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Join Josiah & Elly for the Greatest Hits and Old School, plus more chances to win every weekday morning 6am-9am.

Join Josiah & Elly for the Greatest Hits and Old School, plus more chances to win every weekday morning 6am-9am.
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Goulburn Valley, Victoria


Join Josiah & Elly for the Greatest Hits and Old School, plus more chances to win every weekday morning 6am-9am.




J&E CATCH UP - Lucky Charms, Resting Stress Face & Studio Sessions Are Back!

A massive Friday show saw Studio Sessions return with Kyabram's Bohdi Hawken getting behind the mic for a rendition of Ed Sheeran's 'You Need Me'! The Powerball went off last night and neither Josiah or Elly won so they're on the look out for a new lucky charm. Does Elly have 'resting bitch face'? She reckons it's just 'resting stress face' but her bosses tend to disagree.. Screw Up Fridays and Headline of the Week are back again too and the guys have also discovered they may be working...


J&E CATCH UP – Blackout Results, Stand Up Comedy & A New Song!

Josiah & Elly spent the last 24 hours locked up in a room together with NO access to the outside world! No technology, no phones, no social media, NOTHING. Safe to say they went NUTS inside and went even mroe nuts in today's podcast. Their reasoning is fair though, walking straight in from their room to do a live show - you'll hear it all on today's catch up - including an original J&E song, a stand up comedy routine + Mario from Shep calls in to let the guys know how that went. Enjoy the...


J&E CATCH UP – Gnarly Nicknames, Josiah’s Gift & How’d You Get Dumped?

It’s the day before Josiah and Elly’s Blackout where they’ll get locked in a room for 24 hours and they’re getting nervous! Elly’s got something to reveal to Josiah that may throw a spanner in the works… Her admission is nothing compared to the stitch up Josiah plays on her though! Ever had a lolsy nickname? Surely it can’t be as cringeworthy as that of a notorious Underbelly figure! Poor Liam Hemsworth only found out that he and Miley were separated via social media! Have you had a...


J&E CATCH UP – Near Death Experiences, Andy & Deb & What Got In Your Eye

ELLY NEARLY DIED ON THE WEEKEND GUYS! Seriously, her near death experience has her seeing a whole new world! A Canberra Raiders player didn’t quite nearly die too over the weekend but he had a very uncomfortable moment involving a firework which lead the guys to ask the question, what got in your eye? There’s only a couple of days left until Josiah and Elly’s Blackout where they get locked in a room for 24 hours with nothing to do but amuse each other! Boss Benny comes into the studio to...


S*** Town Showdown - Shepparton Vs Wagga Wagga

Josiah and Elly aren't happy that Shepparton has made it to the round of 16 in the Shit Town Showdown so they gave their counterpart in Wagga Wagga a call for sledge off!


J&E CATCH UP - Number Plate Nightmares, Multiple Break Ups & Shoddy Town Showdown!

Loose Fridays are back! Elly's tax man assumed something about her based on her number plate and she's not happy about it! At least her plates aren't as bad as some others! The Bachelor last night was a rollercoaster of emotions with Helena breaking up with Matt what felt like a million times - have you ever broken up with the same person heaps? J&E bring their best sledges to their Hit counterparts in Wagga Wagga ahead of the S*** Town Showdown between Shepp and Wagga! Elly is a fan of...


Screw Up Fridays Episode 28!

Elly can't speak AT ALL this week and Josiah's not much better!


J&E CATCH UP - Surgery Mishaps, Punctuated Names & Wagga Wagga Sledges

T'Oday'$ C@cH Up Is Gr8! Good example of unnecessary punctuation? Good. The guys talk about names that have punctuation in them, from El'ise to Le/a, there's some crackers that come through! They also delve into an incredible story out of Gippsland about a surgery gone VERY wrong! The S*** Town Showdown Round 3 is upon the GV and Shepp is up against Wagga Wagga so Josiah and Elly put the call out for help sledging their Riverina counterparts! An Echuca institution is no more and the guys...


J&E CATCH UP - Swoop War Results, Roxy Jacenko & The Block's Mitch and Mark

Did Josiah and Elly survive their magpie hunting expedition to Echuca yesterday? Hear the results of Swoop Wars Round One in today's Catch Up! Plus, there are interviews aplenty in today's show! Roxy Jacenko phones in ahead of her new show I Am Roxy on WIN and the controvesial Block couple Mitch and Mark clear up the Scotty Cam drama too! The guys discuss falling asleep in random places like behind the wheel of a car.. Tesla's amiright? And cravat chat is back when Elly zeroes in on...


J&E CATCH UP - Mistaken Identity, Human Animals & Swooping Hot Spots

Josiah's getting divorced guys! He just doesn't know who he's divorcing and why... Seems like mistaken identity may have struck him! Ever seen an animal act like a human? A soccer playing kangaroo Josiah's found is evidence of that! Swooping season is upon us and the people of the GV gave the guys some tips on where they can go for their 'Swoop Wars'. Plus, Josiah's mad at Elly, Elly's mad at a mum in America and their both mad at today's Productive Thoughts! Enjoy!


J&E CATCH UP – Whipped Dudes, Sore Privates 2.0 & Creepy Crawlies In The Night!

The guys get some of the best calls they’ve ever had today! They kick things off by rehashing one of their favourite topics, “what hurt your privates” and some more cracking stories fly in! Elly had a terrifying moment the other night but it’s NOTHING compared to what some people have had crawling over them while they slept! Twitter is in a storm over a man who some say is super chivalrous, others say is just plain whipped! And your favourite Monday staples are back – Meet Me In The...


Screw Up Friday Episode 27!

The blooper reel of the week is back again!


J&E CATCH UP - Sentimental Losses, Loch Ness Failures & Screw Up Fridays!

Finally, it's decided. Does the Loch Ness monster exist? Josiah is still not convinced... Ever lost something super sentimental and had that feeling where your stomach drops? It's happened to a friend of Josiah's he's in big trouble! Elly's been a good girlfriend and treated her boyfriend but he's done the dodgy so she needs to know where to take things from here! Channel 9's Lexie Jeuniewic and Nath Currie drop by to talk about yesterday's Tocumwal rally and the AFL finals...


Shepp's Monster Cod Catcher On His Moustache Man Pact!

Shepp's Brad Armstrong and his mates had a pact to grow moustaches until they caught a monster Murray cod... Hear how it all went down!


J&E CATCH UP – Funny Signs, Man Pacts & Elly Is Dumb!

A whole bunch of local chats make their way into today’s show – Steph Ryan Member For Euroa joins the guys to talk about the Shepp Super School and local sporting expert Michael drops by for a chat about the upcoming GVL finals! Also, a Shepp fisherman caught a monster Murray cod but it’s the pact he had with his mates that has everyone talking! Elly has had a VERY dumb moment.. Like, she’s embarrassed to talk about it because it was that stupid. Josiah solves another one of Life's...


FULL - Steph Ryan Points Out Problems With The Shepp Super School

Member for Euroa Steph Ryan joined Josiah and Elly after The Nationals commissioned a phone survey to gauge the public's thoughts on the new Super School.


J&E CATCH UP - Airdrop Surprises, Platypus "Experts" & Obese Kookaburras

Today is one of the stranger Catch Up titles we've had and the content does not disappoint! From obese kookaburras causing cars to get crushed to a bodybuilding Italian weighing on on the platypus population of the Goulburn Valley, it's got it all! Not to mention unsolicited pictures being sent via Airdrop too! Oh, and with summer approaching Elly has decided to take up a pretty unconventional hobby.. Country Rap Wednesdays is back too as well as the guys' new favourite game "Guess the...


J&E CATCH UP – Dental Nightmares, Kid Inflicted Injuries & Robots In Shepparton!

Josiah may or may not have died at the dentist yesterday. I mean, he definitely didn’t but the way he acted you probably wouldn’t believe it! So Elly decides to ask for real dental nightmare stories and the calls they get make Josiah’s story pale in comparison! ROBOTS HAVE LANDED IN SHEPPARTON GUYS! They’re calling people and getting opinions so Elly’s decided to utilise this new technology for her own benefit. Has your kid ever hurt you? Cooper Cronk’s did and the story is a...


J&E CATCH UP - Josiah's Phobia, Shower Sitting & Hard Celebrations

Another week, another lolsy Catch Up! Josiah is doing something today that he has a genuine phobia of so Elly is having to hold his hand for it... turns out he's got a fair few fellow scared-y cats in the GV though! Jesse and Mel from the Block join the guys and talk through their decision to put a seat in their shower. Elly is ON BOARD! Ever celebrated too hard? A Raiders fan did over the weekend and once you sit through Josiah's lengthy description of the game, you'll hear what he...


Nichole From Bach Weighs In On Matt's Glasses...

ARE THEY PRESCRIPTION OR NOT?! Elly is desperate to get to the bottom of it! She also dishes the dirt on Matt and said she had no idea of the bitchiness that went on behind the scenes!