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Using CRM Independently from your EMR with Kelsey Bratcher

Chiropractic clinics use EMR (electronic medical record) software to manage patients, billings, insurance and keeping track of costs in one tool like a centralized hub. What it doesn’t do is manage the sales and marketing component of the business. Kelsey Bratcher, an automation wizard and co-founder of AutomaticPracticeProfits, tells us of alternative tools and explains […]


Advocating Fitness through Understanding Strength with Brett Jones

People often misconceptualize and faultily compare fitness concepts and ideas that usually lead to non-conducive training and rehabilitation. In this podcast, you will listen to a very well-known advisor and fitness trainer, Brett Jones, as he shares very helpful and insightful tips in understanding how strength is a very crucial factor in fitness and how […]


Going BIG: From Small Time to 100,000 square foot Sports Facility with Dr. Beau Daniels

Residing in Thousand Oaks, California, Dr. Beau Daniels is a seasoned practitioner of Sports Medicine. He is the co-owner of Body Dynamix Chiropractic & Performance and now a partner of a very well-known sports facility, the Sports Academy. Sports Academy is a hundred thousand-square foot facility that offers specialized trainings, leagues, camps, clinics, and programs […]


The Master of Golf Fitness with Lance Gill

Lance Gill of Lance Gill Performance joins us early this morning LIVE from the World Golf Fitness Summit. (We get off to a slow start due to the early hour following a late night…) Lance talks to us about why YOU need a $9000 care plan, how to deliver information that sells sessions, and what […]


Exploring the Best Performance Method for the Sport You Love with Dr. Mark Kovacs

Dr. Mark Kovacs has his PhD in physiology and has spent the last decade researching the best performance methods for his sport of tennis. He played at the collegiate and professional level, when an injury sidelined him. This injury led to his study of rehab, fitness, performance, and diagnosis. Mark now runs the Kovacs Institute […]


Money-Making Communication Skills with Justin Rabinowitz

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz is a Chiropractor in New Jersey and one of the best communicators in the business. In this episode, Justin walks us through some incredible tips of the entire patient onboarding process. He talks about what he’s learned within marketing, scheduling the patient on the phone, and even how to communicate on the […]


Living Your Frickin Dream with Sue Falsone!

Sue Falsone is someone who has maximized her license and is living the life she dreams of. She is an incredible Physical Therapist and was the first female Head Athletic Trainer in Major League Baseball when she worked with the Dodgers. She has also done about 1000 other incredible things in her career (including starting […]


The Path to Pro Sports with Anthony Vittese

Anthony Vittese, a world-class physical therapist with a silky-smooth voice, has gone from school to clinic to sports. He has seen all the ins and outs of every level of physical therapy. In this interview, Anthony talks about his observations of his work in Pro Sports, from organizations doing it well….and those that aren’t. Plus, […]


The Cutting Edge of Fitness with Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr has worked at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning for over 10 years. During that time, he has seen many changes and advancements in the world of fitness. In this interview, Kevin shares some of his success tips and observations about fitness, and talks about the trends he is seeing- a lot of which […]


The Future of Sports Chiropractic with Dr. Todd Riddle

Todd Riddle is a Professor at Texas Chiropractic College, and a Lead Instructor for FAKTR, and a stud Sports Chiropractor. Todd and I talk all about the changes going on within the world of Sports Chiropractic, and Todd also shares his incredible story about working becoming the #1 Bobsled Chiropractor in South Texas- a feat […]


The Power of Public Speaking with Jenny Dziubla

Jenny Dziubla is a Public Speaking Coach and helps business owners harness the power of public speaking to build their business and connect with their customers. She’s been coaching Silicon Valley businesses and their employees to clarify their message and make an impact. In this interview, Jenny reveals multiple “pet-peeves” she sees even with the […]


Sports and Rehab Chiropractor Dr. Jen Reiner-Marcello

Dr. Jen Reiner-Marcello (aka Dr. Jen) is a kick-ass sports and rehab Chiropractor now based in Florida. She spent many years running the rehab for a string of 6 San-Diego based gyms, including the world-famous Fitness Quest 10, founded by Todd Durkin. Dr. Jen has also helped the San Diego Padres with rehab, and she […]


Human Performance with Brandon Marcello

Brandon Marcello PhD is one of the world’s leaders in Human Performance. He’s been hired by the best Universities, the US Special Forces, and many other organizations who demand the highest performance from their athletes. In this quick interview, Brandon gives some tips on how to be “World-Class” in this profession and discusses some learning […]


Success Case with Dr. Brian Strump

Brian Strump is a Chiropractor (and stud!) in Charlotte, North Carolina over 5 years ago and has created a WILDLY successful model. Interestingly, his business is now 80% Fitness, and just 20% Chiropractic. Plus, Brian is truly a “business owner”, rather than just working “in” his business. So listen in as he talks us through […]


Avoiding Over-Coaching with Mike Perry

Mike Perry owns the best looking gym in Boston, the Skill of Strength. When Mike isn’t working with the top athletes and clients in Boston, he also teaches the FMS to Strength Coaches everywhere. Mike helps us avoid the trap of over-coaching and talks about how to avoid turning exercise sessions into “Rehab-icise” sessions. Instead, […]


Putting it in Action with Jimmy Yuan

Jimmy Yuan is a Chiropractor and Strength Coach in Phoenix, AZ. In addition to being a World-Class clinician, Jimmy is also an instructor for SFMA, FMS, StrongFirst, as well as many more of the best technique and diagnosis courses out there. Jimmy talks all about how to set up a “tiny gym” in his office, […]


Winning with Charlie Weingroff

World-class Physical Therapist and Strength Coach Charlie Weingroff sits down for an interview about WINNING. In this interview, Charlie describes the best path to winning at the game of patient care and describes – in detail- how to get better. He also talks all about why PAIN shouldn’t be your end-goal for patient care, and […]


Success Case with Dr. Ben Ramos

Dr. Ben Ramos is a Chiropractor in San Diego, CA, and a WILD success. Ben has built exactly the practice that he wanted to, and lays out a plan on how you can do the same. He has built a successful Clinic/Gym Hybrid and has a unique structure to the business as well. Ben discusses […]


Marc Berry from Life Fitness

Marc Berry is a “Big Cheese” over at Life Fitness. They manufacture many of the brands you use and know in your gym… Life Fitness Equipment, Hammer Strength, and even Precor. Marc is a great guy and a plethora of knowledge of the trends the fitness industry is seeing. Plus, Marc has helped more fitness […]


Success Case with Dr. Ben Ramos

Dr. Ben Ramos is a Chiropractor in San Diego, CA, and a WILD success. Ben has built exactly the practice that he wanted to, and lays out a plan on how you can do the same. He has built a successful Clinic/Gym Hybrid and has a unique structure to the business as well. Ben discusses […]