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#20 Kim Brown's Story: Wolf Medicine and Connecting with Nature

This is another conversation I recorded on my visit to the Isle of Wight last month. It was lovely to meet Kim Brown and spend a bit of time with her. Kim has done loads of amazing work in the sphere of mental health over the years, a lot of which involves taking people out into nature to reconnect with themselves and the environment. She set up a centre for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) on the island, and runs an organisation called Nature Therapy, as well as running a programme...


#19 Bethan Christopher's Story: Grow Your Own Gorgeousness

In this episode I travelled down to the Isle of Wight in my van to chat with Bethan Christopher. Bethan is a really lovely person and it was great to spend a few days wih her exploring the island. A few years ago she wrote a book called ‘Grow Your Own Gorgeousness’, with the mission of tackling body image issues and empowering girls to be and to love themselves. Bethan has since developed this into the ‘Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Programme’ which she delivers directly to schools. She is...


Stephan 'The Neanderthal Bard's' Story: Borderline Personality Disorder and the Spoken Word

In this episode spoken word artist Stephan Gambrell, a.k.a The Neanderthal Bard, shares his experiences of his diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, over stretched and under funded mental health services and the power of the spoken word, interspersed with some of his amazing poems. This is a good one! Check out The Neanderthal Bard on Twitter to find out more about his story and where you can see him perform If you could take a moment to rate and review this podcast on iTunes...