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WDP026: Crossover podcast with Iain Abernethy

It was heaps of fun to record this special crossover podcast episode with Karate-expert Iain Abernethy. I had him on my podcast in episode 18 and it was a great interview. Iain suggested the idea of doing something together and I agreed right away. This is the result. The concept was this: We asked our followers on social media (and me on Patreon too) for questions to ask the other instructor. During the talk, we ask eachother these questions and then discuss them a bit. Iain comes from...


WDP025: How to choose a self-defense class or instructor

This episode is late again for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that I have been travelling. That said, I think you'll like it as it answers a question I get asked all the time: how do I choose a self-defense class or instructor? In this episode, I list numerous aspects you should take into consideration before making such a choice. The list isn't complete, but it certainly helps you avoid the biggest problems. Enjoy! Episode homepage:http://www.wimsblog.com/25 Show...


WDP024: Interview with Professor Drew Anderson

I've been looking forward to it for a while and now I finally got the chance to interview Professor Drew Anderson. He is a Psychology professor but also a Fireman, EMT and much more. We do a deep dive into PTSD and trauma, how to handle it and build resilience, handling disturbed individuals and much more. As always, there is a Q&A at the end. Enjoy! Professor Drew Anderson Episode homepage:http://www.wimsblog.com/24 Show notes: 1. PTSD, trauma and...


WDP023: Basic Self-Defense

In this episode, I give you an update on what's been going on, including one wicked cool surprise. Then I talk in-depth about the instructional video I'm filming in two weeks: Basic Self-Defense. It's a program I've been teaching for the last 20+ years and I'm excited to share it with you all. With a bit of luck, it'll be available at the end of the month. The show ends with a Q&A on how to condition your shinbones for muay Thay and kicking in general. Enjoy! Episode homepage:...


WDP022: Interview with paramedic Doug Wittrock on handling injuries suffered in training or street fights

Whatever martial art or self-defense system you train in, eventually you are faced with injuries. Either you suffer one or you have to help somebody else. In a street-fight or a self-defense situation, you or a friend or loved one can get seriously injured too. What do you do then? What should you do before the ambulance arrives or before you can get to a hospital? In this episode, paramedic Doug Wittrock covers the most common injuries that result from physical violence and explains the...


WDP021: Martial Arts as Systems

In this episode, I talk about something that has been on my mind a lot these last few years: how martial arts work as systems. They all have specific components, a structure and an internal logic, which can differ wildly from one art to the next. I dig into this a bit to explain why a lot of discussions about martial arts and self-defense systems go wrong all too often. Enjoy! Show notes: 1. Intro: Sword fighting geometry and so much more... 2. Martial arts as systems: Thinking in...


WDP020: How to take notes of your martial arts and self-defense techniques

One of my Patrons asked if I could give some tips about taking good notes of your martial arts and self-defense techniques. He struggled with it during seminars and is looking for some information on how to do it better. I take a lot of notes myself and have devised my own system over the years. In this episode, I share some of the most key aspects of efficient note-taking for the long term. Episode homepage: http://www.wimsblog.com/20 Show notes: 1....


WDP019: Dealing with martial arts injuries

This episode goes into detail about something that has been a large part of my life for the last few years: Dealing with martial arts injuries. I've had my fair share and several people wanted me to cover this, so here goes! Episode homepage: http://www.wimsblog.com/2018/05/podcast-episode-19-dealing-with-martial-arts-injuries/ Show notes: 1. Intro: https://demeere.pivotshare.com/ 2. Dealing with martial arts injuries: Fight medicine by Dr. Michael Kelly:...


WDP 018: Interview with Iain Abernethy

In this episode, I interview karate expert Iain Abernethy. He is one of the most popular instructors today and travels the world teaching seminars. He is most known for his approach to "bunkai", which are the applications of the movements in kata. We discuss this and much more during the interview. After we stopped recording, Iain proposed a project we could both work on and I said yes. It'll take a bit of time, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. We'll let you know when it's ready. Episode...


WDP 017: How to analyze violence on video

No interview this episode due to circumstances, so I made another episode answering a question from one of my Patrons: how to analyze videos of a violent incident. I explain some of the factors I take into account and how you can use the information for your own self-defense needs. Episode home page: http://www.wimsblog.com/17 Show notes: 1. What's new: 2. How to analyze violence on...


WDP 016: Listener Questions and Answers

In this episode I'm trying something new: I opened the floor to questions on my Facebook page and I try to give detailed answers. If you'd like to ask me something for the regular Q&A, feel free to get in touch. All the links to contact me are at the bottom of this text. On with the show! Episode home page: http://www.wimsblog.com/16 Show notes: 1. What's new: http://www.wimdemeere.com/notification/ 2. Question...


WDP 015: Interview with Captain Jon Lupo

We're at episode 15 now and in this one, I interview Captain Jon Lupo of the New York State Troopers. I've known Jon for a long time and he's a solid, stand-up guy. I wanted him on the show to let him share his experience in law enforcement with us all and ask some specific questions relating to self-defense and the law. I think you'll enjoy it! The reason this episode is a few days late is because I did a book launch last week and it took up all my time. As of then, you can get my Heavy...


WDP 014: Thoughts on gun control

I have a cold, so you'll notice I sound a bit differnt in this episode. Regardless, in this one I cover some updates, do a Q&A, but most of all I give my thoughts on gun control. It all started over something I posted on my Facebook page which prompted me to talk about it in this episode. My goal is to explain how I see this topic in general, a basic introduction if you will. I hope you find it useful. http://www.wimsblog.com/2018/03/podcast-episode-14-thoughts-on-gun-control Show...


WDP 013: Interview with Montie Guthrie

In this episode I interview an Air Marshal who just retired and happens to be a good friend: Montie Guthrie. Montie has several decades of law enforcement experience working in several agencies, including the Border Patrol. He was kind enough to take some time to talk to me and give his perspective on the job, violence, self-defense, firearms and much more. Just so you know, we were... helped... yeah, "helped" by an undisclosed amount of whiskey during the recording of this interview. We...


WDP 012: Paladin Press videos and a celebration

I'm a bit late with this episode, it should have aired last week but due to circumstances that didn't work out. I'll catch up and release the next episode sooner! Anyway, in this one, I give you some updates and the talk about my new online video platform. I have all my old Paladin Press videos on there and there's more to come. Also, a segment on my first year on Patreon and a bunch of free stuff I'm giving away for all of you. The episode ends with a...


WDP 011: Interview with Clint Overland

Here's another interview, this time with Clint Overland. He's led the life of a violence professional for several decades and has survived it. Clint gives some hard-earned wisdom on violence, working as a bouncer, rape, self-defense and much more. He doesn't hold anything back, so be warned that this episode will shatter some bubbles... Enjoy the podcast! http://www.wimsblog.com/2018/01/podcast-episode-011-interview-clint-overland Show Notes: 1. Rape...


WDP 010: Interview with Terry Trahan

In today's episode, I interview Terry Trahan, a good friend and an amazing instructor. Terry has "led an interesting life", to put it midly and he speaks from not only in-depth training when it comes to violence, but also from hard-earned and dearly paid for experience. He's one of those people I have a blanket endorsement for: if you have the chance to train with him, do so. Enjoy the podcast! http://www.wimsblog.com/2017/12/podcast-episode-010-interview-with-terry-trahan Show...


WDP 009: My new instructional video

After some updates about my surgery and what I'm up to now, I talk a bit about the new instructional video I just published. It's on a self-defense topic that is often overlooked. The episode ends with another Q&A. http://www.wimsblog.com/2017/12/podcast-episode-009-my-new-instructional-video Show Notes: 1. Updates 2. New instructional video Five Element Arm blog post: http://www.wimsblog.com/2017/12/new-instructional-video-five-element-arm/ Five Element Arm instructional video: ...


WDP 008: Interview with Dennis Dilday

To make up for the delay of the last episode, episode 008 is an extra long one. I interview Dennis Dilday, who is both an experienced chiropractor and Tai Chi Chuan practitioner. We talk in detail about the art we practice, self-defense, body mechanics and much, more. http://www.wimsblog.com/2017/11/podcast-episode-008-interview-with-dennis-dilday/ Show Notes: 1. Tai Chi Chuan http://www.taichichuan.co.uk/http://amzn.to/2ArgsUd 2. Miscellaneous...


WDP 007: Teaching my children self-defense

In episode 007 I talk mainly about how I taught self-defense to my children. This started at an early age and continued all the way into their teenage years. It's not as much about fighting techniques as it is about building character. http://www.wimsblog.com/2017/11/podcast-episode-007-teaching-my-children-self-defense Show Notes: 1. Updates 2. Teaching my children self-defense The Tiffany Aching book...