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Stigma - It’s what we’re all here to squash

For a taste of the very core in what this podcast is all about look no further than this very special episode all about stigma. Press play for a great discussion as we dismantle some of the ridiculous steriotypes that surround mental illness with writer Lucy Nichol.


Postnatal Depression - All I felt was an impending sense of doom

We we’re so inspired to learning about how this week’s guest overcame postnatal depression and went on to launch a mental health themed card range with Funky Pigeon that launched in Mental Health Awareness Week this year. Amy Steel’s story is incredibly honest and insightful so press play to delve right in.


Fibromyalgia - You can’t see it. But I sure can feel it

This week’s guest is one of the Mental Family. Podcast assistant Annie Harris joins us to share her experiences of Fibromyalgia and how this has affected her mental health. She’s a shining example of learning to deal with health issues whether mental or physical whilst being a productivity superstar.


Social Anxiety - You don’t go to the party, but you want to

We’re joinined this week by the illustrious podcaster, writer and clinical psychologist Dr Ellen Hendriksen to hear her expertise on social anxiety. Press play for heaps of personal insight and professional tips from Ellen.


Bipolar -

This week we’re stepping into the common experience of hiding mental illness and the shame so many feel around it with two very personal stories. This week you’re getting twice the guests for maximum insight as we work to break down stigma so we can all feel a bit more comfortable speaking up for how we really feel.


Shame - You learn to smile and hide how you really feel

This week we’re stepping into the common experience of hiding mental illness and the shame so many feel around it with two very personal stories. This week you’re getting twice the guests for maximum insight as we work to break down stigma so we can all feel a bit more comfortable speaking up for how we really feel.


Anxiety - The thoughts are irrational but they feel very real

This week we’re covering one of the most common mental health conditions but sadly that doesn’t save it from misunderstanding or stigma. In this episode which Bobby found one of the most moving yet our guest Sam Hearne delves into how best to support those with anxiety and how she turned that very thing that was holding her back into her life’s work.


Self Esteem - Loving yourself isn't vanity. It's Sanity.

This week Bobby sits down with the delightful Grace Barrett. With a healthy does of humour she shares the journey of building up her self worth and how that lead to her current work. Grace runs the Self Esteem Team with her friend and general 'everything' Nadia as they tour around schools teaching young people about mental health, body confidence and of course self esteem.


ADHD - I was told it’s just the hormones

Here we go! Mental is the brain-child of Bobby Temps, who lives and thrives while managing his own mental health. Every Thursday we delve into a factor or condition that influences the mind and how to better manage it.


Self Care - It’s not selfish, it’s vital

This episode Bobby catches up with Shanley Lewis on all thing self care as one of the biggest factors in mental health. She created a business around self care subscription boxes. It’s like Graze boxes for the mind, now doesn’t that sound delightful. After all looking after yourself is a gift to everyone in your life, not just you.


Body Confidence - It's about how you think not how you look

Having been a guest The Body Confidence Podcast with the wonderful Rebekah Buege she's now part of our show all the way from Minnesota USA. Get comfy and lay into whatever you damn well feel like eating. Then press play to join us a we deconstruct our journeys to body confidence including how to keep away the social pressures we can all feel.


Music - It really became the catalyst for my recovery

The rapper Fisky drops by to catch with Bobby up on all things music as a factor in mental health recovery. He runs events that discuss mental health through spoken word and music to provide the young people the safe space he never had growing up. We also delve into addiction and grief in what makes for a fascinating conversation and one you won't soon forget.


Anorexia - There's nothing glamorous about it

In this episode Bobby talks to his guest about anorexia and puts into words for the first time on the show how body image influences his mental health. Join us as we try to unpack the complex world of eating disorders and take down some of the unhealthy pressures society places on how we look.


OCD - I felt like I'd been given a broken brain

Having spent the last week listening exclusively to Lily's audiobook Bobby tried to suppress his inner fan-girl and not make it weird how much he now knows about her life. Luckily the result is a fascinating insight into the life of someone who has been dealing with OCD for as long as she can remember as we try to tare down some of the stereotypes that tend to reduce OCD down to just being tidy.


Government Policy - It's more complicated than it seems

Lee Dargue from the Liberal Democrats drops by to talk about how government policy and perception is changing around mental health. He also shares his experience of bulling and how that shaped his body image growing up. Oh and for those who like something a bit more controversial we touch on the implications of drug legalisation.


Accessing Support - It's their job, they won't freak out

This weeks guest Emma Carrington joins us after a busy day working at charity Rethink Mental Illness to talk about issues around accessing support for mental health. There really is wall to wall insight in this episode and people like Emma and the charity she's part of give us such hope for the future of mental health support.


Sexuality/Gender - Just pick one already

This week we delve into mental health in the LGBT community and try to unpack why they are more likely to be affected by it. We get into our own relationship with gender and sexuality including some of the ways that even in 2018 people can be all to frequently marginalised.


Autism - But you don't look autistic

This week explores how Autism Spectrum Disorder influences mental health with special guest Clara Asmussen who travelled all the way from... well she's Bobby's flatmate, so just down the hall. For insight into living with dual mental health and Autism diagnoses just press play.


Addiction - It does happen to people you know

First Interview ! This week we interview the oh so talented rapper Charles Edison about his experience overcoming addiction, spending time in rehab and dip into some of how gender can influence mental health. There is loads of support out there, so do seek support if you or someone close are struggling with addiction.