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#26 Kitchen Table Chat: On Anxiety with Steph, Charlie, Dave and Marcus

“Anxiety is trying to tell you something I think. I think that's why it's so different for everyone. It's not this one size fits all ‘this is an illness’. It's about what's behind it.” Earlier in the year I was sitting at my friend Steph’s house in Bristol, having a cup of tea and a chat with here around the kitchen table. The conversation naturally flowed into talking about anxiety, something that is a part of both of our lives. I realised then that this was the kind of conversation I...


#25 On Anxiety and Wild Swimming with Joe Minihane

I’m always interested in hearing ways that people have found to help them explore their experiences with things like anxiety and depression, so I was really excited when I was introduced to Joe Minihane. Joe is the author of the book, Floating: A Life Regained, which documents his journey wild swimming around the UK and the effect that had on his anxiety and his ability to navigate his feelings. Having done a bit of wild swimming myself over the last few months, it was good to be able to...


#24 Mark's Story: A Powerful Story of Addiction, Recovery and Transformation

A few months ago I was on the Isle of Wight and I was fortunate enough to meet Mark Langford. Mark has a powerful story about his struggles with addiction and his mental wellbeing. A word of warning, Mark is very open and honest, and his story contains some difficult parts regarding drug taking and suicide ideation/ attempts, so please bare this in mind if this is something that could be a trigger to you. I’m so grateful to Mark for sharing his story, and I hope he can inspire you as much...


#23 Transforming the Way We Live and Learn with Nadežda & Justus

How could exploring alternative ways of living and learning help us to transform society into something that could help more people thrive? In the last episode of this podcast Charles Eisenstein said “Mental illness is built into society as we know it, and therefore to heal mental illness or to foster mental health is fundamentally a social, political, economic problem. It’s not just how do we treat people better”. On my explorations into ‘mental health’ I often find myself back exploring...


#22 Charles Eisenstein Discussing Mental Health and Society

In this podcast I chat to Charles Eisenstein about mental health, wholeness and the deeper social, political and economic problems that lay behind the high levels of depression and anxiety in our culture today If you could take a moment to rate and review this podcast on iTunes that would help these stories reach more people, and I’d appreciate that so much! If you feel that you would like to contribute to a future episode please get in contact - - and check...


#21 Reclaiming Cornwall From Depression (an audio adventure)

This episode is a bit of an experiment - earlier in the year I filmed a mini 'documentary' about a journey I made to reclaim Cornwall, UK from the dark and stormy memories of depression that I had associated with it on a former trip while depressed a year or so earlier. I decided it worked quite well as an audio story as well, so this is what I've uploaded here. I hope it works for you in this format, but you can also follow the link below to watch the original! Here is the link to the...


#20 Kim Brown's Story: Wolf Medicine and Connecting with Nature

This is another conversation I recorded on my visit to the Isle of Wight last month. It was lovely to meet Kim Brown and spend a bit of time with her. Kim has done loads of amazing work in the sphere of mental health over the years, a lot of which involves taking people out into nature to reconnect with themselves and the environment. She set up a centre for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) on the island, and runs an organisation called Nature Therapy, as well as running a programme called...


#19 Bethan Christopher's Story: Grow Your Own Gorgeousness

In this episode I travelled down to the Isle of Wight in my van to chat with Bethan Christopher. Bethan is a really lovely person and it was great to spend a few days wih her exploring the island. A few years ago she wrote a book called ‘Grow Your Own Gorgeousness’, with the mission of tackling body image issues and empowering girls to be and to love themselves. Bethan has since developed this into the ‘Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Programme’ which she delivers directly to schools. She is also...


#18 The Neanderthal Bard's Story: Borderline Personality Disorder and the Spoken Word

In this episode spoken word artist Stefan Gambrell, a.k.a The Neanderthal Bard, shares his experiences of his diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, over stretched and under funded mental health services and the power of the spoken word, interspersed with some of his amazing poems. This is a good one! Check out The Neanderthal Bard on Twitter to find out more about his story and where you can see him perform If you could take a moment to rate and review this podcast on iTunes that...


#17 Esther's Story: Addiction, Recovery and Yoga

This week Esther shares her story of alcohol addiction, recovery and how yoga helped her stop looking externally for answers and to start looking inside to find more peace. I think Esther’s story seemed quite familiar. It felt quite close to home for me, and I think it will do for many people. A lot of people find life very hard and start looking externally to change that. That can all too easily come in the form of alcohol, drugs and other substances, as they are a way of escaping, a way...


#16 Scott's Story: Depression and the Journey of Self Discovery

Today it’s Scott who will be sharing his story. It’s a story about depression and the journey of self discovery that has opened up for him. I met Scott a couple of years ago when we were both living in Brighton. I guess the first time we sat together and had a conversation about mental health I was surprised to hear that Scott had struggled with depression for a number of years. He is the sort of person that you notice when he walks into the room. He is tall, he has a playful and inquisitive...


#15 Sian's Story: Alcohol Addiction and beyond

In this episode I hand the mic over to Sian to tell her story of moving from being a functioning alcoholic with a young child to being sober, and the journey of discovery and understanding things about herself this has led her on. Alcohol can often be problematic, especially when it is being used to mask other difficult experiences that are going on underneath. Thanks so much to Sian for sharing her story. I know that it can be really difficult to share these experiences (that’s one of the...


#14 Monique's Story: Growing Up with a Bipolar Parent

For this episode, Monique shares her experience of growing up in Canada with her mum, who has Bipolar II, and the highs and lows that came with that for her and her family. How we relate to the world and experience our own mental health can be challenging. It can be a difficult thing to navigate and find the support you need. Something that can be easy to overlook is the stories of the friends and loved ones who are out there trying their best to offer the support that is needed, often in...


#13 Mental Health Stories: Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DiD)

Hello and welcome to another episode in the Mental Health Stories section of the podcast. This week I was watching a video on Youtube by a guy called Michael Stone and one of the lines that really stuck with me was when he said “I think the most radical thing you can do in a culture is to tell the stories that are not being told". And that’s what I see this space as, a space to tell the stories that are not necessarily being told. Stories that break away from the mainstream narrative, but...


#12 Simon's Story: Acute Anxiety Following a Car Crash

Hi there. I’ve decided to start a series of Metal Health stories to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. My podcasts are usually in a more conversational style, but I wanted this space to be slightly different. They are spaces where people have the chance to tell their story and for us to listen. These stories will come from from different perspectives - some will be about a particular diagnosis, some will be about a specific event, some more general, some about a direct...


#11 Depression, Confronting our Fear of Death and Grieving for our Planet with Simon Medhurst

Hello! Welcome to the Ministry of Change podcast. The conversation I’m going to play you today I recorded on a not so warm day at the end of March this year when I went down to Thanet to meet Simon Medhurst at his home in Ramsgate. Simon got in contact with me after Lily and Pete, from We The Uncivilized shared my project of their social media channels. Simon had seen their wonderful documentary, where they travel the UK in their van looking for positive stories about the future of our...


#10 Qigong and Connecting with Your Self with Max St.John

Max has been practicing Qigong for a number of years. I didn’t really know much about it before my visit. I knew it had its roots in Daoism, and it was about connecting with the natural flow of nature, through movement - but apart from that I was pretty clueless. I spent 4 days in Bude staying with Max and his lovely family. Over those few days we spent a couple of hours a day practicing Qigong, and the rest of the time walking, talking, eating and building lego with Max’s two boys. I’ve...


#9 Finding Strength in Grief with Toby Moore

In this episode, Toby Moore shares with me a very personal story of his dad’s death and the effects of it. I’ve known Toby for a while now. He is a very charismatic member of the Brighton community, organising Tedx Brighton, and one of the founders of the content creation company Yappa. I think it is very easy to see people as a product of their achievements, and ignore the very human things that go on behind the scenes. I find Toby to be one of the most honest, altruistic people I know and...


#8 Finding Your Own Rhythm in Life with Henrietta Jadin

I recorded this conversation with Henrietta Jadin, on the final day of a Slo-Working retreat in Portugal. I’ve known Hen for about a year or so through a community we are both part of called the Happy Startup School (you can check out podcast episode #6 to hear my chat with Laurence from the HSS). Hen was the mastermind behind this sloworking retreat, and her and her partner Rik (episode 7) worked together to pull it off. In my chat with Hen we talked about the concept of slowing down and...


#7 How To Go Slow And Avoid Burnout with Rik Turner

At the end of the month I had to opportunity to go to Portugal for a retreat organised by two friends Henrietta Jadin and Rik Turner, which was very appropriately a Slow working retreat, focused on just that - slowing down and reassessing our priorities. Wow - what a week - it was just what I needed. On this podcast I chatted with Rik, at his flat in Lisbon, the day after we got back from the retreat. This was our second attempt, as we tried to record an alfresco podcast in the Portuguese...