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Dedicated to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States of America.

Dedicated to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States of America.
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Dedicated to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States of America.




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How to Divert a C-130 and Dave Bray USA, Music for Patriots

Divert a C-130? Lt. Pham Quang Khiem, who goes by Khiem Pham, was a South Vietnamese Air Force pilot in April 1975, when he fled the country with his family in tow. At that point, it seemed certain that the country would fall to the ... Read More

“Road to Disaster” with Author Brian VanDeMark

“Road to Disaster” with Brian VanDeMark What do the “Bay of Pigs”, the “Cuban Missile Crisis” and the war in Vietnam have in common? I think you’ll be surprised by the answer. You’ll have to tune in this week on Veterans Radio to find out. ... Read More

Join Dale and Guests Bill Ballou, Larry St. Antoine and Vance McCrumb

Army Intelligence Advisor, Bill Ballou Join Dale this week as he interviews Bill Ballou, an Army Intelligence Advisor during the Vietnam War between December 1967 and December 1968. Seabees and Air Force Dog Handler Also on this week’s program, Larry St. Antoine, Navy Seabee, and ... Read More

Medal of Honor Grove and Author Joe Campolo, Jr.

Medal of Honor Grove, Valley Forge, PA The Medal of Honor Grove is the oldest memorial in the nation. The Grove is a natural woodland covering the majority of the 72-acre campus and is designed as a living memorial to the 3,500+ recipients of our nation’s highest military ... Read More


Brave Hearts Riding PLUS Jimmy Stewart and WWII

Brave Hearts Riding BraveHearts provides innovative services to meet the needs of our military veterans and their families. By utilizing a faculty of national experts and through its innovative programming, education and research, BraveHearts has become a center of excellence within the therapeutic industry. Vision: ... Read More

VA Q&A with Dale, Carol Ann and Mike

Benefits Experts on Deck This week is our monthly program on the VA and your benefits. Dale Throneberry, CW2 pilot with the 195th Assault Helicopter Company from December 1968 to December 1969, is the producer and host of Veterans Radio. Call us with your questions! 844-838-1600 Join ... Read More

Creative Writing Programs, an Outlet for Veterans with PTSD

“Everyone Has a Story to Tell” Dale Throneberry is excited about this week’s program covering the writing program at Charles George VA in Asheville, NC. The founder of the program, Joseph Bathanti, and Stephen Henderson and Butch Grudger, are his guests. Joseph Bathanti, a Professor ... Read More

Honoring Gary Lillie, a Partner and a Friend

Honoring Gary Lillie Listen to this program here Our partner and friend, Gary Lillie, was killed by a hit and run drunk driver on August 4, 2011. Today’s program is dedicated to Gary’s memory. We have chosen two of Gary’s favorite interviews: ... Read More

Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund-Helping Veterans

Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund Join host Dale Throneberry and his guests Dr. Lynn Phillips, Executive Director of the The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund, and Dan Haigh, owner of the Firing Line Indoor Gun Range and Gun Shop in Westland, Michigan. Founded in 2006, the ... Read More

“In Country” Folk Songs by Vietnam Veterans

Folk Songs by Vietnam Veterans The theme of Sunday’s program is the music of the Vietnam War. These songs were actually written by the men who served in the Vietnam War. Some of these songs are descended from the traditional music of earlier wars, some grew ... Read More

“The Honor Was Mine” with Elizabeth Heaney

“The Honor Was Mine” Join host Dale Throneberry and his guest award winning author Elizabeth Heaney, MA, LPC. Her book “The Honor Was Mine” A look inside the struggles of military veterans is a must read for veterans, their families and civilians. A young combat veteran ... Read More

Veterans Administration Q&A with Dale, Michael and Carol Ann

Don’t Be Shy. Call us with your Questions. This week is our monthly program on the VA and your benefits. Join our guests Brig. General (ret) Carol Ann Fausone from Legal Help For Veterans and Michael Smith, Washtenaw County (MI) Dept. of Veteran Affairs. They ... Read More

Kayla Williams, Then and Now (Director, Center for Women Veterans)

From Sergeant to Director Dale Throneberry, host of Veterans Radio, interviewed Kayla Williams in 2006. Today’s program will start with a look back at the 2006 interview to hear what Sergeant Williams shared in her book “Love My Rifle More Than You”. The ... Read More

Caregiver Resource PLUS Thuhang Goes to America Following the Fall of Saigon

Feeling Helpless as a Caregiver? Join host Dale Throneberry as he interviews Lauren Bowen from Warriors and Caregivers United to talk about the organization and upcoming fundraisers and events. ​ Mission Statement Warriors and Caregivers United in supporting, connecting, and helping one another. Our Mission ... Read More

Veteran Stories Told Through Music and Melody

Veteran Stories Told Through Music Music and song is another way people tell their stories. That’s what we do on Veterans Radio. This week we are listening to very personal stories from several talented men and women. Joe Scarlott, Echoes From Vietnam Andrew Wiscombe ... Read More

Memorial Day Remembrances plus VA Monthly Q&A

Memorial Day – Who Was Your Service Buddy? Here is Dale Throneberry’s personal story of his best friend from flight school at Ft. Wolters. I met Ray Schrader in January of 1968 on the first day of flight school at Ft. Wolters, Texas. We were ... Read More

Memorial Day Honors 645,000 Lives Lost in Service to our Country – USS Gerald Ford Inside Story

Poppy Memorial Wall in Washington DC Dale Throneberry, our Veterans Radio host, speaks with John Bird, Vice Admiral, US Navy (Retired), Senior Vice President of Military Affairs, USAA. Throughout the world, the poppy flower has come to symbolize those sacrifices, and USAA has created an ... Read More

The Flying Tigers, American Pilots Secret War Against Japan

Covert Operation in the Jungles of Burma The thrilling story behind the American pilots who were secretly recruited to defend the nation’s desperate Chinese allies before Pearl Harbor and ended up on the front lines of the war against the Japanese in the Pacific Sam ... Read More

Left For Dead in Vietnam

In Memory of Wendell Skinner We recently learned of the passing of Wendell Skinner, a door gunner with the 195th Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam in 1968. We talked with Wendell and his commanding officer Major Earl Carlson in September 2010. We are replaying their ... Read More

Appeal WINS for “Undiagnosed Pain” and VA Panel Discussion

Lawyer Appeal WINS This week on Veterans Radio is our monthly benefits program. One of the stories we will be discussing is a very important recent court case. “Vet lawyers got desired ‘undiagnosed pain’ case to win on appeal”. Who will be our VA Director? ... Read More