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An emergency nursing education podcast. Interviews with some great nurses and doctors will cover a whole range of topics for the emergency nurse.

An emergency nursing education podcast. Interviews with some great nurses and doctors will cover a whole range of topics for the emergency nurse.
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An emergency nursing education podcast. Interviews with some great nurses and doctors will cover a whole range of topics for the emergency nurse.




ERNP 034 Screeching Halt

Super duper update on the show! Find out where I have been and where I am going!!


ERNP 033 The Shiznit for the ED Nursing Masses

So this is my two cents on why nursing best practice and education needs to hop on the FOAMed bandwagon and start producing some peer reviewed expert content. We all need to offer the best to our patients and the mediums within FOANed are the shiznit! Don't know what I'm talking about? Listen in! Know what I'm talking about? Listen in! If this show has provided value to you than please take the time to offer some value back and lets make the whole thing better - Click the support the...


ERNP032 Shock Trauma

Super duper episode on hemorrhagic shock with Jeff Solheim MSN, RN-BC, CEN, CFRN, FAEN. We discuss traditional resuscitation, fluid administration, blood products, whole blood resus and permissive hypotension. We finish off talking about the new trauma certification from the Board of Certified Emergency Nurses. Shownotes - Solheim Enterprises SUPPORT erNURSEpro



This is part 2 of a 2 part series with critical care nurse practitioner Andrew Bowman. In this second half we step outside the comfort zone of acls and look at hemodynamic directed dosing of epinephrine during resus, a new approach to PEA and dual defibrillation. There is plenty to chew on in this show and I hope you all are able to consider these topics and look into them further. Thanks for listening and please leave a review at itunes once you get a moment REVIEW Show notes at...


ERNP 030 Attack of the Resus Adjuncts

Andrew BowmanMSN, RN, ACNP-BC, ACNP-C joins me to talk resuscitation. Andrew has 33 years of emergency / EMS experience and has lots to contribute. This interview was so good I had to split it to prevent it from being too long. This first part we look in to the new guidelines and how they address the adjuncts involves in resuscitation. This means talking about compression and airway adjuncts. The second part looks in to a new approach to epi administration in codes, a new approach to PEA...


ERNP 029 Become a Delirium Rockstar in Your Department

So this show is going to look at the often unrecognized presentation of delirium and how to address it in the chaos of the ED.We delve in to recognizing delirium, finding the cause, treament and prevention. This show has it all.Since content is king, I have once again sought out an awesome resource in Christina Shenvi MD PhD. I first discovered Christina on the blog site Academic Life in Emergnecy Medicine where she writes a series on geritatrics in emergency medicine. Dr Shenvi did her...

ERNP 028 Seven Great Adaptable Process Improvements for Your ED

Deb Delaney MS RN BSN CEN joins me as the resident expert on process improvements in the ED. This show is full of awesome applicable information. We look into internal queues, flow facilitator, mid levels, ancillary services, no code rooms, huddles and communications. It is jam packed. Show notes at Please REVIEW the show!


ERNP 026 ED+NURSING+ECMO = ECPR in the Resus Bay

Interested in learning more about ECMO? How about its use in the ED? More specifically as an option in the resus room? This is the show for you! I have two guests join me - Whitney Elton RN, ECMO Nurse Coordinator at Connecticut Children's Hospital and Suzanne Chillcott RN, Mechanical Circulatory Support Lead at Sharp Memorial. Show notes are at Also listen to Suzanne on another podcast, EDECMO, about starting a nurse driven program.


ERNP 025 "You want to give how much morphine?!" Medication Errors in the ED

Meghan Groth PharmD BCPS @EMpharmgirljoins me on this episode to discuss some of the challenges we face in the emergency department regarding medication errors. We broach the difficulties of high pressure situations, high risk drugs, verbal orders, technology and more. This is an episode that is important to listen to in an effort to change the medication safety culture in our ED's. Shownotes -ernursepro Twitter -@ernursepro


ERNP 024 Improving Stroke Throughput Part 2

This is the second part of an interview with Scott Smith Acute Care NP. This interview revolves around stoke throughput from an emergency nurses perspective. We delve in to neuro assessments, tips for tpa administration, blood pressure management and more. For the show notes check Work hard and find your best practice.


ERNP 023 Improving Stroke Throughput - PART 1

Scott Smith NP-AC joins me on the show to discuss all things ischemic stroke from an ED nursing perspective. The show is actually going to be in two parts as there was so much goodness flowing out of this interview. Part 1 looks in to pre hospital, communcation, the "golden hour" and ways to get what needs to be done efficiently. Show notes are over


ERNP 022 Pain Free On An Alternative Pharmaceutical Spree

FANTASTIC show on alternative pain startegies for both acute and chronic pain in the emergency department. Dr Sergey Motov joins me to share eveidence based strategies that focus on alternative to opiod use. Tremendous value in thi show. Propofol for migraines coud be coming to a department near you! Check it out and listen to this great episode. Show notes Dr Motov's


ERNP 021 Gimme an 'O'! Gimme a 'R'! Gimme a 'T'! What's That Spell_ Happy K

Dr Sean Fox of Peds EM Morsels joins me on the show to talk pediatric rehydration. This is a great show filled with pearls on ORT vs IV, SQ rehydration and the big miss in punky looking kids! Show notes Sean's blogPedsEMMorsels


ERNP 020 Hysteria and Meningitis

In this episode I delve in to meningitis and clarify the difference between viral and bacterial. We explore signs and symptoms, diagnostics and treatment plans. I even talk about some tales of meningitis.I also discuss another new nursing podcast worth checking out called Injectable Orangefrom Jesse Spur. The show notes can be found as always


ERNP 019 The Captivating Adjunct

Joining me on the show is DNP Lisa Gillmore. We met in Indy at the ENA conference and I could tell from her talk that she was as big a supporter of capnography as I am so I enticed her on to the show with fame and glory! Kidding aside Lisa has spent load of time pre hospital, transport and in ED's making her knowledge base "wicked awesome" (that is a local phrase)! Check out the show notes


ERNP 018 Positively The Right Medicine

Super show with two awesome nurse from UNC, Paige Roberts RN and Kaitlyn Strauss RN. We delve in to their research project on positivity in their progrssive caere unit and how this can apply to your ED. It will not only improve morale in your shop but also has the potential to improve patient outcomes! Show notes - erNURSEpro


ERNP 017 Hypothermia - Not TTM!

Great show on the management of accidental hypothermia. Dr Bill Hampton joins me to discuss the various stages of accidental hypothermia and the best practice for managing these stages. Show notes at


ERNP 016 Pulling the Adenosine Trigger and More

On this episode I glean a couple of succulent posts from the social media world of emergency medicineand hand them to you, awesome emergency nurses! I look at Academic Life in Emergency Medicinewhich is a super blog site for emergency nurses to keep on their social media radar. I also share some love for Free Open Access Nursing education as well! Show notes and more aterNURSEpro


ERNP 015 Krazy K+ in the ED

Current take on management of acute hyperkalemia in the emergency department. Look at the drugs needed to protect the heart, drive the K+ in to the cells and then excrete it with PEARLS on all of the above plus the ecg's value in hyperkalemia. Show notes twitter@ernursepro


ERNP 014 The Timeless Ticker

Kiersten Henry, MS, ACNPBC, CCNC, CCRNCMC Cardiac and VascularNurse Practitioner joins me on the show to discuss her wisdom with dealing with this growing population and our approach to cardiovascular emergencies. Lots of take aways and check out the show notes for resources.erNURSEpro