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31: A House Built with Half the Wood& Tin Nails (with Lisa Anita Wegner)

Lisa Anita Wegner is a Toronto-based storyteller, performer, actor, artist, performance artist, podcaster and filmmaker. After a breakdown at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, Lisa received a diagnosis of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). After many years of needing a lot of experiencing exhaustion and brain fog - and just thinking she was "tired and extremely bendy," Lisa was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Lisa chats with Shaunna about creating through her mental and...


30: Starts With Me (with Mike Stroh)

Growing up in Toronto as a teenager, Mike Stroh became not just a drug user, but also a drug dealer. On top of that, he lives with anxiety, depression, OCD and ADHD and helps act as a caregiver for his brother who lives with schizophrenia. Now Mike uses his vast experiences to help facilitate mental health programs and workshops for youth and beyond through his organization, Starts With Me. He also produces the podcast, State of Mind, as well as the State of Mind Festival. Shaunna and Mike...


Mini-sode 3: Lover, Lover

We're back! On today's new mini-sode of Pop& Down, our host, Shaunna Quin reviews the hottest album you're streaming right now, Taylor Swift's "Lover." Find out which songs she loves, which songs she loathes and why Taylor endures! Pop& Down's music is provided by Neil Quin Pop& Down is written, produced, edited and hosted by Shaunna Quin Support Pop& Down on Patreon at www.patreon.com/popanddown and give us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts!


29: The Depression Festival (with Rebecca Higgins)

Depression can be a funny thing, so it's no wonder so many comic greats and legends have struggled with depression and other forms of mental illness, as well as addiction. Freelance Mental Health Educator and Author, Rebecca Higgins, joins Shaunna in conversation to talk about some of her faves. Comic strips like Hyperbole and a Half, comedians such as Maria Bamford, Neil Brennan and Aparna Nancherla and the joy of TV shows like Shrill and Lady Dynamite and listening to EDM! Rebecca talks...


28: The Spiraddict Warrior (with Joe Mintzer)

Life coach, addictions counselor and motivational speaker, Joe Mintzer's struggle with addiction began in his early teens. Over the years, his addictions to alcohol and crack cocaine had him ending up in and out of various rehabs, as well as a stint in jail. Today, proudly sober, he's in a place where he can help others with their recovery. As the Spiraddict Warrior, Joe incorporates spirituality and meditation in his own, as well as others' recovery processes. He's also been inspired to...


27: White Bear's Shinin', Lighting Bird's Gonna Shine (with Jaene Castrillon)

Jaene Castrillon is a person of many identities, professions and experiences. They are a Chinese/Colombian-Indigenous settler of Turtle Island who identifies as trans, genderfluid/genderqueer and Two-Spirit. Jaene works as an activist, an artist, a healer and a youth worker, where their own frankness about their deep experiences of mental illness, addiction, disability, and trauma inform their teachings and advocacy and help others shine through their own spirit. Being the first...


26: Grind a Little Tendernesss! (with Braden Alexander)

Braden Alexander loves talking about his feelings, and he's bringing an opportunity for other queer and trans men in Toronto to share theirs! He is guest curator for With/out Pretend's newest event, Tender Hearts, where 10 of these men can share their stories of their life experiences with vulnerability and courage in a welcoming, safe environment. On how it hurts to be a man in the world right now, and how it hurts to be a queer person in the world right now. Braden offers some insight on...


25: I Just Wanted to Tear Everything Down& Start Over (with Catherine Migel)

Catherine Migel is a licensed (soon to be clinical!) social worker who's been working with clients living with mental illness for more than four years. Catherine is also a huge fan of unwinding with some TV! Shaunna and Catherine have a conversation about shows like One Day at a Time, This Is Us, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Grey's Anatomy and all of their different representations of mental illness and mental health issues, what they've done well and what could be better, and why Grey's...


24: Paxil Made Me Feel Like a Stranger in My Own Body (with Alissa from @bigpharmaslut)

@bigpharmaslut is an art project by Alissa, an artist and student based out of California. Alissa’s art is informed by her experiences living with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, complex post-traumatic stress disorder and depression--and the medications she’s used to regulate her mental health issues. With @bigpharmaslut, Alissa is looking to bring vulnerability and realness to a medium that can often be overly-curated--Instagram. @bigpharmaslut does not advocate for pharmaceutical...


23: My Butthole is No Longer (with Emma Chapple)

Emma Chapple is a legal babe and a writer. She's especially known for writing about her experiences living with Crohn’s disease-- or, as she’d joke, “being the girl without a butthole!” Along with chronic physical illness, Emma struggles with depression, anxiety and body image issues. The comorbidity of chronic physical illness and chronic mental illness and mental health issues is something that's rarely discussed when talking about conditions such as Crohn's. Emma is part of changing this...


22: Boyz N the 6ix (with Asante Haughton)

During his 9-5, Asante Haughton is a Toronto-based mental health professional. Outside of that, he's a full-time mental health advocate. One of CAMH's Top 150 Difference Makers for Mental Health, Haughton is dedicated to sharing his story of perseverance through depression and anxiety while growing up in a marginalized neighborhood with a parent with mental illness. A big fan of music, particularly hip hop, Asante began writing poems and raps. The rapper, Nas, was someone he could identify...


21: Thoughts I Own (with Laura Silverman of The Sobriety Collective)

Laura Silverman is the founder of The Sobriety Collective, an online community for creatives living a substance-free life. The Sobriety Collective provides resources, like book, podcast and blog recommendations, and profiles creatives everywhere living with addiction and/or mental illness, as well as those who are sober-curious, straight-edge and more! Laura lives with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression. She has also been sober for 11 years. Laura points to a couple of...


20: Partners in Creativity, Life& Mental Illness (with Amanda& David Lederle of CreateBeing)

Amanda and David Lederle are the minds behind CreateBeing, a custom design company and mental health support community based out of Toronto. The Lederles are a married couple who both live with mental illness. The Lederles join Pop& Down in the studio to discuss the importance of getting help for oneself while supporting a partner's mental illness (especially when you live with it yourself), the importance of the right kind of communication and self-doubt in artistry. David points to The...


19: The Beauty in the Hustle (with Tanya Turton)

Tanya Turton is a Toronto-based creative entrepreneur and wellness educator. She has lived with anxiety for as long as she can remember. Having a tragedy happen in her family was a huge part of what lead her towards her calling of working in the black mental health community, particularly with young women and femmes. Tanya helps empower young black women and femmes with her Adornment Stories project, a space of healing and connecting the intersections of art, beauty and wellness. A longtime...


18: Talented at Horticulture (with Natasha)

Natasha runs an awesome business, The Handmade & Co, where she creates beautiful plant and succulent arrangements and macramé. The growth of her business is something she considers to be a bit of a part of her own growth – from healing in the aftermath of PTSD. As a person who struggled with anxiety and depression from teenhood, Natasha felt less alone listening to the Canadian pop-punk band, Billy Talent. Unfortunately, this became another thing Natasha was bullied for – for not being...


17: To Boldly Go Into Black Mental Health Matters (with Stacy-Ann Buchanan)

Stacy-Ann Buchanan is a Toronto-based actress, producer and filmmaker. She's also become one of the leading voices of mental health advocacy in Canada. Her documentary, The Blind Stigma, was released February 7, 2015. The Blind Stigma discusses mental health specifically in the black Canadian community, with different people sharing their stories - including Stacy-Ann herself. Stacy-Ann shares her experiences with anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation with Pop& Down and goes into further...


16: So-Called Fortune-Telling (with Liz Worth)

Liz Worth is an acclaimed author and poet who, over the past few years, has added astrologer and tarot card reader to her resume. Liz sat down to chat with Shaunna about her experiences with depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation. She also discusses a traumatic event from her teenhood, where things escalated in the worst way possible at her school. Her parents provided very little support and her experience with therapy wasn’t great. But, over the past few years, she's found a good...


15: All of the Bar& None of the Booze (with Chris Marshall of Sans Bar)

Going to the bar can feel a little awkward if you're abstaining from alcohol - whether it's just for one night, or if you're in recovery. Chris Marshall is working on changing perspectives on what a bar can be with alcohol out of the equation with his pop-up bar, Sans Bar. Chris talks about his experiences growing up, from his father's schizophrenia to being unsure of his place among his peers. Chris reveals how his alcoholism escalated from his teens to his 20s and the cycle of depression...


Mini-sode 2: 2018 in review

In this mini-sode, Shaunna runs through a few of the mental health pop culture touchstones in 2018 Music by Neil Quin Support Pop& Down at patreon.com/popanddown


14: Stay-at-Home Dad(dy Issues) (with David Baughman)

What happens when you grow up in a household with a father using drugs, a mother with mental health issues while knocking on doors in the name of Baptist fundamentalism... while coming to terms with your sexuality? Shaunna's long-time internet friend, David Baughman, shares this part of his story, as well as his experiences with anxiety and dissociation, the evolution of his bisexual identity and what it's like being a stay-at-home dad in 2018. David talks about how his celebrity crushes on...