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Episode 5: Natural Approaches to Take Your Life Back From Depression

A follow-up session from Episode 3, Tamara continues her review of Dr Kelly Brogan's book: A Mind of Your Own. This episode outlines recommendations Dr Brogan offers which have been shown to lead her clients to increased well-being by helping them reclaim control of mental and physical health. To get the book, please see the Resources Page of this site - Episode 5, or click below. For information about damage caused by Cipro: 2014 Study connecting Artificial...


Episode 4: Are You Triggered By The Media?

Over the last several years, an increasing number of events covered by the media have led to social activism. While taking action to right percieved wrongs may be seen to some as the most responsible or appropriate response, there is a group of people who experience the increase in activism and the "outing" of wrong-doers as a new wounding where old wounds haven't quiet healed. If you are a person who feels triggered by the media, feels a sense of lack of control or helplessness or feels...


Episode 3: What You Don't Know About Depression

Today Tamara introduces the 30 Day Challenge concept and shares progress on her own 30 Day Supplementation Challenge. Next, Tamara shares how she came across Dr. Kelly Brogan's book: A Mind Of Your Own. In her review of this book, Tamara shares disturbing research information that points to the reality that we've been thinking about Depression all wrong. We've given over the control and care of our bodies to a corrupt system and it's time to take our bodies and our health back. Starting...


Episode 2: The Numb Epidemic

Seems like everywhere you look, you see ads on television, on billboards and on the internet offering you "happiness" - packaged up an a myriad of different ways. Whether it's an invitation to open a Coke for the refreshment that makes you happy, an enticement to slather something on your skin that will cause you to radiate beauty and happiness, or a deceitful commercial promising happiness in a pill, the message is ubiquitous. While happiness is being offered, even promised, who knows...


Episode 1: Welcome to My Podcast! Introduction and Goals

For as long as Tamara has been doing therapy with people who have struggled with long-term stress and multiple traumas, she's believed that difficulties such as these lead to long-term immune system dysfunction. In today's episode, Tamara shares how she started to discover that there may, in fact, be answers leading to the conclusion that: YES! In fact, You CAN heal completely. The physical effects of long-term trauma and stress are related to something for which there may be a...