major healthclubs. He has defended hundreds of cases against members doing dumb stuff, and even “taken it on the chin” when trainers have suggested even dumber things. In this episode, […]


Shaun Buck The Newsletter Pro

Shaun Buck is “The Newsletter Pro’. He saw his own business go from “almost broke” to Thriving, just by using newsletters. But he screwed those up on his first try as well. Luckily, Shaun figured out the secrets to building and scaling his company by using printed newsletters. Now he helps dentists, Chiropractors, and physical … Continue reading "Shaun Buck The Newsletter Pro"


Rehab & Getting Accurate Diagnoses with Dr. Benjamin Fergus

Ben Fergus is a Chiropractor in the greater Chicago area who specializes in Chronic and Complex patients cases. His experience in this difficult population has helped him develop a very accurate method of diagnosis and rehab that he has named “GRIP”. Global Rehab and Injury Prevention ( Ben also relates how he integrated a gym … Continue reading "Rehab & Getting Accurate Diagnoses with Dr. Benjamin Fergus"


Marketing ROI with Jarrod Morris

Jarrod Morris is the owner of a small software company based in Salt Lake City. Their software allows small business owners to see the effectiveness and ROI of their marketing efforts in a visual format. His company, Graphly, creates “Scoreboards” for the business to inform, motivate, and inspire the team at these businesses. Jarrod shares … Continue reading "Marketing ROI with Jarrod Morris"


ParkerFit with Bill Morgan

I had the pleasure to talk to THE most impressive man in Chiropractic, Dr. William Morgan. The very same Bill Morgan who treated the President at the White House… and the Joint Chiefs…and multiple Senators and Congressman. And if that wasn’t a strong enough resume, he is now President of Parker University, and developed their … Continue reading "ParkerFit with Bill Morgan"


Thinking BIG with Dr. Greg Rose

There is only one-way Greg Rose thinks, and that’s HUGE. In this special in-person interview, Dr. Rose talks all about how he has thought big and truly chased his dream Whether it was developing the SFMA, the Titleist Performance Institute, or his current World-changing opportunities, Greg has a simple plan and reveals it in this … Continue reading "Thinking BIG with Dr. Greg Rose"


Physical Therapist Jeff Pelizzaro

Jeff Pelizzaro is a Physical Therapist and the host of the 18 STRONG Podcast. 18 Strong provides information to golfers on a variety of subjects, including how to stay healthy and “Play the 18th Hole as strong as you played the first”. Jeff works weekly with golfers of all levels in his St. Louis-based facility. … Continue reading "Physical Therapist Jeff Pelizzaro"


Talking to MDs with Dr. Jason Hulme

Dr. Jason Hulme is a Chiropractor in the greater Nashville area, and has developed what might be the most systematized Functional Movement practice around. With just 1 Doctor (and a lot of trained staff), Jason consistently sees 140-150 patients per WEEK! And, more surprisingly, each patient spends 45 minutes in the office at each visit. … Continue reading "Talking to MDs with Dr. Jason Hulme"


Launching a Gym with Nicole Spencer

Nicole Spencer is a consultant and coach to multiple gym owners. Nicole’s amazing success story included launching a gym in a small town in Georgia, where she knew absolutely no one. In just 90 Days, she had her gym at capacity thru smart marketing and great service. Nicole now runs Authentic Conversion, a service that … Continue reading "Launching a Gym with Nicole Spencer"