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Learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more, and take more vacations! This is how generations collaborate to make an unstoppable dental team!

Learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more, and take more vacations! This is how generations collaborate to make an unstoppable dental team!
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Learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more, and take more vacations! This is how generations collaborate to make an unstoppable dental team!




Episode 65

Dr. Paresh Shah is here to talk about the importance of continuing education, treatment planning, and having a mentor. Dr. Shah was born in India, but has been in Winnipeg, Canada for 50 years where he has been a solo practitioner. He has recently added an associate to his practice. After being an associate, Dr. Shaw purchased a practice from a retiring dentist and built that practice up. He really became excited about dentistry when he found mentors and teachers and like minded people to...


064 Making Decisions for What Is Next With 3 D4 Students

This episode is live from Quito, Ecuador. Sully is joined by Morgan, Anna, and Cessa who are three UTHSC D4 students. We discuss what the future holds for these three D4 students and what their plans are. Getting through dental school can be hectic, but once the goal of graduating is over. It is time to begin a new career as a dentist. We talk about associateships, opening a new practice, taking over a practice, working for the government, and finding mentors. Faced with all of these...


063 The Life and Dentistry Crew: Recap on first year of being a Dentist

Big Joe, Cole, and John Wesley of the Life and Dentistry Podcast joined me live at the TDA! We had an awesome conversation on their first year out of school, residencies, buying a practice, and what CE they have taken. This episode is a must listen! If you haven’t checked out their podcast make sure to check it out. In this episode find out the #1 thing Cole learned from residency, how John Wesley found his practice in Cookville, Tn, and how Big Joe got us roped into being the official...


062 The Boys are Back in Town…Sully, PeyRay, and Jeff

Taking a week off from the typical interview style podcast for some local discussion between Dr. Sully, Dr. PeyRay, and Dr. Jeff Trembley. These are some of my favorite episodes we just talk about real life problems we are dealing with and what we are doing to confront them! In this episode, we talk about how Dr. PeyRay and Jeff have both signed up with consultants to help their practices. We are very interested to follow along with their experience and will be updating throughout the...


061 Why your Southwest, Delta, and Marriott Credit Cards Suck

We are live from Quito, Ecuador. We have been doing a bunch of dental work here. As many of you know, I am obsessed with credit cards and have been wanting to do a credit card episode for quite a while. Yesterday, we had an hour and a half bus ride with some students and the topic of credit cards came up. This was the perfect time to record this episode about credit cards. Some of the things we talk about include how and why to use credit cards and how to maximize the use of credit cards....


060 ADA President Dr. Joseph P. Crowley A Value Proposition for Young Dentists

I am still live at the Tennessee Dental Association in Nashville.Today I am speaking with Dr. Joseph P. Crowley who is the President of the ADA. We talk about how there are so many opportunities for young dentists and how the ADA is working to remain relevant and to share its value proposition with up and coming dentists. Other things the ADA is doing is increasing diversity, making joining the organization easier, and better explaining the value proposition. Dr. Joseph P. Crowley has...


059 Four Years out of School with Dr. Jake Bateman

Live from the Tennessee Dental Association with Dr. Jake Bateman. Jake was a buddy of mine in Dental School. He has a very successful practice that does a lot of dentistry the conventional way. No scanners, no milling, no printing, but super successful! I love our conversation because it really shuts out the noise we see on Facebook, dentaltown, and in podcasts that talk about how you have to have all this technology to be successful! Jake’s practice runs at about 38% overhead and he...


058 Getting clinical with Dr. Michael Scherer

Dr. Michael Scherer joins us again on the podcast a year after his Millennial Dentist podcast debut! If you haven’t checked out the first time he was on the show go listen to episode 12 first! This time we get super clinical. Out of the gate we talk about the ROI on 3D printing, where the technology is at today, and where it makes the most sense! How about immediate loading locator dentures? Turns out you only need 2 implants to immediately load a locator denture for it to work! How...


057 "Anybody can hack on the meat,” Dr. Gordon Christensen joins the Millennial Dentist Podcast

Growing up around dentistry, after 4 years of dental school, and 3 years in practice there are some names that you just associate as some of the great ones in our field. Kois, Pankey, Spear come to mind and this episode featured another one of those and it was an absolute privilege to have Dr. Gordon Christensen the show! In this episode, we talked about where he sees dentistry currently. The challenges for new dentists graduating and what he would suggest young dentists do after...


056 Kirk Behrendt with the “Best Practices Show” and the importance of systems in the dental office

Dentists are amazing, but we suck at a lot of things like managaing a team, running a business and building systems. We sat down and had a awesome conversation about consulting and the steps young dentists should be taking to put their practices in the top group of practices. Kirk also is the founder of ACT dental and has his own podcast the “Best Practices Show” We tried to extract all the knowledge we could from him. He gave us a couple rules for young dentists to live by and a couple...


055 Recap of Hinman, why you should go, and two scholarship winners!

This week’s episode is a trio of short recordings from the Hinman Dental Meeting. We had the privilege of recording with Dr. Kristina Dawson and Dr. Shiven Gandhi two of the co-chairs of marketing for the 2019 Hinman, a fun interview with Hinman Member Dr. Jeff Hodges and former General Chair and 2019 Program Chair Dr. Jeff Lee and finally getting to chat with two scholarship winners Alex Howell and Jackson Griffith! We had such an awesome time at Hinman and we hope to see everyone at...


054 Dr. Brian Harris and Dr. Jeff Trembley talk niche practices, importance of photography, and an update on Smile Virtual Consults

First time co-host Dr. Jeff Trembley dentist at Smile On Nashville joins me in welcoming back Dr. Brian Harris to the podcast! Brian joined us on the show on episode 19! In this episode we dig into what he has done the past year with the Smile Virtual Consult. A concept that allows him to treatment plan and present treatment digitally to patients where they can view over and over, have questions answered, all on his time. We also talk about how Jeff is opening his start up practice in...


053 Occlusion and Spear Education with Dr. Jim Mckee

As some of you may know I am in the middle of going through the workshops at Spear Education. I really wanted to bolster my foundation of dentistry and the principles that mold how I do things in dentistry. After looking around at some of the different institutes I settled on Spear. In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Jim Mckee a dentist who still practices outside of Chicago who also happens to be faculty at the Spear Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Justin Poff a...


052 The Silver Fox of sleep, Dr. Mark Murphy

Instructor at Pankey, Airway expert, and self-proclaimed famous Dr. Mark Murphy was a blast to interview! Dr. Murphy was so generous to jump away to interview with us in between a bunch of his lectures that he was speaking on at the Hinman Dental Meeting. If you are interested in treating dental sleep medicine or just need a good laugh then you need to take a listen to this! Dr. Murphy thinks that within a couple years oral appliance therapy will become the frontline of defense over...


051 Buying out a practice, integrating technology, and managing a team with Dr. Tyler Hamilton

Love this episode! If you want to hear just a great perspective on finding a job, getting a contract, buying out a practice, and making it all happen than this episode is for you. Dr. Tyler Hamilton graduated with me from Tennessee in 2015. This past January 2018 he bought his doctor out and is taking over the practice. We talked about all the ups and downs of making this happen. Now that he is owner the tide has shifted and new dilemmas arise that he has to learn to deal with such as...


050 The future of dentistry for laboratory technicians with Bill Marais

This week’s episode is one of my favorite recordings from our trip to the Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta a couple weeks ago. Bill Marais is a lab technician, although I would refer to him more as an artist. The stuff this guy does is just masterful and really is art. Bill has an awesome story of growing up in Capetown during the Apartheid before moving to LA in the mid 90s. After getting his degree as a dental laboratory technician in South Africa he had to take a couple steps...


049 The Pathway to Implants with Dr. Justin Moody and Dr. Mike Friemuth

We were finally able to grab these two implant stunners at VOD. They have the most incredible story and amazing continue education for Implants with Implant Pathway! We had a fun discussion on the importance of pushing each other and challenging each other. We have found that having mentors and other like-minded dentists who are pushing each other is so important to our growth! We also of course talk about what they are doing with Implant Pathway. I seriously think its one of the top...


048 Two associates who need to own and another awesome reason to travel for CE!

You have heard me say it probably a million times but nothing beats in person education. In this episode, live from Big Sky, MT at the Alabama Dental Association Ski and Learn I got to catch up with my long time buddy from dental school, Dr. Zac Berry and a new friend I met at the meeting Dr. Parrish King. Both doctors are currently practicing in Alabama as associates and we had a great discussion on why they need to own, how they have grown since dental school, and finally a great...


047 T-Bone's Basement

Today’s episode is a short and sweet episode of a recap of a mastermind experience I had recently in Raleigh with some good friends. It’s a fun discussion in one of T-Bone’s basement after some continuing education all day. I say it all the time, but some of the best CE isn’t the CE, but the CE after the CE! It’s a short conversation about the importance of systems, the verbiage we use with patients, and the importance of your team being co-owners in the practice! We got cut off by dinner...


046 Two GPR residents tell all and a Dr. Bryan Laskin talks about working with Millennials

This episode features two episodes from the Voices of Dentistry on highly discussed topics. First off we talk with Jeremy Taylor and Chris Stryker who are currently in the middle of the their GPR programs. If you have any interest in residency I would highly recommend tuning in! Second on the docket we have Dr. Bryan Laskin, Doc is unicorn in dentistry for sure. He has his hands in a number of pots including multiple practices and other business ventures like OperaVR a virtual reality...