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050 - The End

This is it. This is the fiftieth and final episode of The Anxious Men Podcast and we’re getting retrospective, reminiscing on episodes gone by. There’s laughs, rambles and some moments where the both of us got a little choked up talking on the podcast for the final time. In our Christmas Dinner portion of a finale, we discuss our favourite episodes and moments from the podcast. We also recollect our reasons for doing the podcast and whether or not we have any regrets or feelings as to...


49 - A Conscious Uncoupling

In this week's episode, we discuss Nick getting his blue belt in BJJ, Adam's hatred of Christmas shopping and the mutual decision to end the podcast. Wait, what!? That's right; our fiftieth episode (out next week) will be our last and we're both okay with that. We discuss the end of the podcast and our reasons behind the decision. We’d love to hear from anyone who’s listened over the last year and a bit, be it new listeners or diehard fans (we know who you are and yes, you’re the only one...


044 - One Year On..

ONE YEAR ON… We’ve been doing this a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR. I know, we can’t believe it either. Genuinely. Thank you for listening. We still can’t quite believe that anyone does listen but we’re so bloody thankful that you do. The messages we get and the nice things people say really do keep us going. As I’m sure you can imagine, we talk a lot about it being one year from the first release! What has changed from then? What’s the future of the podcast? What late 90s footballer best...


042 - Anger

Hello chaps, this week we talk about; ANGER. FURY. BAD TELEPHONE SIGNAL. Also, annoying drunks and times that we've been too annoyed with each other to record.


041 - Cheer Up

This week we talk about cheering up!... Adam also talks about his (fucking) cat (again) and Nick makes plans to kill himself based upon a throwaway fact in a lecture.


040 - These Weeks

This week we talk about the past few weeks. Nick has started his new job and is old. Adam is nearly 30 and likes his own company. NEW EMAIL ADDRESS ALERT: anxiousmenpodcast (at) gmail (dot) com You can still contact us via the other social mediaz as normal:


039 - Concentration

This week we expand upon a tangent from last week's podcast; concentration. We talk about how both kids and old people these days are awful and why sleep is so important. We also mention: That Mitchell and Webb Look: Fish and cushion: Working from home: Gordon Ramsey:



In this episode of the Anxious Men Podcast; Nick complains about a holiday that he's really going to enjoy and Adam berates an androgynous woman in a cinema. We then talk about THE FUTURE (*REVERB*). We discuss everything from losing our hair to unplanned pregnancy to death. Again. Sorry. We just keep coming back to death at the moment. Apologies for the lack of Rosi Sexton this week, this is entirely due to the weather. Nick just couldn't get to Birmingham through all the snow. STAY TUNED...


EP015 - Crying

This week; Nick is obsessed with Queer Eye and Adam falls down the stairs. We also talk about crying. In public, in private, in Aldi. Finally, we talk about the contrasting beauty of funerals and wakes. So a nice light episode! Oh also, news! We're going to be joined by Rosi Sexton next week (well Nick is) for a conversation on mental health, martial arts, academia and all the bits in-between. So if you're sick of our voices, you'll get to hear probably more than 50% less than in a normal...


EP014 - The Devil and Daniel Johnston

This week; Nick takes a maths test and feels pressure to be a better vexillologist, and ADRIIAAAN cheers Adam up. We then talk about The Devil and Daniel Johnston. The next Homework will be watching Restrepo, it's on Netflix so it's a little easier to get your hands on. Twitter story from Kirby Muxloe:


EP013 - Media

Homework for next week (21st Feb): The Devil and Daniel Johnston. Watch it with us and send us your thoughts! This week; Nick is scared of getting knocked off his bike (again) and Adam has discovers the healing powers of beef brisket. We also talk about Dwayne Johnson for a really long time and also positive and negative portrayals of mental illness in the media. Things mentioned in the podcast: Lloyds Bank advert ( One Bullet Away by Nathaniel...


EP012 - Bodies

This week Adam does a south african accent without being racist and Nick feels nervous watching the Super Bowl. We talk about our bodies. How we've hated them, how we've started the process of accepting them, and for what reasons we think it can be either healthy or unhealthy to change them. We also touch on changing room etiquette and how it can be great (Iceland) or not so great (hairdryer, balls, Madrid).


EP011 - Childhood

Nick is a dick to a friend and then himself, Adam talks to himself instead of fighting travellers, and we talk about our childhoods. We discuss; the importance of forgiveness of yourself and those around you, when does kids being shit at relating to others become bullying, and how seeing violence as a kid can affect you in later life.


EP010 - Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR. We talk about the year just gone and the year ahead. And as you can probably see from the length of this episode, we ramble quite a bit. Adam's job hunting blog post. Oh and there are some Star Wars spoilers later in the episode. HAPPY NEW YEAR. AGAIN.


EP009 - Social Media

Adam is scared of flying. Like BA Baracas. We talk about nuclear holocausts. Nick shouts at vans and goes through red lights We talk about the effects of social media (check out the CALM campaign #changethepicture) and how we only see the highlights of people's lives. Chrome extension: KillNewsFeed. Turn your phone black and white:


EP008 - Loneliness

This week; Nick is ill, Adam is scared of boobs, Vincent Cassel has sex and we talk about loneliness. Loneliness is an increasingly common affliction in today's society and neither of us has escaped it. From Nick's time in Madrid to Adam's time in Braunstone, we discuss the times we've felt alone and what we've learnt from them. Oh and jiu-jitsu. #sorrynotsorry


EP007 - Sleep

This week: Adam wees in private and Nick is going to a stag-do. - Podcasts we listen to: Totally Football, Hello Internet, No Such Thing as a Fish, The Adam Buxton Podcast - Nick Littlehales: - Gratein Sleep Masks - Sleep or night mode on both iOS and Android. Or F.lux for computers. - Wim Hof: The Iceman. Questions or comments or anything! Cheeeeeeeers


EP006 - Drugs

...and back to our scheduled programming. In this episode, we talk about drugs and alcohol. Nick is pro-heroin, Adam has a joint with Jimi Hendrix, and we give you some excellent medical advice. (DO NOT FOLLOW OUR ADVICE. DON'T BE AN IDIOT.)


EP005 - Mailbag I

This week's episode is about you! Well, it's about the messages you've sent us. We answer some questions that a lot of people have asked, we tell some of the mental health stories that people have told us, and we discuss some of the identity issues that were brought up last week. If you've any further comments or questions please send them to We'll probably be doing another of this type of episode in a few weeks time, so get your messages in.


EP004 - Man Up!

This week; Adam gets burgled and Nick cries at the moon before we move on to the main topic. We start with why the phrase 'Man up' and the attitude that surrounds it should be thrown away. We talk about our goals for the podcast and the feedback we've received so far. Then it evolves into a discussion of the difficulties of having difficult conversations. Stuff we talk about: In the Shadow of the Moon Alternative (still bad) phrases for 'Man up!' Gender roles Whataboutism Our goals for the...