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Learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more, and take more vacations! This is how generations collaborate to make an unstoppable dental team!

Learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more, and take more vacations! This is how generations collaborate to make an unstoppable dental team!
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Learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more, and take more vacations! This is how generations collaborate to make an unstoppable dental team!




085 How One Passionate Teacher Changed Frank Spear’s Life and the Profession of Dentistry

We are so excited to have the one and only amazing Dr. Frank Spear on the show today. We kick off the show with an amazing story by Frank that changed his life, and the course of dentistry. It’s all thanks to a special teacher that Frank tries to emulate each and every time he steps on stage. Dr. Frank Spear also shares the lean times when he first started practicing, and how he was invited to mentor in study clubs. We also get to learn some highlights from his book, his practice, his...


084 Figure Out Where You Want to Go When Growing Your Practice With Dr. Jeff Trembley

We are excited to have Dr. Jeff Trembley on the show today. Jeff recently opened his own practice in November of 2017. Jeff is committed to giving his patients amazing results with carefully crafted restorations. Even though he is committed clinically, there were and still are many hurdles for Jeff to over overcome. He understands the importance of customer referrals and treating patients in a way that makes them feel appreciated. It’s often the experience that will get the patient to...


083 Dr. Mike DiTolla talks on working closely with Glidewell labs and Six Month Smiles new Clear Aligners

Dr. Michael DiTolla is here today to talk about the evolution of materials for crowns and veneers that he has seen over his career. He started out working in private practice, and by a fluke was asked to do some work at Glidewell Labs. He realized that he loved experimenting with new materials and finding ways to create better looking restorative dentistry. He moved on to education and lecturing. He was a pioneer in making movies and DVDs to help train other dentists and lab technicians. He...


082 Talking Medical Marketing with Randy Alvarez from The Wellness Hour

Randy Alvarez launched “The Wellness Hour TV Show” in 1999. The Wellness Hour airs on TV in approximately 70 million homes across North America and features the leading medical doctors, dentists and other licensed health practitioners in the US. The “Medical News Show” is a television and social media platform for doctors to discuss breakthroughs in their specialty with the communities they serve. Alvarez has transformed the show’s website into an extensive online medical resource for both...


081 Talking with Tiger Safarov about Zen Supplies

Tiger Safarov has developed Zen Supplies, a cloud-based ordering platform to have all your distributors and suppliers in one place in order for you to be able to price compare your supplies to get the best deal. Manage and track your inventory online and save money and time in the process. Sales agents and distributors charge a larger margin, hoping you don’t research a better price online for the same products. Inventory tracking provides savings to your office through purchasing only what...


080 Catching up With Sully and Payrey on the Roof of the Westin

We have recorded on planes and exotic locations. Today, we are recording on the rooftop of the Westin overlooking Nashville. This is a catch up episode where Sully and Payrey share their recent travels with you. Sully was able to attend the IDS dental business summit in Cologne, German. If this is something that you haven't done, put it on your list for 2021. Sully shares a little bit about his trip to Germany and some of the great technology that was at the IDS. We also talk about the...


079 From Continuing Education to Practice Management with Daniel Owen

We have been on a roll lately with our podcast episodes. Today, we are excited to talk with Daniel Owen about everything from when is the best time for a new dentist to start taking CE courses to best practices in dentistry management. Daniel is the Alabama & Tennessee Territory Manager at Neodent USA. Neodent is a maker of quality implant products. We talk about implants and using quality products with years of science and R&D behind them. We talk about the importance of having a good rep...


078 The Pros and Cons of Being an Associate Versus Being an Owner with Dr. Vinh, Dr. Erin Elliott, and Dr. Ashley Joves

We are recording live from the Voices of Dentistry Day 1. Sully talks with Dr. Vinh Nguyen from the Nifty Thrifty podcast, Dr. Erin Elliott, and Dr. Ashley Joves from California. Some of the things we discuss are the pros and cons of being an associate versus being an owner. We also talk about how to separate being a leader and being a friend in a practice. We share four unique perspectives on balancing running a practice and running our lives. We talk about technology, risk, debt, survival...


077 Figure Out Where You Want to Go When Growing Your Practice With the Crabtree Group

Sean Crabtree and Cameron Bailey from the Crabtree group are here today with Sully and Peyray. The Crabtree Group goes beyond dental practice management and creates dental business strategies to help dentists build and grow their practices. They share individualized methods with dentists to help them decide what type of practice they want to have and then help develop a strategy to get there. They are also the hosts of the Dental Profits Podcast that we were on last year. In this episode,...


076 Dental Marketing With Michael Arias and Joshua Scott

Sully meets up with Michael Arias and Joshua Scott to talk about dental marketing. Michael Arias is a dental marketer who focuses on ground marketing. This is literally hitting the ground and going to nearby businesses and building relationships. Michael shares why this method works and how to do it with an objective in mind. Joshua Scott is the owner of Studio 8E8 dental marketing. His approach is building a brand through story and having an interactive website that is an experience. We...


075 Sully and PeyRay Head to VOD

Sully and Peyray are on a flight to attend the 3rd annual Voices of Dentistry Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. They are excited to visit the booths of other dental podcasters. Last year, they had their own booth and didn't have time for anything other than recording. Peyray will also be speaking this weekend about dental photography. He has a lot of ideas about how useful photography is for treatment planning. We hope you enjoy the conversation! Show Notes: [03:47] Peyray has a lot of powerpoints...


074 Mile High Club

We are recording this episode live in a plane flying from Nashville to Raleigh. Sully is joined by Dr. Will Jones and Dr. Ford Gatgens. We talk about AEGD, AGD and CE courses and whether they are worth it. We also talk about insurance issues from dropping some types of insurance to going entirely fee for service. We discuss the fears around losing patients and possible problems if the economy changes. We also talk about buying a practice, hiring and building a team, turnover, and the...


073 How to go Further Faster with Tbone

This is part two of Sully’s chat with Dr. Tarun “T-Bone” Agarwal. In the last episode, we talked about how to take your practice further faster. Today, we kick things off with the difference between a dental practice and a dental business. T-Bone stresses the importance of having a business that allows you to do the procedures you want and work the hours you want. He also talks about bringing in associates and how to sell your practice for 4X instead of 1X. We discuss how a partnership is...


072 Why Goal Setting is So Important to Your Success with Tbone

Dr. Tarun “T-Bone” Agarwal is here today. T-Bone is a dentist, a podcast host, and passionate about helping other dentists turn their practice into a business. In this episode, we talk about the importance of planning ahead of time for the following year and writing down your goals and aspirations. T-Bone shares his wisdom from over 20 years experience and building a practice from scratch. We talk about the importance of clarity, and T-Bone shares the three key focus areas of patients,...


071 What Makes a Great Website with Jeff Gladnick

We are excited to be back. Our special guest today is Jeff Gladnick the founder and CEO of Great Dental Websites a company that focuses on creating and marketing dental websites using their proprietary software platform. Sully also happens to be a client. We talk to Jeff about what makes a good website and how Google actually looks at a website and ranking factors. We also talk about call tracking, social media, advertising, domain names, the importance of video, and what dentists need to...


070 Getting Your Team to Share Your Vision

Dr. Paul Bass the co-founder and Director of Fortune Management is here today. Fortune Management is a medical coaching practice that helps doctors and owners find out what they want and then achieve that. Dr. Bass is a dentist who practiced for 21 years, before founding Fortune Management with Tony Robbins and two other founders. Today it is one of the biggest practice management resources available. Dr. Bass shares his story of how he got involved with Tony Robbins and the importance of...


069 Staying Humble and Always Learning with Dr. Michael Pikos and Dr. Rick Sullivan

We have two amazing guests today. Dr. Michael Pikos of the Pikos Symposium took time out of his busy schedule to talk about the importance of always learning, the future of dental learning, new materials being introduced, why he believes in humility, and more. Sully’s dad Dr. Rick Sullivan is also here to talk about the importance of learning and share his perspective on the recent symposium. Dr. Michael Pikos started out as pre med and in a roundabout way became an oral surgeon. He did his...


068 Millennial Mastermind with T-Bone Speaks Host Dr. Tarun Agarwal

One of our favorite people Dr. Tarun Agarwal is herewith me today to talk about the Millennial Mastermind event we will be hosting together in January. Dr. Agarwal is known as T-Bone and the host of the T-Bone Speaks podcast. He also the founder of Raleigh Dental Arts. He is excited about sharing his experience and mistakes with younger dentists to help them move forward faster. He has been a mentor of mine and had a huge impact on my life and practice. Having accountability and access to a...


067 Live with Dr. Israel Puterman and Dr. Matthew Fien

We are Live today with Dr. Israel Puterman and Dr. Matthew Fien. Dr. Israel is a periodontist in Washington D.C. and Dr. Matthew Fien is a periodontist in Florida. They are both really excited about modern advancements in perio treatment and teach the course Hands on Guided Bone Regeneration. Both doctors take treatment and treatment planning very seriously and understand the importance of predictability, explaining all options to patients, and keeping teeth when possible. We talk about how...


066 Finding Your Passion and Give Back with Dr. Joe Mehranfar

We are so excited to have Dr. Joe Mehranfar here today. Dr. Joe shares how he taught, obtained two master’s degrees, and didn’t always have the best grades before beginning dental school. He also shares how a mentor helped him become the implant expert that he is today. He tells the story of how he had 80 offices and almost lost everything before building his practice back up. He also shares his experience when he first arrived from Iran, and how he eventually found his passion with...