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Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness One Story at a Time Intimate, weekly conversations about depression AND resilience and hope. Hearing from "fellow travelers" on depression's dark road can be as comforting as it is informative. We are not alone.

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness One Story at a Time Intimate, weekly conversations about depression AND resilience and hope. Hearing from "fellow travelers" on depression's dark road can be as comforting as it is informative. We are not alone.
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Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness One Story at a Time Intimate, weekly conversations about depression AND resilience and hope. Hearing from "fellow travelers" on depression's dark road can be as comforting as it is informative. We are not alone.






95 - Anxiety and Depression (Jordan)

Nearly half of the people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with anxiety disorder. This week's guest Jordan, talks about his anxiety and his struggle to be properly diagnosed. He also shares about his post-surgical depression, which is more common than many realize. It's an episode filled with great perspective, advice, and even some laughs.


94 - Bonus - Toolkit Tapping (Brad Yates)

Today we launch a new *bonus* feature, looking into some self-care techniques that might be good additions to your self-care tool kits. Guest Brad Yates describes Tapping, or EFT as "a remarkable healing modality based on the same principles that have been used for thousands of years in acupuncture—but without the needles." Again, we're not health-care professionals. We're sharing some things podcast listener's have told us, or that we've encountered on our own, as possible aids for our...


93- There is No Normal (Tara)

Tara, who says she's never hidden her depression, but has never been able to clearly explain the "otherness" of living with the illness, sits down with Giving Voice to Depression to share about shower-crying, infomercials and the need for connection and non-judgement while "in it." Please listen and share.


92- When Depression Can No Longer Be Hidden

In last week's episode, "When Art Imitates Depressed Life," artist Jeff Beier talked about a series of paintings he created to make an invisible illness visible in a graphic and powerful way. ( In his second episode he shares the story behind the paintings, and some of the less-healthy/creative ways he dealt with his mental-health challenges in the past, and the better methods he now knows and uses....


91- When Art Imitates Depressed Life

When an artist's paintings changed from flowers, trees and butterflies to powerful visceral displays of depression's darkness and pain... Jeff Beier made the decision that series, named "Incidamus," the Latin word for depression, had to be shown and felt and discussed. The public display of his private pain is creating "visceral honesty between strangers." If you've ever wondered if being honest about your depression could help you and/or another person, Jeff will remove any doubt. See the...


90 : Gut-Mind Health Connection (Dr. Zach Bush)

A triple-board-certified medical doctor discusses the "catastrophic increase" in depression and other mood disorders, and connects that to leaky gut syndrome. Dr. Zach Bush talks with podcast co-host Bridget about how understanding the role of environmental factors in our depression empowers us to change our environment to change our depression.


Generational Healing: A Father and Son Step Out of the Shadows

A son learns of his father's depression and suicidal thoughts only after he is hospitalized for them. Since then, the two have realized the dangers of hiding an illness, and the many benefits of sharing our experiences. This is a beautiful story of two men who prove that stigma can be dangerous, and truth can heal for generations to come.


6 Behaviors to Avoid When Coping with Mental Illness

Living with depression or other mental-health challenges can be really difficult. There is so much we can't control. But there are also things we can; helpful, positive actions we can take that promote recovery, AND thoughts and behaviors that make things worse (or impede recovery progress.) Guest Katherine Ponte realized six things she'd done that "got in her own way." She chose to share vs. hide them, so others could learn from her mistakes....


A Grieving Mother's Message to Depressed Teens

The mother of a teenager who recently died by suicide reaches out to other struggling teens to say emotions are hard and it's okay to need help managing them. The more honest you are about what you're going through, the more effective your treatment, therapy or other help can be. And if it's a friend who is struggling, tell someone. Depression lies. But it's our responsibility to tell the truth about what's going on. It could literally save a life.


86: A Tragic Truth (Patty and Jack)

The world loves guarantees. We want to be assured that if A, then B. It comforts us and soothes our souls to believe in truths we can rely upon. But suicide prevention doesn't work like that. Knowing the signs and risk factors is a huge step. Being with someone and listening non-judgmentally can work wonders. But medications, therapy, doctors, hospitalizations and a loving family, cannot always protect against depression's despair. It's a Tragic Truth that just weeks after the death of her...


Depression 101 Rebroadcast

A clinical psychologist outlines the signs of depression, what we should do if we recognize them, AND how we can help and support other people who are struggling, including advice and the language to use to do so.


Depression And The Elderly (Rebroadcast)

Lonely. Isolated. Feeling like a burden. Those are familiar symptoms of depression. Add in being elderly, watching your body fail, living in elder care and believing mental health is not a topic of polite conversation, and you have a recipe for dark days. Please listen to 93-year-old Mary's story, and her plea that we check in (briefly but regularly) with the elders in our life so they know they still matter.


Ignored Childhood Depression Affects Adulthood (Re-broadcast)

Ignoring the signs of depression in a child has life-long effects. A 70-year-old woman who tried as a child to get attention and support for her pain issues a plea to all adults to tune in and step in if a child in your life is struggling with mental health challenges.


Season Seven in Review

Depression is too dark a path to walk alone. Each week, caring men and women who have been there share their personal stories, coping/management strategies and most importantly, messages of hope and recovery on this podcast. If you're not sure you're interested in "a podcast on depression" sample nine episodes in 21 minutes and find out. (There are six other season summaries too.) Each episode explores a different perspective of and experience with depression. Thank you so much for honoring...


Talk To Your Children About Mental Health

As parents, we have a responsibility to prepare our children for life. And there's a strong possibility that future will include mental-health struggles. Speaking openly about mental illness reduces fear, misinformation and stigma. In today's episode, TJ talks about a recent conversation he had with his 9-year-old son. Now is the perfect time to start.


Messages To My Younger Suicidal Self (Charlotte Underwood)

A 23-year-old woman stops during a magical moment to tweet to her 14-year-old suicidal self that the fight IS worth it, that things can and will change, that you will not always feel the way you do right now, that hope wins and you are NOT alone. It's a New Year's message of hope and recovery that we hope you'll listen to, internalize and share. May 2019 bring you peace and mental health.


To Those Who Struggle This Christmas

This is a special Christmas edition of our podcast, written and produced especially for YOU, who are struggling right now. It's only 6-minutes long, and we believe it will resonate with and comfort you like it does us. You are not alone. You do matter. People DO care. It WILL pass. Come hang out on our Facebook page today if you need support. John's article, if you'd like to read vs. hear it is linked here:


The Best Gifts Ever

A man who has never before spoken publicly about his struggle with depression, reached out to tell his story and to thank all those who have shared before him, opening the door for him to creep through. Dan says he now realizes that speaking about his depression instead of treating it like a shameful secret, takes some of the power away from the illness.


Getting Real About The Holidays (Steve Austin)

Being "Merry," "Happy" or "Joyous" can be a tall order for anyone, regardless of the date on the calendar. If you are depressed, alone, grieving or any number of other things, it can be nearly impossible. Today's guest, a self-care consultant, talks about boundaries, realistic expectations and meaningful traditions vs. those aggressively marketed to us. He also shares one of the sweetest favorite-Christmas stories ever! Create a holiday that works for you and does not threaten your mental...


Know Yourself & Your Podcast Hosts

The tables turn on the Giving Voice to Depression podcast hosts. UK podcaster Dan Udale asks about how and why we started, what our experiences of depression are, what the bully tells us and more. And during it all, we laugh. Because even people with depression have humor. Though it's damn near impossible to access when we're "in it." Full interview available here:...