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3 dudes, Iain, Don, and Zach, on a weekly (maybe) journey through the world of Heavy Metal past, present and future. Thrash, Death, Black, Speed, Traditional, Post, Doom, Proto, Glam, Power, Prog and with as little Nu as possible. Each week a different trip into the vast depths of heavy metal and the culture it's created.

3 dudes, Iain, Don, and Zach, on a weekly (maybe) journey through the world of Heavy Metal past, present and future. Thrash, Death, Black, Speed, Traditional, Post, Doom, Proto, Glam, Power, Prog and with as little Nu as possible. Each week a different trip into the vast depths of heavy metal and the culture it's created.
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3 dudes, Iain, Don, and Zach, on a weekly (maybe) journey through the world of Heavy Metal past, present and future. Thrash, Death, Black, Speed, Traditional, Post, Doom, Proto, Glam, Power, Prog and with as little Nu as possible. Each week a different trip into the vast depths of heavy metal and the culture it's created.






War Metal (No Not That Kind)

New Year New Format. Into Music Frosthelm Accidental Autoplay During Gyibaaw Alien Weaponry Albums Discussed Holy Martyr - Still at War Sacriphyx - The Western Front Gyibaaw - Ancestral War Hymns Human Fortress - Defenders of the Crown Macabre Omen - The Ancient Return Dark Lunacy - The Diarist Hail of Bullets - Of Frost & Wari Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade God Dethroned - Under the Sign of the Iron Cross Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind of Horror Sodom - M-16 1914 - The...


XXXVIII - A Very Morbid Christmas

To celebrate the season of giving, and due to our inability to put a properly researched episode together this month we have a lighter then usual discussion about some usually maligned bands we feel deserve a second or first look from those that wrote them off. Plus a brief discussion of some Metal Christmas Originals to liven up your cover laden holiday playlists.


XXXVII - Doom Debuts 1981-1992

Albums Discussed Albums with a * are bands who's debuts we've already discussed previously so sophomore efforts were chosen. Bands from this period too close to Sludge, Stoner, Heavy Grunge, and Death/Doom in sound will be discussed on those respective episodes, all of which are planned. Cirith Ungol - Frost & Fire Force - Force Pagan Altar - Volume I Witchfinder General - Death Penalty The Mezmerist - The Innocent, the Forsaken, the Guilty Nemesis - The Day of Retribution Mercy -...


XXXVI - Lovecraft Returns

Back To R'leyh - The Awakening- Last fight of the Primordial Revenant – Prophecies of a Dying World Aldebaran - Dweller in the Twilight Swampcult - The Festival Fiendlord - Neuromancy Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With the Dead Nile - Those Who The Gods Detest Septic Flesh - Sumerian Demons Morbid Angel - Gateways to Annihilation Infinite Spectrum – Haunter in the Dark Shoggoth - Mythos Dreamlongdead - Madnessdeadgrave Alkaloid - Liquid Anatomy Lurking Fear - Out Of A Voiceless...


XXXV - Halloween Metal II

Diabolical Masquerade - Nightwork Energy Vampires - Energy Vampires Albatross - Fear From the Skies Terra Tenebrosa - The Tunnels Seasons of the Wolf - Lost In Hell Blood Cult - We Who Walk Behind the Rows Cult of Ghoules - Henbane Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer Portal - Outre Ghastly - Death Velour Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - The Night Creeper Enforcer - From Beyond Dismember - Like An Everflowing Streamed Exhumed - Slaughtercult Death - Scream Bloody Gore Bloodbath -...


XXIV - 80's Thrash Classics

Sacred Reich - Ignorance Dark Angel - Darkness Descends Death Angel - The Ultra Violence Nuclear Assault - Game Over Forbidden - Evil Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday for the deciever Voivod - Killing Technology Gammacide - Victims of Science Hirax - Raging Violence Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare Evildead - Annihilation of Civilization Possessed - Beyond the Gates Num skull - Ritual Abuse Atrophy - Socialized Hate Living Death - Protected From Reality Toxik - World Circus D.B.C....


XXIII - The Weed Man Cometh: Stoner, Sludge & Beyond

W/ Mitch from Symptoms/Olde Tigers. Albums Discussed Acid Cøma - Prayers to Mirrors Riffcoven - Crown of Darkness Shroud Eater - Thundernoise Death Rides A Horse - More God Than Man Mad God - Tales of A Sightless City Fu Manchu - King of The Road Crowbar - Sonic Excess... Down - NOLA Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye Orange Goblin - Frequencies From Planet 10 Bongzilla - Gateway Cannabis Corpse - Left Hand Pass High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings Sleep - Dopesmoker Black Sabbath -...


XXXII - Post-Metal Grab Bag

The much loved/maligned subgenre that rose to prominence in the early 2000s. Featuring not 1, not 2 but 3 separate discussions about what the fuck "post" implies Albums Discussed Solstafir - Kold Minsk - Out of a Center which is neither dead nor alive Bauda - euphoria.... Of Flesh men and the great escape Ultar - Kadath Les Discrets - Septembre... Ulcerate - Destroyers of All The Ocean - Precam Pyramid - Northern Meadow Pelican - City of Echoes Intronaut - Void Battle of Mice - A...


Acid Lich I - Haack Attack

Albums Discussed A.F.T. - Automatic Fine Tuning German Oak - German Oak/Nibelungenlied Raven - Back to Ohio Blues The Old Man & The Sea - The Old Man & The Sea/'72-'75 Hickory Wind/B.F. Trike - Hickory Wind & B.F. Trike Bruce Haack - The Electric Lucifer


XXXI - Proto-Metal Summer: Cult Classics

Obscure gems and international favorites. Quartz - Quartz Trapeze - Medusa Thor - Keep the Dogs Away Lucifer's Friend - Lucifer's Friend Dust - Dust Buffalo - Only Want You For Your Body The Godz (OH) - The Godz Detective - Detective Target - Target Moxy - Moxy Starz - Violator Heavy Load - Full Speed At A High Level The Boyzz - Too Wild To Tame Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo Ram Jam - Portrait of the Artist As A Young Ram The Bob Seger System - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man Third World...


XXX - Proto-Metal Summer: Hard Rock Classics

A rapid fire discussion of the most obvious and not so obvious heavy hitters of 60s and 70s hard Rock and how they relate or in some cases don't relate to heavy metal. Also hear us get overly sensitive about an iTunes review


XXIX - Hellenic Hellraisers: Greek Black & Death

The Hellenic Sound & Beyond early favorites, rediscovered gems and a few modern takes on the genres The Elysian Fields - Adelain Wampyrinacht- We Will Be Watching. Les cultes de Satan et les Order of the Ebon Hand - The Mystic Path to the Netherworld Zephyrous - Entrance and Wandering on the Seven Zones Agatus - Dawn of Martyrdom Obsecration - The Inheritors of Pain George Kollias - Invictus Thy Darkened Shade - Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs Exhumation - Seas of Eternal Silence Sickening...


I - Albums of Badness (Revisited & Re-recorded)

A Re-recording of our long lost first episode, where we talk about some of the biggest disapointments by some of our favorite bands. We also touch on some unfairly written off periods and albums by titans of the genre, or trash that we love in spite of itself. **CORRECTION JACK RUSSELL FROM GREAT WHITE IS ACCIDENTLY REFERRED TO AS JACK WHITE** The Bad Cryptopsy - The unspoken King Destruction - The least successful human cannonbal Van Halen - Van Halen III Savatage - Fight For the...


XXVIII - Hardcore Grab Bag (NYHC, Swedish D-Beat, Hardcore Goes Metal)

3 topics, one theme, Hardcore Punk's connection to heavy metal. First Don examines some of the more metal minded bands of the NYHC scene, then Iain covers the Swedish D-Beat scene through the years, and finally Zach explores some 80's hardcore dudes who decided to abandon the genre they came up in to try their hand at full on metal to mixed results. Zach (H/C goes metal) YDI - Black Dust Wasted Youth - Black Daze DYS - DYS Straw Dogs - We Are Not Amused Onslaught - Power From...


XXVII - The Golden Age of Christian Metal

A thorough, respectful, secular but far from complete look back at a sub-class of music that is mostly ignored by many metal fans, the Christian metal scene of the 80's and 90's. A time when labels like Intense, R.E.X. and Pure Metal were putting out albums on par with some of the heaviest hitters of the secular thrash, death, glam and power metal scene. Plus Forays into Goth, Industrial, Prog, Groove, Black and surprising connection to everyone's favorite horror punk band. Albums...


XXVI - Putting the Fun in Funeral Doom

A look at some early innovators and modern masters of Funeral Doom plus some surprises to cleanse the palette and the soul. Funeral - Tragedies Skepticism - StormCrowFleet Ysigim - Ain Soph Or Esoteric - Epistemological Despondency Вой - Кругами вечности (Howl - Circles of Eternity) Thergothon - Stream from the Heavens Bell Witch - Longing Tyranny - Aeons in Tectonic Interment Mournful Congregation - The June Frost Ahab - Call of the Wretched Sea Worship - Dooom Pantheist - O...


XXV - Nerd Metal

Classic Literature, Comics, Video Games, Cartoons, Stupid fashion trends a subset of goth kids seem to like for some reason. We spend a few hours decompressing after a month of depressing ass black metal to talk about 18 bands that make music that would have gotten you bullied up until the release of Avengers. The usual histories with plenty of asides. Albums Discussed Payne's Gray - Kadath Decoded Agent Steel Official - Skeptics Apocalypse Rebellion - A Tragedy in Steel Part II:...


XXIV - Black Metal Grab Bag II : The Modern Age

A continuation of last episode, this time we talk about some of our favorite black metal albums from the past 10 or so years. Old School revivals, genre bending, and just plain bizzare variations of one of our favorite genres.


XXIII - Black Metal Grab Bag

*WARNING THERE IS SOME AUDIO CLIPPING/SKIPPING EARLY ON BUT IT SUSIDES OVER THE COURSE OF THE EPISODE. OUR NOTES ARE PUBLISHED ON OUR WEBSITE IF YOU NEED TO CATCH A GARBLED BIT* Some of our favorite first, second and third wave Black Metal Bands. Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom Master's Hammer - Ritual Emperor - Nightside Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon Sarcofago - INRI Bathory - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark Tormentor - Anno Domini Darkthrone -...


XXII - 90's Euro-Power Classics

Lost Treasures and genre staples from the heart of Europe. Plus a discussion on our thoughts on the Lords of Chaos movie debacle Intro & Outro Music Seven Thorns - Depression - Albums Discussed White Skull - tales from the north Labrynth - Return To Heaven Denied Axel Rudi Pell - Magic Grave digger - Excalibur Tarot - for the glory of nothing Blind Guardian - Tales from the twilight world Gamma Ray -...