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Love and Time with Dr. Julia Mossbridge

Join Kristin and Dr. Julia Mossbridge as they discuss what truly is important in life: Love and Time. What's important about those two things is truly our perception of both. In addition to being the founder and research director of Mossbridge Institute, LLC, Dr. Mossbridge is a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University, a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Science Director at Focus@Will Labs, and an Associated Professor in Integral and...


Roundtable with Dr. Paul Meier and Dr. Mark Goulston: Mentorship

Another roundtable discussion with Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin Sunanta Walker. Joining us for this show is Dr. Mark Goulston to talk about the importance of mentorship: Being one and having one.


Friendships: Disconnection and Reconnection

Photographer, runner, speaker and mental health advocate, Alan Scherer joins Kristin to talk about the winding paths that friendships can take.


Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: The Boston Globe's Spotlight

Phil Saviano is a victim of child sexual abuse by a Massachusetts Catholic priest in the 1960s. In 1992, at the age of 40, he went public about his abuse, generating national headlines. Through the pursuit of a civil suit, he gained evidence that least 7 bishops in four states had known that his abuser, Fr. David Holley, was a child molester. After settling his lawsuit with no confidentiality restrictions, he established the New England Chapter of SNAP, the national support network. Through...


The Brain Revolution with Dr. Evian Gordon

Join Dr. Evian Gordon and Kristin Walker to discuss how revolutionizing the brain impacts your mental health! Dr. Gordon is the Founder and Chairman of Brain Resource Company and TotalBrain (2000). Founder of the largest standardized International Brain Database. Scientific Chairman and Founding Director, The Brain Dynamics Centre, Westmead Hospital. Director of He is the Principal Investigator of the first study (iSPOT) to predict treatment response in Depression. Over 250...


Roundtable with Dr. Paul Meier: The First Six Years of Life on Personality Development

About fifty percent of our basic adult personality is formed by age 3 and 85% by age 6 according to psychiatry research, but we can change this through MENTAL HEALTH NEWS RADIO ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS WITH DR. PAUL MEIER podcasts, therapy, God in our lives and healthy intimate friendships. Did the baby get enough physical touch? Babies can die of marasmus when not touched. Some Borderline Personality Traits, in studies, have shown that this disorder can develop because of inconsistent...


The Feeling Life: Answering Your Questions

David answers questions from listeners below: "I was listening to a Christian based podcast and I started thinking about different cultures and all the different theories people have about life, religion, morals and the best way to live your life. You (Kristin) came to my mind and David because I thought of this after I listened to his show because you both know so many different types of people. Out of all those different types of people, who is the happiest? Who does the most for others?...


Roundtable with Dr. Paul Meier: Healthy Friendships

Join Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin Walker as they talk about cultivating healthy friendships. You never know how and who you'll connect with over the course of your lifetime. Some of those relationships come and go. If you struggle with mental health challenges maintaining healthy friendships is even harder. Join us for an inspiring discussion about our own foibles and issues as we work to keep our friendships on the healthy side! Dr. Paul Meier is the founder of Meier Clinics, a best selling...


How Suffering Transforms Us with Rabbi Steve Leder

Rabbi Steve Leder joins us to talk about grief, suffering, and transformation. He shares with us why he wrote the best-selling book More Beautiful than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us and shared that it included an apology for all the people he had counseled in the past. He had an awakening after a life threatening car accident that left him in chronic pain, with depression, and an Opioid addiction. Through that experience he learned that much of what he'd endeavored to help people with...


The Healing Room: Keeping One Foot in Faith

Faith means different things to different people. When you have suffered tremendous loss whatever your definition of faith is can be shaken. Often you feel as though it has been shattered. Join Kristin with Martha Juchnowski continuing the discussion about her grieving process from the passing of her son. In this episode Martha talks about finding your faith and discovering a new definition.


Positive Media: Are We Ready?

Join Kristin Walker and Karl Stedman as they discuss how positive media can help all of us improve our mental well being. PSTV started because of a text. A text from Karl Stedman’s mom. What was the text? Simply a positive quote but it provided a moment of clarity. How little positive news are we exposed to during our days? More importantly, How much negative media are we exposed to? Those two questions led to the creation of PSTV. When we began researching, it was worse than we thought....


Roundtable with Dr. Paul Meier: What Dreams Are Made Of

Join Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin Walker for a discussion about dreams. What do they mean? Who are you in your dreams? How much do we dream? What do our dreams tell us about our Mental Health? Dr. Paul Meier is a practicing psychiatrist, best selling author, speaker, and the founder of Meier Clinics - a multi-state non profit counseling organization for mental health.


Mental Health Business: The Smartphone Impact

Join hosts David Ballenberger, MSW and Kristin Walker with their guest, Dr. John Huber, talking about the impact Smartphones have made on our mental health. Dave Ballenberger is the CEO of NextStep Solutions, a behavioral health electronic healthcare records software platform. Dr. John Huber is a forensic psychologist and the founder of a non-profit Mainstream Mental Health.


Mental Health Business: Horses and Mental Health

Join avid horseman and our cohost of Mental Health Business, David Ballenberger, with Kristin Walker as they discuss the role of horses in a mental health counseling practice. David Ballenberger is the CEO of an electronic healthcare records company for behavioral health, NextStep Solutions. He is also a masters level social worker that has been working in the mental health profession for over 30 years.


A Root Cause of False Accusations with Veronica Conway

Join Veronica Conway and Kristin Walker on what was supposed to be a show about racism and the danger of making false accusations. The pendulum swing we are all experiencing in this post #metoo movement era is at times awe inspiring. False accusations around racism, sexism: abuse of any kind don't help the very causes we've all been fighting to be taken seriously. The topic started as one specifically about what happens and how damaging it is for everyone when a false accusation is made but...


You've Got a Friend with Dr. Mark Goulston

Two friends discussing friendship! Dr. Mark Goulston and Kristin Walker take us on a journey about what friendship is, can be, and how vital vulnerable and authentic connection is for our psyches. Originally a UCLA professor of psychiatry for over 25 years, and a former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, Dr. Mark Goulston's expertise has been forged and proven in the crucible of real-life, high stakes situations. An influencer who helps influencers become more influential, his...


Women Who Lead: Abby Wambach and The Power of the Wolfpack

Much of what's been propagated by society about Wolves has to do with being alone. The "lone wolf" who is thrown to the pack and comes back leading it. Not so. The wolf is a pack animal and each position in the pack strengthens the survivability and thrivability of the pack as whole. The leadership is shared by each member of the pack. Women in leadership positions take note that rising as a pack in family systems, work systems, friendships - all strengthen the wolf packs in their lives....


American Cipher with Michael Ames

Michael Ames is an investigative reporter and features writer for Newsweek and Harper’s Magazine. His work for Newsweek revealed the mishandling of military intelligence in the days following Bergdahl's 2009 disappearance and the ensuing coverup by the Pentagon. His work has also appeared in The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, and The Believer. He worked for nine years in Idaho as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor, and now lives in Brooklyn. He is the coauthor of American Cipher, Bowe...


Digital Media Addiction: Sex Trafficking Made Easy

Join Dr. Lisa Day, Kristin Sunanta Walker and John W. Whitehead for a show about how digital media use has helped make sex trafficking a billion dollar industry. John Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law, human rights and popular culture. Widely recognized as one of the nation’s most vocal and involved civil liberties attorneys, Whitehead’s approach to civil liberties issues has earned him numerous accolades and...


The Healing Room: 5 Years Ahead

How often do you look at things in your life from the perspective of you five years from now? Join Kristin with Martha Juchnowski continuing the discussion about her grieving process from the passing of her son. In this episode Martha talks about we can pull ourselves to a new place in our grieving if we look at our lives from a different perspective.