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Twins beat reporters join national correspondents to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook.

Twins beat reporters join national correspondents to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook.
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Twins beat reporters join national correspondents to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook.




11/13/18: MLB.com Extras | Minnesota Twins

MLB.com's Anthony Castrovince and Twins reporter Rhett Bollinger discuss Joe Mauer's career and debate if he belongs in the Hall of Fame. They also break down who will play first base and the latest with Rocco Baldelli's coaching staff.


11/6/18: MLB.com Extras | Minnesota Twins

MLB.com's Anthony Castrovince and Twins reporter Rhett Bollinger break down how the club will address its payroll in 2019. They also discuss Derek Shelton returning as the Twins' bench coach, the acquisition of Michael Reed, Joe Mauer's pending announcement and possible free agent targets to bolster the bullpen.


10/30/18: MLB.com Extras | Minnesota Twins

With Rocco Baldelli in town, how will the rest of his coaching staff shake out? MLB.com's Darwin Zook and Twins reporter Rhett Bollinger discuss the possible scenarios. Plus, the Twins make some roster moves with the Hot Stove season in full swing.


10/25/18: MLB.com Extras | Minnesota Twins

MLB.com's Dani Wexelman and Twins reporter Rhett Bollinger break down the team's hiring of Rocco Baldelli. They also discuss possible free agent targets for the Twins this offseason.


10/16/18: MLB.com Extras: Minnesota Twins

MLB.com's Anthony Castrovince and Twins reporter Rhett Bollinger break down Minnesota's managerial search. They also discuss the Twins' offseason plans for Miguel Sanó and Byron Buxton.


9/30/18: Inside Twins

Paul Molitor joins Jack Morris & Kris Atteberry for the season finale of "Inside Twins." The season did not unfold how Paul had hoped, but he is proud of the effort from his team, especially coming down the stretch. He also discusses how the offseason will start to play out, and yes - the two Hall of Famers from St. Paul also chat about another of St. Paul's finest - Joe Mauer.


9/23/18: Inside Twins

Twins' CBO Derek Falvey joins the show with a week left in the regular season. He address some injury situations, as even though it is September the team is playing a little short-handed right now. We hear about some adjustments to how the team is handling instructional league, and could the Twins be on the move and looking for a different Double-A affiliate? That and more on this week's Inside Twins.


9/16/18: Inside Twins

What is in the future for Joe Mauer? Twins CBO Derek Falvey joins the show this week to discuss that hot topic. There is more conversation regarding the "opener" concept, looking at how it layers into potential pursuit of free-agent pitching and if there are other variations of the theory to employ. Plus, we scratch the surface on the structure for offseason organization meetings and planning.


9/9/18: Inside Twins

Paul Molitor joins Jack Morris and Kris Atteberry and Jack wants to talk about the "opener" concept. Mr. Morris has his opinion on this evolution in the game, and Paul provides details on the research involved and the desired results from this approach. Jorge Lopez' flirtation with a perfect game on Saturday has Jack and Paul reflecting on their involvement in some of those rare memorable moments. Paul also discusses some of the late season callups, including the guy he is giving the ball to...


9/2/18: Inside Twins

The decision by the Twins to not recall Byron Buxton for the final month of the season has raised many questions, and general manager Thad Levine joins the show to provide some insight and answers. The front office has not been successful in reaching Buxton directly to discuss their decision and they recognize the importance and welcome that conversation. Thad also discusses the Twins rolling out "the opener" concept in the series finale vs. Texas and more on this week's Inside Twins.


8/26/18: Inside Twins

September callups and the direction for the team in that month is a hot topic on this week's edition of "Inside Twins." Twins CBO Derek Falvey discusses the possibility of the team using a six-man rotation over the final month of the season, along with if the team will consider the concept of "an opener". The game has always evolved from era to era, and Derek feels it's a new way to prevent runs. The team is anxious to see Byron Buxton play in his third straight game for Rochester today, but...


8/19/18: Inside Twins

Manager Paul Molitor joins Jack Morris and Kris Atteberry on this week's show. There is some really interesting conversation regarding the club's recent run of good play at Target Field, players bringing their best every day, still valuing the "little things" and how to truly play for the team. They also cover some roster moves as Ervin Santana is on the DL and Stephen Gonsalves will make his big league debut on Monday. Jack and Paul also reflect on the special pregame ceremony from Saturday...


8/12/18: Inside Twins

The Twins' top pick in 2013, Kohl Stewart, makes his Major League debut, and general manager Thad Levine joins the show to discuss Stewart's long and winding road to the show. He also reacts to comments from Ervin Santana, who said the front office "gave up on us", respecting Ervin's opinion - yet detailing the decision-making process, which led to the moves the team made. Speaking of trades, Thad chats about sending closer Fernando Rodney to Oakland and the player the Twins received -...


8/5/18: Inside Twins

A week that started with the trade of Brian Dozier could be concluding with a sweep of the Royals. Manager Paul Molitor joins Kris Atteberry on this week's show, as they talk about how the team has moved forward since the trade. Paul looks at what could be Max Kepler's ceiling, discusses strides Jorge Polanco is making from the right side of the plate and trying to find the right ways to use the recently-returned Trevor May. They also chat about the interesting road Oliver Drake has taken to...


7/29/18: Inside Twins

As you can imagine, trades are the hot topic as Twins CBO Derek Falvey joins this week's show. He discusses the unfortunate circumstances of how news broke of the trade of Eduardo Escobar to Arizona, and how Ryan Pressly made himself a pitcher in demand. Derek dives into the players the team received for Esco and Press, and how active the team will be in final two days before the Trade Deadline. We also touch base on Joe Mauer's future, and the special day in Cooperstown as Jack Morris, Jim...


7/22/18: Inside Twins

Has the slow start out of the All-Star break made the Twins sellers as the Trade Deadline approaches? General manager Thad Levine joins "Inside Twins" to discuss that, explaining the team is always looking for "good baseball deals" whether selling or buying. Thad is ecstatic about Ervin Santana making his season debut on Wednesday in Toronto, and he sheds some light on the Rochester Red Wings employing the "opener" concept. We also receive updates on Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton and more on...


7/15/18: Inside Twins

As the first half concludes, Twins CBO Derek Falvey stops by for a detailed discussion on his team at the break. This current successful homestand has given Derek more time to find the team's identity, and he likes to evaluate his squad in 10-game increments. The Trade Deadline is looming, but over the last three years, 80% of the acquisitions have occurred within the five days leading up to that date, so there is time to decide between buyer or seller. He also offers some injury updates on...


7/8/18: Inside Twins

We circle more than the bases when manager Paul Molitor joins Kris Atteberry and Jack Morris for this week's show. They really get into the value of wins for a pitcher, which in turn gives us a glimpse into a part of Jack's upcoming Hall of Fame acceptance speech. Jorge Polanco returned from his 80-game suspension this week and they chat about his impact so far. Plus, Paul shares his reaction to some comments from Tom Kelly and the impact TK had - and continues to have - for both Paul and...


7/1/18: Inside Twins

Our old friend and colleague, and current member of the Cubs radio team, Ron Coomer slides over into our booth at Wrigley Field to join Cory Provus and Dan Gladden for a roundtable discussion on this week's show. It has been a hot and steamy weekend in Chicago, so the guys discuss heat-related issues in the game. They also chat about the struggles the Twins have had on this road trip and in the first half of the season, including injuries and guys who have not been around to contribute. It...

6/24/18: Inside Twins

Twins manager Paul Molitor swings by to chat about another up-and-down week for his club. There was a roster move for him to address, and some of baseball's unwritten rules came into play over the past few games. Plus, with the Twins heading to Wrigley Field next weekend, Paul reflects on some of his memories from that legendary ballpark, including a stint singing the 7th-inning stretch. Join us for this week's "Inside Twins."