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The Resus Tonight team is curious to learn how critical care & emergency nursing can be better. The team translates research into everyday clinical practice, challenge the sacred cows of nursing and occasionally rant.




The Resus Tonight team is curious to learn how critical care & emergency nursing can be better. The team translates research into everyday clinical practice, challenge the sacred cows of nursing and occasionally rant.




Ep. 29 - Sepsis Update for Nurses

We welcome back Nicole Cook, APRN and CNS to talk all about sepsis... and Nicole shares a personal story about sepsis we won't soon forget.


Ep. 27 - Trauma Llama Talks Neurotrauma (Part 2)

Allan and Rob continue the conversation with Nicole Cook about neurotrauma. If you haven't listened to episode 26, part one of this conversation, then we suggest you go back to do so. However, we wouldn't recommend listening to us anyway. Nicole's paper on Co2 -


Ep. 26 - Trauma Llama Talks Neurotrauma (Part 1)

Today Allan and Rob get the opportunity to talk to the one and only Nicole Cook. She's a trauma nurse specialist, neurotrauma expert, and a great Twitter follow (@TraumaSoapBoxes). This episode is part 1 of a 2 part series on neurotrauma nursing care in critical care environments big and small.


Ep. 25 - Rehashing Early COVID-19 Clinical Guidance

For better or worse, Allan and Rob are reunited as they rehash some of the early COVID-19 literature and scientific direction for ED and critical care nurses.


Ep. 24 - An ICU Patient's Journey with Nick and Hussein

This episode features two brilliant guests: Nick and Hussein. Nick is a husband and father. He also has cystic fibrosis and is a double lung transplant recipient. Hussein is an ICU and emerg doc with specialty in ECMO. His ECMO team helped bridge Nick to his transplant. Listen to their experience!


Ep. 23 - The EPICC-COVID19 Project

We are proud to be project managers for (as far as we know) the only international, free, open source nursing course with the sole intention in fighting COVID-19. Authors from Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia have volunteered to help support nurses caring for patients with COVID-19. We recorded a podcast this week to give you more background if you'd like to hear.


Ep.22 - COVID-19 - Disease Transmission

The CDC recommendation for homemade masks has lit a firestorm among health care providers. In this episode, we give our take on the recommendation. We also break down some interesting data on disease transmission. AS ALWAYS, READ THE PAPERS AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSION. References CDC. Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of Facemasks. Doremalen, N et al. NJEM. Ong et al. JAMA. Pyankov. Journal of Aerosol Science.


Ep.21 - COVID-19 - Experiences from the Front Line with Sara, ICU RN

Sara, ICU RN is on the show to share her firsthand experience battling severe COVID-19. She shares what she has learned, tips to get you prepared, and touches on the human side of caring for the sick COVID-19 patients. Resources ARDSnet - University Washington Medicine - Nicole Kupchik, CNS -


Ep.20 - COVID-19 - Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation

In our COVID-19 Critical Care series we are hitting you with the fundamentals of critical care that you may need when caring for COVID-19 patients. In this episode we cover non-invasive positive pressure ventilation and continuous positive airway pressure ventilation. References Canadian Medical Association Journal21324867Emergency Medicine Journal21112972Crit Care Med


Ep.19 - COVID-19 - PPE & Overview for the Bedside Resus Nurse

This podcast was recorded on March 13, 2020. The content of the podcast may change as new information becomes available. Always check with your local resources and sources with credible references. One of the places resuscitation begins is at the front door. In this episode we provide practical tips for nursing care for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.... in fact, this information could be generalized to all patients with undifferentiated dyspnea. The Internet Book of Critical Care is a living resource for COVID-19. REBEL EM has an excellent look at COVID-19


Ep.18 - Nurse Point of Care Ultrasound with Tammy Lowe and Korbin Haycock

We are pleased to have the trailblazer Tammy Lowe and THE Korbin Haycock on the show to share their amazing Nurse Point of Care Ultrasound program, one of the only programs in the world (to our knowledge - please correct us if we're wrong... we'd love to learn more!). Their Nurse Point of Care Ultrasound program was published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine in 2017. The link to the paper is HERE. Tammy is a boss level Registered Nurse and the Clinical Administrator for Critical Care at a large hospital in California. Find Tammy on Twitter HERE @TammyLowe357 Korbin is an emergency physician and the definition of a resuscitationist. Find him on Twitter HERE @KHaycock2


Ep.17 - Alin, Resilience, and a New Heart

Allan and Rob have the privilege of having a chat with Alin Gragossian about the days before her illness, heart transplant, and return to her work as an emergency medicine resident. Follow Alin! Website - Twitter: @ag_em33 Instagram: @a_change_of_heart_blog


Ep.16 - 0% Journal Club - ED ICU

Do ED ICUs save lives? Probably. The paper in question is by Gunnerson et al and can be found here. Scott Weingart's work on ED ICUs can be found here.


Ep.15 - Clinical Teaching - Open Your Robe

Allan and Rob talk about learning in the clinical environment. Main topics - Some interesting papers - The show page is found here.


Ep.14 - Resuscitese with The Q-word Podcast

Nyssa from The Q Word Podcast is on the show to talk about the one thing we should be practicing the most: Resuscitation Langauge, coined Resuscitese. References


Ep. 13 - ResusX Series - Zero Point Survey with Salim Rezaie and EM Centred

Allan and Rob's final ResusX Series Podcast where they talk about the Zero Point Survey and its place in the resus room with our friends EM Centered ( and Salim Rezaie ( Zero Point Survey further reading-


Ep.12 - ResusX Series - Nurse Led Code

We had the opportunity to present The Nurse Led Code and facilitate a Code Choreography workshop to the attendees at ResusX. Needless to say, it was a humbling to learn alongside the curious, bad ass physicians that attended. We even had the chance to talk to Scott Weingart about The Nurse Led Code which was pretty cool, given that his podcast was the first place we heard of it. References The fun piece of The Nurse Led Code is that it hasn’t had direct, published data. So, if you’re a nurse looking for a research project, I recommend you look at this setup! Click here for our references.


Ep.11 - ResusX Series - Hard Collar Facts with the Rebel, Salim Rezaie

Allan and Rob have the privilege of sitting down with Salim Rezaie of RebelEM to talk about cervical spine collars and backboard in the ED. RebelEM has has already extensively covered the evidence on collars and backboards. You can find their blog posts and links below. 1. Spinal immobilization in trauma patients 2. Cervical spine evaluation and clearance in the intoxicated patient 3. Stiell et al. (2018) - A Multicenter Program to Implement the Canadian C-Spine Rule by Emergency Department Triage Nurses 4. Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine - Ep 232 - An overview and literature evaluation of cervical spine collars and an appraisal of the above paper 5. Dr. Ken Milne and Alison Armstrong filmed a news clip on the 2018 Stiell et al. paper for us at NENA 2019.


Ep.10 - ResusX Series - Intro

Allan and Rob travelled to Philadelphia for the ResusX and MedED Evolved Conferences. Philly cheese steaks were consumed, learning occurred, and podcasts were made. The next few episodes will be a mini-series recorded with some new friends from ResusX and MedED Evolved!


Ep.9 - A Story of Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

Rob recounts the story of his first traumatic cardiac arrest as a paramedic. Evidence