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Game Show Trivia with BJ Kramp

It's time for Hollywood to do his best Wink Martindale and dust off his question cards to prepare for the heavy metal, heavy weight show down of the podcast world. In this episode of Game Show Trivia, we invite special guest, BJ Kramp from the Rock And Or Roll Podcast to come on and see if he can dethrone the King Of Rock Steven Michael. For The Full Story Go To Reach Out To Us: Follow and Like Us on Facebook @growinuprock or Podchaser Follow us on Twitter...


Stryper Albums Ranked

We had a chance to interview Stryper main man Michael Sweet back on Episode 49. We love Stryper. We thought it would be a great idea to use our time during our live recording appearance at ROCKNPOD 3 which Michael Sweet was a guest at to rank the Stryper albums from least favorite to favorite. For More Info Go To:


To Stream Or Not To Stream

To stream or not to stream, that seems to be the question among music lovers everywhere. Streaming services have made it easy and affordable to put an unlimited number of songs and albums at your fingertips. In this episode of the Growin' Up Rock Podcast, Sonny and I look into the streaming numbers for some of our favorite bands. We discuss our thoughts and history with Spotify and other streaming services and explore the pros and cons while playing some of the music we discovered through...


Crank It Up - Have You Heard? - Volume 3

It's time to Crank It Up once again in this episode of Have You Heard? This week we are turning you on to 4 newer bands in the hopes to give them more exposure and give you the listeners a new band to binge and love. As part of this episode we jump on an international Skype call with Hell's Addiction guitarist Liam Sargent, Bassist, Jason Green, and Guitarist Dan Weir to talk about the band coming together, getting the chance to play The Download Festival, and the latest EP release of...


Bands We Love To Hate

We all have bands we love to hate. The issue is that we don't all feel the same about those bands. Tommy & Zeus from the Shout It Out Loudcast join us in a debate about bands that at least one of us hates. The discussion is as funny as it is ridiculous providing an entertaining conversation. For the complete story and show notes Go To:


This Ain't No Disco 1981 - EP109

Episode Description: The year is 1981 and it’s time for another episode of "This Ain’t No Disco". We are covering hard rock and metal albums released in 1981 and we brought along a special guest. Ed Spangenberg from Klick Tee Shop joins us to talk about his new Kiss inspired T-Shirts and tell us what he was listening to in 1981. What’s The Story: 1981 was a killer year for hard rock and metal music. We saw a ton of soon to be great bands form, and a host of already established...


Falling Short Of Number One – EP115

No one likes falling short of number one. “If you ain’t first, you’re last” is a Ricky Bobby quote that will live forever. We aren’t sure that this quote is accurate for the music business. The Billboard 100 has a 99 other places you can be and you’re just fine. On this episode, we celebrate the 80s and look at some of the guitar driven rock hits during the decade. Being #1 is important in life. It defines you as a winner. Although, there were rock/hard rock bands that reached #1 on the...


Crank It Up – Have You Heard ? Volume 2 – EP114

In this edition of "Have You Heard", we try and turn up the volume on some killer rock that you may or may not have heard of yet. I also catch up with Canadian rockers Striker. I met up with Striker vocalist Dan Cleary as the band rolled into town on their current US tour. Dan and I talk about everything from the benefits of being a Canadian band to the current struggles of breaking a band and the latest album release "Play To Win". Striker is a Canadian heavy metal band from Edmonton formed...



ROCKNPOD 3 is now in the books and we are here to recap and give our nickels worth of commentary, because we all know podcasters got opinions. We also want to share our quick conversation with Jason Bieler from Saigon Kick, and Brian Forsyth from Kix with everyone.The Expo took a huge leap forward and Chris Czynszak along with his team have done a bang up job in putting this whole event together. Buy and Support Music From The Artist We Discuss On This Episode Music in this Episode Provided...


We Are Two – EP112

We are two this year and to help us celebrate our 2nd Anniversary we are cranking music from Europe, Kiss, Scorpions, Dokken, Dio, Vicious Rumors, Autograph, and the Crank It Up Spotlight is Page 38. We discuss some of our top 10 bands important to us in high school and explore the 2nd album release of that band's career. Contact Us We work hard to provide you this music podcast each and every week for free. You can do us a favor by Friending Us, Following Us, Liking Us, and just plain...


Hollywood’s Wild Hair Volume 3 – EP111

Episode Description: Hollywood's Wild Hair has become a staple of the podcast. It gives Sonny the opportunity to play a bunch of music, and tell a few stories while flying solo or entertaining a special guest. It basically lets Hollywood be a radio DJ and feel free to play and do whatever he wants. In this volume 3 installment of Hollywood's Wild Hair, Sonny plays killers tracks from Viana, Y & T, Mr. Big, Dokken, Slik Toxik, Ozzy, Steve Stevens, Iron Maiden, Tangier, and Klassik, '78 What’s...


Ron Young Of Little Caesar – EP110

Episode Description: Ron Young and Little Caesar were in a "can't miss" situation in the late 80s. With a major record deal on Geffen, a mammoth manager, and A&R guy,along with the biggest producer in rock, all in the bands corner. No way this will miss..... right? The following interview with lead singer Ron Young from Little Caesar is nothing short of crazy. It should stand as a cautionary tale of "There's no such thing as a sure thing in the record business." Even if your not a fan of...


Jetboy Guitarist Billy Rowe – EP108

Episode Description: Steven Interviews JETBOY guitarist Billy Rowe. We discuss the bands history, Rock and Roll Relic Guitars, and the newest album “Born To Fly”. What’s The Story: Founded in 1983 by guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod, JETBOY continues to carry their style of Rock N’ Roll into the 21st century with the same fury that existed 34 years ago. Long recognized as one of the perfecter of the glam genre, JETBOY was one of a handful of acts that got the attention of music fans and...


15 Songs We Can’t Live Without – EP107

Episode Description: We cover 15 songs we just can’t live without. If all music was wiped out forever, what 15 songs would you save? Sonny and I like a lot of different music. If we only had 15 songs to save, we think it should be a variety. What’s The Story: Often times a listener will come to us with feedback on past episodes and even an idea for a future episode. This episode is a perfect example of that. Listener Tony Smith came to us with an idea, we thought we could even turn into a...


Freedom Fest Weekend – BONUS

Episode Description:In this episode fellow podcaster Loose Cannon from the Cobras & Fire Podcast and I discuss the Freedom Fest Weekend getaway to Denver. Loose was considerably late to both events and inappropriately offers to grease my wife’s wrist up in order to obtain free admission into the fairgrounds for Freedom Fest. All of this plus Gary Cherone from Extreme, giving the crowd “The Cherone” wave leads to some pretty funny and interesting discussions. What’s The Story:I ran off to...


ROCKNPOD Trivia Extravaganza – EP106

Episode Description: ROCKNPOD organizer and Decibel Geek co -host Chris Czynszak joins us for a Rock n Roll trivia extravaganza. Hollywood does his best Pat Sajak impression and dishes out the questions to see who the real rock n roll geek is in this match up. What’s The Story: ROCKNPOD is a unique annual event bringing together rock fans, artists, podcasters, and vendors for events that celebrate the past, promote the present, and look to the future. Rock is NOT dead and ROCKNPOD is an...


Diamonds Are A Band’s Best Friend – EP105

Episode Description: Gold albums are great, but diamonds are a band's best friend. In this episode, we are covering all the Diamond Certified rock albums. Sonny and I talk about the albums we own and the ones we don't, and we share our thoughts and feelings on some of the artist. We even play some guitar-driven rock that might be out of the norm for our show, but we promise you'll enjoy it. What's The Story? Once upon a time bands sold millions of records worldwide, and for a select few,...


Who’s Playing This Club Tonight? – EP104

Episode Description: Who's playing this club tonight? Let's find out as we decide to plan the ultimate club concert consisting of bands from the 70s , 80s, 90s, 2000s, and more recently from the last few years. Sounds easy? Not so fast, we have a few ground rules to lay down. Warning this episode is full of great music and a whole bunch of crazy laughs, so kick back and turn it up. What’s The Story: Over the years Sonny and I have gone to tons of concerts in all kinds of venues. Arenas,...


Whitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra Returns – EP103

Episode Description: Whitesnake's guitarist Joel Hoekstra returns to the show to discuss the new Whitesnake album Flesh & Blood. We also find out if Joel has been practicing his jump shot lately to prepare for the upcoming MORC basketball game in February. What’s The Story: In May Whitesnake released it's first album of original material since 2011's Forevermore. The new "Flesh And Blood" record marks the first Whitesnake album of original material to feature guitarist Joel Hoekstra. Joel...


Hollywood’s Wild Hair – Volume 2 – EP102

Episode Description: Hollywood's Wild Hair Volume 2 goes from doing a solo episode to being joined by long time friend Tony Musallam of the band Restrayned. The idea is to reminiscence a bit, share some stories of yesteryear, play some killer music and basically make you laugh a little. What's The Story ? : Although the original Wild Hair idea was to do solo episodes, there is something about a close friend joining you that just creates magic. Hollywood and Tony have a blast just being two...