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Living Authentically with Anita Kanti

Anita Kanti has been helping people reach new levels of their potential for many years. One thing she has a deep understanding and passion for is helping southeastern men. However, her message is one for every man to gain an understanding of how cultures, whether southeastern or western, have their own challenges to face. Living authentically suggests living from who you truly are. Unfortunately, many men struggle with finding who they really are and what their purpose is. Live...


Breaking Physical and Mental Barriers with Bishoy Tadros

We all face a number of difficulties throughout our life. If you have lived longer enough, you have had to face difficult times. Unfortunately, for many men, these difficult times can be devastating and can hold a man back from his true potential. Bishoy Tadros faced an unfortunate circumstance at a very young age. He had a rare form of cancer as a child. His parents made huge sacrifices to make sure that he received the care he needed to survive, but it came at a huge cost. Tune in to this...


Financial Intelligence with Nick Vance

Money and finances, two very important part of our lives, yet we never really take the time to learn how to properly manage these areas. Yet, money and finances are the biggest contributors to stress and strain in life and in our relationships. In this next episode, you'll build your financial intelligence and begin to look at these important areas in a whole new way. This is not about learning how to save for a rainy day, it is about taking back control of your financial life to thrive!...


Emotional Intelligence with Zack Hudson

Whether you would like to improve your health status, relationships, career, or increase your wealth, emotional intelligence will take you to that next level. In this episode, Zack Hudson, provides insight into the pillars of emotional intelligence and how you can develop it. After listening to this episode, you will have a clear understanding of what emotional intelligence is and how you can begin to use it to improve your love life, career, health, and your relationships. Tune in...


Strength at Any Age with Tom Furman

What does it take to stay fit and strong as we age? Tom Furman has been training men to stay fit and strong and now he is going to share how men can be strong and fit at any age. In fact, being strong is not about how much muscle mass you can build. This unhealthy thinking comes from what men are exposed to as boy. Real strength comes from taking care of the body as we age, but how can a man stay fit without grueling works and the time to engage in training. Find out on this next episode...


Employee to Entrepreneur with Steve Glaveski

What does it take to go from employee to entrepreneur? Do you have the personal characteristics to make it as an entrepreneur? My next guest, Steve Glaveski, went from climbing the corporate ladder to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Now, after working with over 150 start-ups he is revealing what every person thinking about becoming an entrepreneur should know. Should you even consider becoming an entrepreneur, or just change jobs? Find out now in this next episode of the STRONG Men...


The Diabetic Brain with Ralph Sanchez

We use our brain to make decisions on a daily basis. Yet, the quality of our life is based off the decisions we make. Sadly, we never even consider brain health when trying to improve our life, or to prevent cognitive decline as we age. My next guest, Ralph Sanchez, shares how you can improve brain function and to prevent cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's. Discover how you can control or at least minimize mental decline as you age. If you want to improve your brain function,...


The Insecurity of Men with Robert Kandell

In this next episode, my guest Robert Kandell, shares a powerful message for all men trying to find their way during this confusing and questionable time. Men have been left behind when it comes to promoting a healthy and fulfilling life. They have been fed a lot of garbage over the years that is leaving men unfulfilled and unhappy. Robert shares his framework that not only has made lasting change in his life, but also of his clients. There needs to be more powerful messages for men and this...


Unlocking Your True Potential with Thom Singer

There is great potential within all of us. However, in order to reach this potential, we must go beyond the norm and the comfortable. Many men go an entire life unwilling to go beyond their comfort zone. It is the willingness to face our greatest fears and understand we all start at the beginning before greatness is achieved. In this episode, Thom Singer, a professional speaker, shares how men can unlock their potential and what it really takes to be a fulfilled man today. Listen now and...


10,000 Miles With My Dead Father's Ashes with Devin Galaudet

For men, there greatest hero is their father. Unfortunately, for many men their fathers were not the greatest example to follow. However, despite not having the greatest example of a man, there are great lessons to be learned. Devin Galaudet discovered that despite his father's shortcomings, his father was still his hero and he learned some of life's greatest lessons. Trying to fulfill his father's dream of being taken back to the country he came from, Devin in his heart, wanted to make this...


Creative Age Leadership with Emerald GreenForest

My next guest, Emerald GreenForest, has been working with men on purpose, which is the title, of her podcast, to live their life to the fullest. In working with men, she has found a consistent theme for men who are living on purpose and those who are struggling. Discover in this podcast what is creative leadership and how men are harnessing their emotions to create a magnificent life, career, and relationships. If you want to tap into your creative energy and be a man on purpose, listen now...


Porn Addiction, Consequences, and Recovery with Joshua Shea

My guest today is bringing to light an addiction people are not willing to talk about. This addiction is destroying marriages, friendships, careers, and overall life satisfaction. Men are struggling with this addiction at an alarming rate. More importantly, our younger generation who have grown up with the internet are suffering from this addiction and their future potential to having healthy relationships is being threatened. Like all addictions, they are difficult to overcome, but it is...


Building a STRONG Mind and Body with Adam Schaeuble

What does it take for a man to turn his life around, both mentally and physically? Adam Schaeuble explains how men can transform their health and mental mindset and make these changes last. Adam's personal transformation is a testament to anyone who can visualize what they desire, and place themselves into the feeling of accomplishing their goal, can achieve. Once you understand the power of having a coach, someone to keep you accountable, you can achieve your greatest desires, if you truly...


Men's Health: Staying Fit and Healthy with Rob Dionne

What does it take for a man to be fit and healthy after 35? Men over 35 who want to be fit and healthy are finding it is more difficult to shed the unwanted fat and are seeing their bodies not heal as fast. My guest, Rob Dionne, gives solid tips for men over 35 who are serious about changing their health status for one that is unhealthy to a lifestyle that is both healthy and doable. No matter what age you are, it is possible for men to benefit from living a healthy lifestyle to improve...


#MeToo, Women, Dating, and Relationships with Shana James

On today's episode, I have a deep conversation with Shana James who has been coaching professional men for over 15 years. She shares her thoughts as a women about #MeToo, and the pros and cons of this movement. Shana also get real about today's women and dating. What is the confusion about being a man and dating today. Why are men checking out of relationships, and how can men be who they are and still attract someone great for them. This is a message for both men and women to hear. Men,...


Humble Masculinity with Steven Kuhn

Many men are finding themselves more confused and unfulfilled today. They're struggling with their identity and what it means to be a man. My guest, Steven Kuhn, gets deeps on how men can begin to reclaim their masculinity and what it takes to reclaim their body, mind, business, and relationships. Steven has been helping businesses thrive by holding true to timeless principles. He lives in Europe and shares his message to people around the world. Steven can be found online at...


Be Bold Never Grow Old with Rico Caveglia

Growing older does not mean we have to lose our strength and vitality. Men do not have to succumb to what many would say is normal aging. Rico Caveglia is living proof that men can be strong and healthy at any age. Into his 70's, Rico looks like a man much younger man and has the energy and strength to enjoy his life with full mobility. He has been teaching people how to improve their health and well-being for over 30 years. No matter what age you are today, you can increase your energy...


Real Honesty 6/6

Real lasting change requires a deep and honest look at oneself. Each man must take an honest assessment of himself and understand we each have our strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, most men are not honest with themselves and continue to live a lie. The lies that men tell themselves keeps them from reaching new levels of the potential that is within them. Sadly, men are hearing too many negative messages about being a man today and this is also having a negative impact on their...


Determination 5/6

Determination is the relentless desire to fulfilling the accomplishment of a goal. Determination is also a skill that must be developed and harnessed. The skill of determination can be taken over by weakness. A weak mind can not withstand the hardships one may go through to accomplishing their goal. Men are struggling with the ability to stay focused long enough in order to achieve success. Where is the motivation coming from that leads men to pursue a goal in the first place? Where the...


Optimize Your Life 4/6

Every man lives within an environment that he establishes. His environment sets his boundaries and his choices. However, often times, without even thinking about it, his environment is what keeps him from reaching his goal, becoming a better man, and living his life to the fullest. Optimizing your life is about creating an environment that is supportive towards your goals and the kind of life you want to live. Your environment will either support or hinder your progress. Rethink your...