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Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth

Lauren discusses Sharptooth's history, the inspiration behind her lyrics, Vans Warped Tour, and politics. We also ask her a few fun questions in a new trivia segment. Sharptooth is a melodic hardcore band based out of Baltimore, Maryland. They released their first LP Clever Girl in late 2017. You can find Sharptooth on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


The James Hetfield "Yeah!" Challenge

The James Hetfield Yeah! Challenge. What the hell is that you ask? It is a light hearted social challenge we created similar to the Smirnoff Ice or Ice Bucket challenges you have seen on social media in the past with a metal twist. Tune in or check the show notes to find out more details. To celebrate the challenge, we play some Metallica themed games and discuss our new and old songs of the week. Hard & Fast Rules: James Hetfield Yeah! Challenge Select a Yeah! from any Metallica song and...


In Context: So Far, So Good... So What!

Megadeth's third studio album, So Far, So Good... So What!, was surrounded by turmoil; fired band members, drugs, and a cancelled tour. What was the cause? How does So Far, So Good... So What! stack up against the rest of Megadeth's discography?


In Context: So Far, So Good... So What!

Megadeth's third studio album, So Far, So Good... So What!, was surrounded by turmoil; fired band members, drugs, and a cancelled tour. What was the cause? How does So Far, So Good... So What! stack up against the rest of Megadeth's discography?


Scarlet Canary's Hannah Maddox

We chat with Hannah Maddox, vocalist of Denver, Colorado based Scarlet Canary, about her experiences in the band, touring, and how writing music can be used to deal with personal struggles. Scarlet Canary's latest release, Perspective, is a concept album of sorts. It tells the story of the stages of grief. We feature 4 tracks from that EP: Spectral, Antidote, Don't Be Afraid, Armor. You can find Scarlet Canary on their website,


Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad and Tallah's Max Portnoy and Justin Bonitz

A double feature of an episode, we have for your listening pleasure two interviews this week! The first is with Max Portnoy and Justin Bonitz about their new band Tallah. Tallah has a fresh take on metal, finding inspiration from bands like Korn and Slipknot while still keeping things new and modern. Listen to their new single "Placenta." The second interview this episode is with none other than Trevor Strnad, vocalist of The Black Dahlia Murder. BDM played a show recently in the area and...


Indie Metal Radio #2

The second installment of Indie Metal Radio is upon us! Listen to some killer tracks from unsigned bands! We've two exclusive tracks from Killborn in anticipation of their new album Theodicy; La Violencia and Faint Whipser of Goodbye! The songs found in this episode are: Killborn - La Violencia | Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Killborn - Faint Whisper of Goodbye Nautilus - Arktos I: Division | Bandcamp Unbeheld - Lamentation | Bandcamp Decade - Burning Sun | Youtube, Spotify The...


Gorgatron's Cam Dewald and Karl Schmidt

Gorgatron hails from the Fargo-Moorhead area is a local favorite in the metal scene. They have been at it since 2006 and have released two albums. We spoke the Cam Dewald (bass) and Karl Schmidt (vocals). We feature the tacks Dissemblance from 2010 album Torturetorium and The Uncovering from 2015 album Inner Supremacy.


Dungeons and Dragons

This week discus Dungeons and Dragons and the relationship that it has the Metal! Dungeons and Dragons has been a mainstay in the gaming community for over forty years. The game has been responsible for influencing many people to great heights including many heavy metal bands. We discuss the history and D&D along with the people and bands it has influences. We also get into a bit of the rules and an example of play! Old Gem: Misery's Crown by Dark Tranquility New Song: Over Now by Post Malone


Killswitch Engage - Jesse Leach and Howard Jones

We discuss the history of both Killswitch Engage's excellent vocalists Jesse Leach and Howard Jones. Killswitch Engage has a special place for us as it is one of the first bands that got us into metal. We look back on the history of the band and their relationship with both Jesse Leach, their original vocalist that rejoined the band in 2012 and Howard Jones who was with the band from 2003-2012!


Unlocking the Truth

Unlocking the Truth is a metal band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Band members including Malcom Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins, and Alec Atkins. You can find Unlocking the Truth on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.


Rivers of Nihil’s Adam Biggs

We chat with Rivers of Nihil’s bassist Adam Biggs about their experience writing their most recent and highly acclaimed album, Where Owls Know My Name. We touch on many aspects including writing songs from personal experience, getting signed by Metal Blade records and what it takes to expand your musical comfort zone as they due in aforementioned album. You can find Rivers of Nihil on Facebook!


A Bit on Slam Dancing

This week Michael is solo and discusses a bit about the history and origins of metalheads' favorite dance moves: Moshing and Headbanging! Lamb of God announces a cover album titled Legion: XX. It is being released under their original band name, Burn the Priest. The Faceless has lost all member except for Michael Keene. He intends to rebuild. New Song: The Bee by Amorphis Old Gem: Inherit the Earth by Burn the Priest (originally by The Accüsed)


Cold Kingdom's Dani Engum

We have long chat with Dani Engum, vocalist for Minneapolis based rockers Cold Kingdom. From vocal influences to writing process to life on the road, Dani holds nothing back. Cold Kingdom formed in 2014 and has two studio releases; the 2015 LP The Moon and the Fool and the 2017 self-titled EP. You can find Cold Kingdom at


Marc Rizzo's New Release "Rotation"

This week has us chatting with Marc Rizzo, lead guitarist for Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy. We discuss his new solo album Rotation in stores March 30th. Rotation will be released through the recently revived Combat Records. Listen to the album's title track "Rotation" at the end of the episode! Check out Marc on Instagram (marcrizzo_ripandshred), Facebook (marcrizzoband), or on his website


Contextualizing St. Anger

We revisit Metallica's controversial eighth studio album, St. Anger. Continually a hot topic of debate, the album features heavy criticized elements including the drum sound, the lack of guitar solos, bad lyrics, excessive song length, and poor song arrangements. Is St. Anger really as bad as people remember? We will find out in Episode 19 of the Super Metal World Podcast?


Interview with Throw the Fight

Episode 18 features an interview with Ryan Baustert, guitarist for Minneapolis based band Throw the Fight. Throughout the interview we feature several songs from the three studio albums they have released: Bury Me Alive - Transmissions (I Just) Died In Your Arms - What Doesn't Kill Us His Blood, My Hands - In Pursuit of Tomorrow Don't Let Me Down - Transmissions Lights Out For Summer - What Doesn't Kill Us Gallows - Transmissions You can find Throw the Fight at


Interview with Hairball

This weeks episode has us sitting down the Happy, guitarist for Hairball. Hairball is a "bombastic celebration of arena rock," that provides an old school arena rock, hair metal experience. Many different artists are represented by the band as vocalists are switched in and out of the set in different and accurate costumes similar to the ones worn by the band they are tributing. Hairball is based out of Minnesota and tours all across the United States. Check them out at their website...


Interview with Monarch

We had the pleasure of interviewing the members of Monarch, an independent metal band from San Diego, California. We discovered Monarch through California Blood, a compilation of tracks from indie metal bands from California (you can learn more about it in Episode 10). Monarch's stylistic influences include thrash, groove, and death metal bands including Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, and The Black Dahlia Murder. You can find Monarch on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, and ReverbNation.


Indie Metal Radio

In this episode we listen to some full length tracks by independent metal bands from around the world. The track list for the episode includes: I Am A God, and This Is My Grave by Agony by Default Goddess of Flame by Volcana The End of the World by Metalsteel Apprehension by Dry Bones Reign/Black Flags by Thy Kingdom Slum Follow the Reaper by Wraith Wraith by Wraith