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Satisfied Self Episode 18

As I mentioned a few episodes ago, I am preparing to spend 2018 in France - which has been a long standing goal that I am finally getting to achieve! As I prepare for this leap, which my husband and I are taking at the end of this month, I am going to be pressing pause on Satisfied Self podcast while I begin my adventure living abroad. I’m not sure when I will restart episodes, but I do know that I have really enjoyed sharing my experiences and I would love to hear from you all if you have...


Satisfied Self Episode 17

Self worth is your sense of value as a person. While self worth is a sense of your own value, or worth, self esteem is often focused on how we measure up against others. Self-worth is about who you are, not about what you do. Explore the impact of measuring yourself against external measures and how you work towards developing a healthier, more instrinsic sense of self worth. Learn how to start combating your inner critic and other ways you can boost your self worth.


Satisfied Self Episode 14

Caitlin has some big changes happening in 2018 which brings her to reflect on how her clients approach big decisions and crossroad in their lives. Questions to ask yourself to get to know what is going to work best for you when presented with an opportunity. Try not to get bogged down in the idea of making the “right” decision, but instead think about the different paths that different decisions will take you down.


Satisfied Self Episode 13

As a therapist I see a lot of transition and movement as the year ends and a new one begins. Many people look at the end of the year and beginning of the next as a fresh start. I love the idea of taking time to be reflective and gain insight into your choices and patterns, but personally, I’m not so sure about the resolution idea. Why you ask? Only about 8% of people who set New Years resolutions actually keep them. The New Year’s resolution ritual is based on a false idea that people can...


Satisfied Self Episode 11

The ending of a significant relationship can bring up a lot of emotion - negative self talk like “I should have moved on by now” or “I will never find a partner who will stay” can come creeping in. It’s important to let ourselves feel these losses and understand that the loss of a relationship can often feel like the death of a loved one - we move through it in stages. Acknowledging the realities of the loss of a relationship can help us move through the pain.


Satisfied Self Episode 9

Social anxiety is extremely common in the US, with more than 200,000 cases per year. What’s the difference between social anxiety and the disorder of social anxiety? Some social anxiety is normal. If it distresses us too much that it ends up interfering with our ability to do things, it becomes a disorder. Social anxiety can have multiple contributing factors including genetics, culture, and biology. Many people turn to substances, especially alcohol, to help quiet social anxiety, yet it...


Satisfied Self Mini Episode 2

Join me for another mini episode as I unplug!


Satisfied Self Episode 8

So many young adults struggle with alone time and feeling lonely. Being alone is not the same as being lonely - being alone is a physical description, meaning when we are alone, we are just not with people, while loneliness is a feeling that is usually experienced as negative and painful. Research has shown that loneliness poses serious health risks, but a certain amount of “alone time” can be good for you. Even though being alone can be beneficial, many people struggle with it so much...


Satisfied Self Episode 7

Research shows that exercise improves mental health in a number of ways. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and negative mood. It can improve self-esteem as well as cognitive function. It’s likely that multiple factors are at play to help bring about these benefits. The effects aren’t just immediate, but there appear to be long term benefits of exercise on the brain as well. Even though we know there are benefits of exercise on mental health, we need to know more about the...


Satisfied Self Episode 6

There is lots of research showing the benefits of gratitude. Importantly, it can help improve relationships by helping us be more willing to forgive, be less narcissistic, set more realistic expectations for other and more. Gratitude is more fulfilling when you can turn it outwards as well as inwards. And although it has it’s benefits, gratitude isn’t for everyone. Explore the things to do to boost gratitude.


Satisfied Self Episode 5

So many clients want to work towards creating healthier habits, so what does it take? Take a look a how do habits work, how long they take to form, and what you can do to increase your success with getting a new habit to stick.


Satisfied Self Episode 4

As body image satisfaction goes down, so does quality of interpersonal relationships, life satisfaction, and also mood. How can you make the shift to being more satisfied with your body? Explore ways to combat these effects and boost body image satisfaction.


Satisfied Self Episode 3

Most women struggle with lack of confidence either during certain periods of their lives or in certain contexts. How does this struggle impact women? Learn about ways to boost your confidence and close the gap.


Satisfied Self Episode 2

Most young adults are not strangers to the quarter life crisis; 39% of men and 49% of young women report feeling a “crisis” in their 20s. Explore what makes up a quarter life crisis and some of the ways to work through it head on.


Satisfied Self Episode 1

Are you a perfectionist? Perfectionism may be a driving source for some, and for most it also creates roadblocks. Take a look at some of the troublesome effects of perfectionism, how women are particularly vulnerable, and helpful ways to combat perfectionism.