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America Unplugged With Former U.S. Navy SEAL/Sniper Cade Courtley

Cade Courtley was born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Boulder, Colorado where he spent much of his early life in the outdoors. He graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration and was commissioned (ROTC) into the United States Navy as an Ensign. A standout from the beginning of his military career as a Naval Officer, Courtley was the Class Leader in his BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL) training. After 19 months, two Hell Weeks, boken left leg...


Outdoor adventures for Gold Star families and combat wounded Veterans

Colors of Heroes Foundation joins VOW Talk Radio on June 1, 2014! Colors of Heroes Foundation was thought of years ago when one of the founders (Robb; MOPH recipient) went on a hunting trip with Bob & Cathy Duhadaway. The therapeutic value of being in the outdoors was priceless for Robb's recovery. Robb wanted to reach out to other families that are also struggling. One day, while in conversation with Ivan Carter of Safari Classics and Dan Catlin of The Wildlife Gallery, the idea of...


Talking About PTSD With John Roberts from Wounded Warrior Project

John Roberts from Wounded Warrior Project joins VOW Talk Radio to discuss PTSD. Warrior Relations Executive Vice President at Wounded Warrior Project, John Roberts served in the US Marine Corps from 1982 to 1996, when he received a medical discharge following a prolonged recovery from wounds suffered in the crash of a helicopter in the seas of Somalia at the beginning of Operation Restore Hope. In that 1992 crash, John suffered third-degree burns over 80 percent of his body, resulting in...


R. Lee Ermey Talks About His New Show, Saving Private K-9

R. Lee Ermey joins VOW Talk Radio to discuss his new show, Saving Private K-9. Ermys new show, Saving Private K-9 tells the battle stories of America's 4-legged heroes, who serve with honor and bravery. R. Lee Ermey was a Golden Globe Best Supporting Actor nominee, and Boston Society of Film Critics Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor in director, Stanley Kubrick's “Full Metal Jacket”, R. Lee Ermey, after more than 25 years in the business, is one of the most successful and talented...


Military Veterans: Finding Financial Peace

During this episode of VOW Talk Radio, Patti Katter and Mollie Grywalsky will be speaking with Colonel Norm Potter who is the Vice President of Financial Peace Government. He is a retired United States Air Force Colonel and Aviator with more than 4,200 hours in various aircraft and more than 1,800 combat and combat support hours. His team’s mission is to use Dave Ramsey’s principles to help all military and civil government members and their families achieve financial resiliency while...


Become Your Military Veterans Best Advocate

Join Voice of Warriors, President - Patti Katter along with Voice of Warriors Vice President - Mollie Grywalsky on VOW Talk Radio 3/19/14 at 1000 EST. Patti and Mollie will discuss tips and hints on how to become your military veterans best advocate. Learn how to show support and if need be, speak in behalf of your veteran during doctor appointments and other situations. Nonprofit organizations who specialize in advocacy are being stretched thin by the abundance of veterans who need...


Caring For The Military Caregiver

Military Caregivers are family members are military spouses or family members who are responsible for caring for our military veterans who have been injured or who became sick because of their time in service. Often times, military caregivers forget to take care of themselves or they put themselves on the back burner. On Tuesday night, November 19, 2013) we will discuss different strategies of how our military caregivers can remember to take care of themselves to avoid caregiver burnout....


How To Enjoy The Holidays w/ Special Guest Dr. Pease-Carter

Dr. Cheyenne Pease-Carter from Give An Hour joins VOW Talk Radio on November 12, 2013. Dr. Carter will be offering insight on how our military veterans and their families can thrive and enjoy the holiday season this year. VOW recognizes the stress and obstacles military families encounter during the holiday season and we are excited to have Dr. Pease Carter give us insight on overcoming holiday obstacles.


Brittany Hamilton, From Operation Ward 57

Brittney Hamilton has spent the last 14 years working for the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital in Seattle, WA as a researcher in mental health and addictions. She earned her Master Degree in Psychology in 2003 from Seattle University and is the proud Army wife of SSG Christian Hamilton. Brittney joined Operation Ward 57 in 2007 as a volunteer Administrator before stepping up as Executive Director in 2011. She finds it extremely rewarding to work & volunteer her time for those who...


Air Compassion For Veterans

Tune in to VOW Talk Radio as special guests from Air Compassion For Veteterans join us! Air Compassion for Veterans® serves to ensure that no financially-stressed wounded warrior, veteran, or adversely-affected family member is denied access to: • Distant, specialized medical evaluation • Diagnosis • Treatment • Counseling • Rehabilitation • Healing and restorative programs • Programs assisting with reintegration into a productive life ACV is committed to the ongoing healing process of our...


1 Million Vet March Hits DC and Beyond

We will be speaking to some of the organizers of the 1 Million Vet March which took place on Sunday, 10/13/13 in Washington DC and throughout the United States. We will find out why they organized the event, what was accomplished, and what's next on the agenda. 1 Million Vet March is NOT a political organization. 1 Million Vet March is made up of military kids, veterans, spouses and those who care about our military. 1 Million Vet March is apolitical. We will take callers for this show,...


Dealing with the Blood and Gore of Halloween

Dr. Cheyenne Pease-Carter, PhD from Give an Hour will join us to talk about the blood and gore that is fashionably acceptable during the Halloween season and how it might affect our veterans. She will share advice on how to deal with the sights and sounds surrounding the event and give us some do’s and don’ts for preventing issues for our veterans, as well as answer questions from callers.


"Red Flags" of false veteran organizations

Join the crew of VOW Talk Radio and guest Tom Cruz. Tom will discuss with the listeners of the red flags that false veteran organizations will have. Learn how to spot the fakes!


Military Veteran, Comedian and Entertainer Joe Stojek

Joe is a Veteran of over 12 years with multiple deployments to Iraq. He is currently active duty as an AGR soldier in the US Army Reserves. Through comedy, broadcasting and entertainment Joe has found a way to deal with his PTSD. Joe’s goal in entertainment is hoping he can reach out to others that are facing the same challenges from PTSD. During his two week R&R on his last deployment, Joe decided he was going to attempt a lifelong dream, standup comedy during an open mic night. Upon his...


Remembering and Respecting the Navy Yard Victims

Tonight we will remember and honor the Navy Yard victims who were killed and injured on 9/16/13.


The Continuing Impact of 9/11

Join Katie & Gordie from VOW Talk Radio along with Clinical Specialist, Dr. Cheyenne Pease-Carter, PhD. from Give an Hour . They will be discussing the continuing impact 9/11 has had not only on our country as a whole, but especially on our service members and their families. We will also talk about the Saginaw Military Veteran Appreciation and Family Fun Day highlights.


Dr. Elizabeth Jacobi of the Music Medicine Institute

Dr. Elizabeth Jacobi, a professional opera singer, a delegate to foreign cultural programs, and a student of a well known doctor from Harvard, has devoted a great deal of her professional life toward her research and development of music therapy, including founding the Music Medicine Institute. At MMI the staff of doctors, interns, and volunteers works to “enhance the quality of life of persons with acute or chronic illnesses through music therapy”. Not only does MMI provide clinical care in...


VOW Talk Radio chats about triggers of PTSD

The 4th of July is upon us and with that can come a time that is stressful for veterans suffering with PTSD. Gordie will give his side as a veteran with PTSD and Patti will give her side as a caregiver for her husband that has PTSD.


VOW Talk Radio chats with the Journal of Military Experience

Join Voice of Warriors Talk Radio as we chat with some of the crew from Journal of Military Experience. JME helps veterans cope with PTSD and their military experience by writing down their lives and their stories!


Fatherhood and Military Life

We will be discussing Fatherhood, being a dad and in the military... or a disabled military vet and a dad... its a show you won't want to miss!