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3 dudes, Iain, Don, and Zach, on a weekly (maybe) journey through the world of Heavy Metal past, present and future. Thrash, Death, Black, Speed, Traditional, Post, Doom, Proto, Glam, Power, Prog and with as little Nu as possible. Each week a different trip into the vast depths of heavy metal and the culture it's created.

3 dudes, Iain, Don, and Zach, on a weekly (maybe) journey through the world of Heavy Metal past, present and future. Thrash, Death, Black, Speed, Traditional, Post, Doom, Proto, Glam, Power, Prog and with as little Nu as possible. Each week a different trip into the vast depths of heavy metal and the culture it's created.
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3 dudes, Iain, Don, and Zach, on a weekly (maybe) journey through the world of Heavy Metal past, present and future. Thrash, Death, Black, Speed, Traditional, Post, Doom, Proto, Glam, Power, Prog and with as little Nu as possible. Each week a different trip into the vast depths of heavy metal and the culture it's created.






XXX - Proto-Metal Summer: Hard Rock Classics

A rapid fire discussion of the most obvious and not so obvious heavy hitters of 60s and 70s hard Rock and how they relate or in some cases don’t relate to heavy metal. Also hear us get overly sensitive about an iTunes review


I - Albums of Badness (Revisited & Re-recorded)

A Re-recording of our long lost first episode, where we talk about some of the biggest disapointments by some of our favorite bands. We also touch on some unfairly written off periods and albums by titans of the genre, or trash that we love in spite of itself. The Bad Cryptopsy - The unspoken King Destruction - The least successful human cannonbal Van Halen - Van Halen III Savatage - Fight For the Rock Benediction - The Dreams You Dread Bathory - Octagon Iron Maiden - No Prayer For...


XXVIII - Hardcore Grab Bag (NYHC, Swedish D-Beat, Hardcore Goes Metal)

3 topics, one theme, Hardcore Punk’s connection to heavy metal. First Don examines some of the more metal minded bands of the NYHC scene, then Iain covers the Swedish D-Beat scene through the years, and finally Zach explores some 80’s hardcore dudes who decided to abandon the genre they came up in to try their hand at full on metal to mixed results. Zach (H/C goes metal) YDI - Black Dust Wasted Youth - Black Daze DYS - DYS Straw Dogs - We Are Not Amused Onslaught - Power From...


XXVII - The Golden Age of Christian Metal

A thorough, respectful, secular but far from complete look back at a sub-class of music that is mostly ignored by many metal fans, the Christian metal scene of the 80’s and 90’s. A time when labels like Intense, R.E.X. and Pure Metal were putting out albums on par with some of the heaviest hitters of the secular thrash, death, glam and power metal scene. Plus Forays into Goth, Industrial, Prog, Groove, Black and surprising connection to everyone’s favorite horror punk band. Albums...


XXVI - Putting the Fun in Funeral Doom

A look at some early innovators and modern masters of Funeral Doom plus some surprises to cleanse the palette and the soul. Funeral - Tragedies Skepticism - StormCrowFleet Ysigim - Ain Soph Or Esoteric - Epistemological Despondency Вой - Кругами вечности (Howl - Circles of Eternity) Thergothon - Stream from the Heavens Bell Witch - Longing Tyranny - Aeons in Tectonic Interment Mournful Congregation - The June Frost Ahab - Call of the Wretched Sea Worship - Dooom Pantheist - O...


XXIV - Black Metal Grab Bag II : The Modern Age

A continuation of last episode, this time we talk about some of our favorite black metal albums from the past 10 or so years. Old School revivals, genre bending, and just plain bizzare variations of one of our favorite genres.


XXIII - Black Metal Grab Bag

*WARNING THERE IS SOME AUDIO CLIPPING/SKIPPING EARLY ON BUT IT SUSIDES OVER THE COURSE OF THE EPISODE. OUR NOTES ARE PUBLISHED ON OUR WEBSITE IF YOU NEED TO CATCH A GARBLED BIT* Some of our favorite first, second and third wave Black Metal Bands. Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom Master’s Hammer - Ritual Emperor - Nightside Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon Sarcofago - INRI Bathory - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark Tormentor - Anno Domini Darkthrone -...


XXII - 90’s Euro-Power Classics

Lost Treasures and genre staples from the heart of Europe. Intro & Outro Music Seven Thorns - Depression - Albums Discussed White Skull - tales from the north Labrynth - Return To Heaven Denied Axel Rudi Pell - Magic Grave digger - Excalibur Tarot - for the glory of nothing Blind Guardian - Tales from the twilight world Gamma Ray - Somehwere out in space Hammerfall - Glory to the Brave Sonata Arctica...


XXI - Concept Albums II

Does what is says on the label, a looser than normal discussion of 15 of our favorite concept albums…. Intro music by Wizard’s Union Albums Discussed Scanner - Hypertrace Kings X - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska Cloven Hoof - Dominator Manilla Road - Atlantis Rising Mekong Delta - The Music of Erich Zann In Flames - Whoracle Opeth - Ghost Reveries Ancient - The Cainian Chronicle GWAR - America Must Be Destroyed Ulver - Themes from...


XX - The Origins of North American Tech Death (1988-1997)

A look back at the origins of Tech Death, exploring the debuts and stylistic evolutions that built the genre. The musicians, the studios, labels and cities that took old school death metal beyond its roots and into the realm of virtuosity. From all time classics to forgotten treasures we cover virtually every debut album released within the first years of the genres existence and the pinnacle moments in genre forefathers Death and Sadus’ existence that took them beyond their roots. up...


XVIII - Supergroups

A discussion of 15 metal supergroups. Both supergroups by design and those created by circumstance, ranging from 80s grind revival to hair metal holdouts. The men behind the music and the bands that made them famous. ALBUMS DISCUSSED Badlands - S/T House of lords - S/t Blue murder - s/t Arcade S/T Junkyard - s/t Fantomas - Directors Cut Brujeria - Raza Odiada Asesino - Cristo Satánico The Haunted - Exit Wounds Death - Individual Thought Patterns Bloodbath - Grand Morbid...


XVII - Genre Benders

NOW INDIVIDUALLY MIKED! On this Episode we explore 15 albums that push the boundaries of metal through the integration of other styles of music. Jazx, blues, IDM and more. Early experimental pioneers, avant garde supergroups and the latest innovators. Plus dumb Tool fans, praise for GWARcast, cosmic prisons and more. QUICK NOTE: Forgot to give all members of Mr. Bungle’s real names so for reference in their section the Stage names translate to: full show notes on website ALBUMS...


BONUS EPISODE: An Interview With Justin Curtsinger (Zud, Gift of Tongues, Grime Studios)

A long over due interview Max & Zach did with Justin from perenial favorites of the podcast Zud back in Sepetember, just before seeing them live, and the same night we interviewed Mary. This was our first interview, recording was bungled a bit, and we were in a parking lot, so forgive the less than stellar audio. For some great quality audio, head over to Zud’s bandcamp and buy their new album:


XVI - Magic(k) Metal; or, With Apologies to Ashencult

What happens when 4 sleepy dudes attempt to talk about esoteric occult knowledge and heavy metal? the episode length gets out of control. From Thelema to Heathenry, Celtic pagan revivalists to cosmic luciferians. We talk about magick and the men who love it while our own coherance slowly drifts away. Listen as a semingly dignified and respectful discussion of occult knowledge devolves into recollections of Spongebob in-jokes from 6 years ago. Oh yeah we had a guest host. Albums...


XIV - Halloween Metal

Tis the Season to be spooky. Join us on a trip through the bowels of metal as we celebrate the best heavy metal albums to get you in the spirit of the season. Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Vampires, Wizards, Goth Chicks and of course our old pal Satan are all in focus this week with our usualy blend of masterworks and rarities. Penises nailed to chairs, bad southern accents, Slayer piss, and the suprisingly much more metal history behind a King Diamond classic. Albums Discussed Rob Zombie -...


XIII - Teutonic Speed: Rise to Power

Join us on a trip to Germany circa 1984-1988 when the lines between speed metal and power metal was blurring, and black metal was walking right beside it. We present a brief overview of our 3 principal genres around this time, discuss the foundation of Noise Records, it’s controversial founder, and the other men behind the scenes who made this music happen. Albums Discussed: Running Wild - Gates to Purgatory Helloween - Walls of Jericho & Helloween EP Rage - Reign of Fear/Avenger -...


XII - Thrash In a Dangerous Time

A discussion of Thrash in the nineties. The end of the Golden Age and what lie beyond. We reconnect with our favorite bands at the start of the decade, and celebrate those brave (mostly European) firekeepers that dared to carry on the spirit of thrash through a desolate waste land of Nu, Groove, and Nirvana imitations that filled the post-1994 world. Your favorite bands last hurrahs, experiments that worked, and some undiscovered gems. Albums Discussed: Witchburner - Witchburner The...


XI - Airing of Grievances & Feats of Strength

*DISCLAIMER* If this is your first episode, please note, we generally try to be a little more impartial and educational, but we’re also bitter angry people and occasionally there’s some spillage. So yeah, lot’s of strong opinions and rage here. Start with an earlier episode if this doesn’t appeal, and know we probably won’t be doing this again In what may have been our worst episode idea yet, we decided to examine 12 albums by bands we hate, or at least thought we would hate. We thought...


Episode Phlegm: Crunchy Bananas & Record Weasels

Our 10th episode and our first “WildCard” where everyone picks their own topic. We we’re joined by close friend and musician Max Shoop (Horde of The Eclipse, The Beyond, Storm of Damnation). Iain and Max give us a glimpse into the complex worlds of perrenial podcast favorites Akercocke, and The Axis of Peridition respectively, Don shares some of his personal favorites recomended by a mysterious CD Warehouse employee, and Zach explores the skeezy world of Cobra Records, and the...