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The BEARDNET New Year's Eve - New Years Resolution, Video Games, Star Wars, More

On this LIVE edition of the Beardnet, we celebrate New Years Eve in style. We discuss Breakfast with Fedor, UFC 195, Star Wars and more!


Beardnet - Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm, Charlie Sheen, the EA Curse

Coming up on this explosive episode of the Beardnet Podcast with Cutman Matt, Pro Matt and Corporate Jordan, we discuss: -Charlie Sheen. Sheen is making a big personal announcement on the Today Show with the expectation being that he is HIV Positive. The hosts will delve into the news and what it means to the entire Hollywood scene in general. -Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. Saturday's defeat of Ronda Rousey has sent huge shockwaves through the MMA World. We look at what this does for the...


Beardnet 11/11/2015 - Movies you're embarassed to own, Homelessness, Candy

On this edition of the Beardnet Podcast, Corporate Jordan and Cutman Matt discuss Movies you're embarassed to own and afraid to admit you like. What hides in the sexy shelves of Cutman Matt's household and the Corporate sellout shelves of the Jordan trailer? Then, for whatever reason, the hosts turn to discuss Homelessness and even those fake mofos posing as panhandlers. They also take the time to talk about goodass cand Pro Matt opens and closes the show but he's not really there so it's...


Beardnet - Halloween Costumes, Dressing Up, Halloween Candy

On this Battle of the Blades edition of the Beardnet Podcast, Christine (formerly of the G3 Podcast with Pro Matt) joins Pro Matt and Jordan to discuss dressing up for Halloween as adults. Pro Matt and Jordan are kind of buzzkills when it comes to this and Christine discusses the possible fun of it. We also discuss Halloween Candy. Who is the best Halloween Candy gifter of the Beardnet hosts? Who is the worst? Who ate all their Halloween Candy already?


The Beardnet - 10/13/2015 -

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Beardnet Episode 1 - Fresh Prince, Jazzy Jeff, UFC, Other Irrelevant things

We're back! The podcast formerly known as Beards on MMA is back as Beardnet. Now instead of pretending we're an MMA podcast that talks about nothing, we're actually a nothing podcast that talks about nothing! Same hosts - Cutman Matt, Pro Matt and Corporate Jordan aka CoJo talk this time around about all things Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff going back on tour! We also talk about the UFC Rankings and the recent storm of craziness Pro Matt started on Twitter. Us on Twitter - @TheBeardnet Pro...


Beards on MMA with Scotty Riggs - UFC Fight Kit, Bellator 139, UFC 189

On this week's Beards on MMA, we welcome WCW and ECW favorite Scotty Riggs. A storied member of such historic wrestling angles as Raven's Flock, The Network and to a lesser extent The American Males, Scotty has been through and seen it all. So what are we going to talk to this storied pro wrestler about? Well this is Beards on MMA, so we'll probably end up talking about anything but MMA like we usually do. Still, we'll get into a few things like the UFC Fight Kits announcement and ensuing...


Beards on MMA with Zombie Mike Dubois - UFC 189, Bellator 138, SFL

On this week's Beards on MMA, we chat with the Zombie himself Mike Dubois. Longtime friend of the show, Zombie Mike returns to action July 11th with Super Fight League in his first pro title fight! We'll see what the Zombie's up to, probably swear a whole bunch and then discuss the last time we were all together. After that, it's a mix of a few topics: -Fixed fights: The hosts discuss their thoughts of whether Ken Shamrock / Kimbo Slice from Bellator 138 was fixed -UFC 189: Injuries are...


Beards on MMA with Matt Helm - Bellator 138, UFC 188, more

On this Beards on MMA, we chat with Matt Helm who makes his professional debut next week at Bellator 138. What's going through his head leading to his pro debut? Will he pick Cutman Matt to wrap his hands? Will he walk out to Danger Zone? Then we'll get into a chat about UFC 188. Cain Velasquez returns from his return from return from return from return from injury to take on Fabricio Werdum, who you can never count out of an awkward battle. But does he stand a chance against Cain? We'll...


Beards on MMA with Joshua Sampo (5/18/2015 ) - UFC 187, Bellator 137, weight cut

Tonight on Beards on MMA, our good friend Josh Sampo drops by again to talk about his fight with Justin Scoggins at UFC 187. We'll chat with him about the event, the Flyweight division in general, his thoughts on the Reebok deal and more. Then we'll break down the UFC 187 card itself and chat about last week's Bellator 137 event, including the continued domination of Brandon Halsey (but the fact that he's no longer champion) and a controversial setback for Mike Richman. Lastly, we'll end...


Beards on MMA with Steve Parker 5/12/2015 - UFC Adelaide & Manila, Bellator 136

On this episode of Beards on MMA, we welcome Australian actor Steve Parker onto the show. Fresh off a major stint on the Australian comedy "Danger 5" as Nikita Khruschev, Steve joins us to discuss something else near and dear to his heart: MMA. Steve was in attendance at UFC Adelaide and will give us a first hand account of the event being held in his hometown. We'll also get his thoughts on UFC Fight Night Manila and who he thinks will win the Featherweight Superfight between Frankie...


Beards on MMA 05/06/2015 - UFC Sponsorship Deal, UFC Fight Night: Adelaide, More

Ok, NOW I think we're back. On this week's Beards on MMA, we delve into the revelation of the UFC's tiered Reebok Sponsorship contract. What do the hosts think? We'll then discuss UFC Fight Night: Adelaide featuring our old pal Stipe Miocic taking on Mark Hunt. We'll look at the card and the fights that interest us the most and give our thoughts. Then because it seems like the MMA thing to do right now, we'll talk about Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao. You know...since it's apparently an...


Beards on MMA with Josh "The Gremlin" Sampo

On this week's Beards on MMA, we get 80s with Josh "The Gremlin" Sampo, returning to the Octagon at UFC `87 against Justin "Tank" Scoggins. It will have been nearly a year since Sampo last fought and we'll find out what he's been up to, and get his thoughts on much more, like giving yourself nicknames, Burt Watson and more. The hosts will also discuss the departure of the UFC's Hype Man Burt Watson, and discuss a reasonable way to find a replacement for him. We'll also give our thoughts on...


Beards on MMA with Michelle Ould - Week of 2/23/2015 - Bellator 134

On this week`s episode of Beards on MMA, we welcome Michelle Ould back to the jungle to discuss the usual - Power Rangers vs Ninja Turtles, cool nicknames and even a little bit of MMA. The guys also get into Bellator 134: The (slightly less) British Invasion and try to touch upon UFC 184 and Invicta FC 11: Cyborg vs. Tweet, but fail in doing so. Beards on MMA sponsored by the Mod Cabin! Backwoods Beauty Products for Bearded Men. Follow us on Twitter @BeardsonMMA


Beards on MMA - The Return of the Kings! World MMA Awards, Drug Testing

Yes welcome back folks to the best MMA podcast in all the land - Beards on MMA! On this edition of Beards on MMA, we discuss the World MMA Awards which occurred in Las Vegas in late January and was attended by Cutman Matt and Pro Matt. How did Team Matt fare in Vegas, and what did they think of the overall presentation? We will then talk about the stunning number of failed drug tests in MMA recently and discuss, among other things, whether or not we really believe it's hurting the sport,...


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G3 Podcast - 8/14/2014 - Gamescom, Parrot Minidrones, Robin Williams, Lays Chips

We back! Well Matt and Beau are back. Christine is busy drunk somewhere in Las Vegas, and Randal and Beau might be playing Amazing Race. On this edition of the G3 Podcast, we'll talk about some of the announcements this year at Gamescom, primarily focusing on Sony and Microsoft. Then, Matt took some of the new Parrot Minidrones for a test spin. Is this worth the price of admission? Then...CHIPS! Lay's Canada has narrowed down their flavour search to the following: -Tzatzaki -Jalapeno Mac n...


G3 Podcast 6/25/2014 - E3, Steam Summer Sale, Google I/O

Tonight on the 86th episode of The G3 Podcast we start off the night with our WAYP segment! What have you guys been playing recently? Send us a tweet @TheG3Podcast or comment on our Facebook page! First up we invade your ears with some E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo ran from June 10-12 but we never had a chance to discuss it! Listen in to see our thoughts on the Expo and what games we are looking forward to. Next up. Hide yo wallets! The Steam SUMMER SALE began on the 19th and will...


G3 Podcast 6/04/2014 - Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs, EA UFC, Wolfenstein, HTC M8

We're back like that terrible Dinosaur's Story! We'll see what the hosts are playing this week, and then jump into... MAAARIOO KAAARTTTT EIGHT!! Mario Kart 8 is out for the WiiU, and it's uh, so so good. We'll check in with Matt, Beau and Randal who will chat about the game and how much they've been enjoying (and not enjoying) it. Then we'll talk about Watch Dogs. Was it worth all that wait and all the hype? After a brief chat about Wolfenstein, we'll jump over to the EA Sports UFC Demo, and...


G3 Podcast 4/30/14: Atari, Fan Expo, Dinnercam

Tonight on the 84th episode of The G3 Podcast we start off the night with our WAYP segment! We always love to update you guys on the new or even older games we have been playing! What have you guys been playing recently? Send us a tweet @TheG3Podcast or comment on our Facebook page! First up we will discuss Beau's adventure at the Fan Expo in Vancouver. I know he met up with Adam, proof is on twitter. Then we will talk about an Atari graveyard that was found recently. You've all heard the...