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Devin Owner/Operator of Pennsylvania Cannabis Connection

Devin is on a mission to help create a central hub for information, education and connections for everyone in the cannabis community. They even offer a blog section for patients to tell their stories on how cannabis has helpped them. Please reach out to P.A.C.C. Pennsylvania Cannabis Connection (PACC) is a networking company dedicated to establishing a relationship between the cannabis businesses and the patients involved in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. ​ Our foundation...


Frank Liberty International CBD-Philadelphia Pa

Frank joined us on one of the coldest days in December 2017. Frank is the owner and operator of Liberty International CBD. A hemp based CBD company has been thriving here for a few years now. Frank is very passionate about education and the mass amounts of knowledge that go into this field. He id dedicated to bringing quality products to your door and works with low income patients. Frank will be furthering his education in bringing cannabis into the medical world. With his expierence he...


Anthony Aguiniga owner/operator of My Green Tools and Woobies Shoes

It’s not everyday you meet people that have the same goal in mind. We had Anthony Aguiniga owner and operator of My Green Tools and Woobies Shoes. We had a great time talking about how helping others is what we are meant to do. We can’t wait to work with him in the future. My Green Tools: We believe that all of our nation’s veterans deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. The ReGroup Foundation is working to end veteran homelessness and restore the dignity of our service members...


Chris Voag - Sir Cannabis Apparel-CannaWarrior of the Week

We met Chris this year in Philadelphia at the Hemp Heals festival. Founder/Creator Chris Voag was diagnosed with Cancer 4 years ago at 19. His use of Cannabis allowed him to make a fast recovery and he actually gained weight during his month of Chemotherapy. This gave him great empathy for patient rights which is why he created Sir Cannabis Apparel. Flash forward to last year his a Family Member was diagnosed with Stage 4 Oral Cancer, he too found great relief in the cannabis plant and...


Illuzionz O’ Grandeur- Battling Muscular Dystrophy

I had an amazing time with ILLZ. We just took right off with a great conversation and the discussion evolved throughout. Let’s see if she’ll co-host some shows with me. She is really happy with the app and speaks as to how it works for her. In muscular dystrophies, abnormal genes (mutations) lead to muscle degeneration. Most forms begin in childhood. Damaged muscles become progressively weaker. Most people who have the condition eventually need a wheelchair. Other symptoms include...


Dr. Michele Ross- Neuroscientist , Founder and CEO of Impact Network

Wow! Dr. Micele Ross dropped some serious knowledge on us. She quickly corrects me when I accidently refer to her as a neurologist when in fact she is a neuroscientist. She is doing amazing work in Colorado and fighting hard to get funding to produce the data people have been asking for. Dr. Michele Ross is Founder and Executive Director of the Denver-based cannabis research & education 501c3 nonprofit IMPACT Network. As a neuroscientist, she was frustrated by the lack of education...


Misty Murray-Helping her daughter fight Autism and 3 rare forms of epilepsy

Welcome to our very first MedicateMe podcast. Misty told her story on an early Saturday morning sipping coffee and she had a lot on her mind. She quickly let her energy go and I could not have been prepared for the stories she told. She and her husband have been helping their daughter battle autisim and epilepsy for 5 years now. The toll this has on a family is nothing short of surreal. The long trips, many specialists and doctors, fears from the doctors, thousands of dollars and a state...