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Join Josiah & Elly for the Greatest Hits and Old School, plus more chances to win every weekday morning 6am-9am.

Join Josiah & Elly for the Greatest Hits and Old School, plus more chances to win every weekday morning 6am-9am.
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Goulburn Valley, Victoria


Join Josiah & Elly for the Greatest Hits and Old School, plus more chances to win every weekday morning 6am-9am.




J&E CATCH UP – Best Places To Get Stuck, Swearing In Front Of Kids & Iain “Huey” Hewitson

Josiah has been trapped in THE BEST PLACE EVER! Does it rival Anthony from Echuca’s or Katie from Shepp’s stories though? TV legend Huey joins J&E after Josiah’s chance encounter with him over the weekend and lets us know what he’s been up to since Huey’s Cooking Adventures. Both the guys have had incidents lately where they’ve witnessed parents swearing in front of their kids – is it okay or should we be doing something about it? Ninja Warrior Raphaela calls in for a chat and tells the...


J&E CATCH UP – Passive Aggressive Wars, Extreme Dating Lengths & Celebs In The GV!

Josiah's passive aggressive war with the cleaner continues and there's been a development! A dude has gone to some extreme lengths to get a date with a flight attendant and the guys can't figure out if he's romantic or creepy... Josiah has spotted a "celebrity" in the GV over the weekend but it's pretty anticlimactic for Elly.. He also tries to tell a story about an Indian airline tweeting something horrific but they quickly get derailed by his pronunciation of a certain word...


J&E CATCH UP – Cleaner Wars, Screw Up Fridays & A Tupac Obsessor!

Another loose Friday show is upon us and today is no exception! Josiah’s having a war with the office cleaner and it may have reached its resolution! A man is completely obsessed with Tupac and IT’S NOT NORMAL! More and more calls are coming in about the presence of aliens in the GV... Headline of the Week is back and it sparks a discussion about the use of a naughty word! Lexie Jeuniewic and Nath Currie from Channel 9 news stop by to chat about the stories the GV needs to know! And of...


J&E CATCH UP – Hot Cartoon Characters, Dua Lipa’s Dad & Beating The Pro To It!

Yes, hot cartoon characters are a topic on today’s Catch Up. Not gonna lie, the chat goes to some weird places… Pop superstar Dua Lipa’s dad joins J&E on the show too to dish all the dirt on what it’s like raising one of the biggest singers in the world! Elly has discovered she often pays people to do jobs that she can’t help but do herself beforehand! The guys have been investigating the presence of aliens in the Goulburn Valley all week and Katrina has a story to tell about her alien...


Dugi Lipa, The Father Of Dua Lipa's Full Chat With Josiah And Elly Ahead Of Sunny Hill Festival !

Dugi Lipa joins Josiah & Elly ahead of Sunny Hill Festival in Kosovo which has Calvin Harris, Miley Cyrus & Gashi headlining. An incredible insight into life in Kosovo and what it takes to put on a festival. He also talks about what it's like to be dad to one of the biggest popstars on the planet!


J&E CATCH UP – D-Bag Debates, Primatologists & Moon Landing Gags

Yep, on today’s Catch Up Josiah and Elly debate whether a dude is a D-bag or not – hard hitting stuff! Also, they have a FASCINATING chat with a local Gilliston woman who is a primatologist and has worked with monkeys all around the world! A caller from yesterday’s show reminded Elly of a story about waiting decades to fess up to her parents about something.. Space chats are back on the show today as well ahead of the 50 year anniversary of the moon landing and the HUNDREDS of calls J&E...


J&E CATCH UP - Citizen Arrests, #HotBoss Stitch Ups & UFO Chats Continue!

The Goulburn Valley UFO sighting conspiracy enters another day! The phones have been ringing hot with people's stories about some straaaange encounters! Plus, there's some great news stories doing the rounds at the moment. One of Melbourne's most energetic men has performed a citizens arrest at a 711 and the way he tells the story is not to be missed! Also, a bunch of kids have stolen a car and driven TEN HOURS! How far did your kids get?! Elly can't stop thinking about something strange...


J&E CATCH UP - Brutal Honesty, Schoolbag Surprises & UFO's in Shepp?

JOSIAH RECKONS HE'S SEEN A UFO AND PEOPLE FROM THE GV AGREE! Could they be walking among us? The investigation begins... School goes back today and many parents are hit with some nasty surprises! One of Elly's friends was dealt some brutal honesty over the weekend and it turns out sometimes it works for the better! Meet me in the Riddle is back for a Monday and Josiah has been papped! Enjoy!


J&E CATCH UP – Nude Train Slides, Long Sleeps & Ninja Warriors!

Elly had the longest sleep of her life last night so is feeling fresher than ever! Don’t expect that to mean no mistakes though.. Screw Up Fridays is back for another week and is the longest one yet! Also, a man in Melbourne has slid naked down a train corridor. We’re not even joking. Ninja Warrior hopeful Olivia Vivien joins the guys ahead of her first crack at the course this Sunday! A trailer for the Bachelor has dropped and it highlights one important question which the guys put to...


J&E CATCH UP – Elly’s Hitman Hire, Origin Extremes & Bring Scomo To Shepp!

Elly’s going to desperate measures to get a message through to her boyfriend and she’s resorted to some dirty tactics to catch him out! State of Origin was on last night and is the talk of the town! It lead the guys to reminisce with the GV about some other great sporting memories and hear about the extreme lengths some punters went to in order to watch the game! Word on the street is that Scomo could be lured to Shepparton but only with good reason.. So the guys put it out there – how can...


S*** Towns Of Australia Showdown - Shepparton V Mildura

It's a title no town wants and this week, Shepp is up against Mildura! Josiah and Elly have a battle of the burns with Amy and Wade from Hit Sunraysia over whose town should win!


J&E CATCH UP – Nursery Rhyme Raps, Mildura Rags & KFC Loving Pets

E-Chayne is BAAAACK, fresh from holiday and raring to go. She’s been challenged to perform a bunch of nursery rhymes in the style of rap and she succeeds! The battle for the “Shoddiest* Town of Australia” continues with Shepparton up against Mildura so the guys take on their counterparts in the Sunraysia town in a battle of burns to attempt to put each other’s town through to the next round! Ruining surprises is the worst and that’s exactly what one of Josiah’s friends has done! The...


E-Chayne's Nursery Rhyme Rap Medley - FULL!

E-Chayne tries to one-up Baker Boy's Play School rap of Hickory Dickory Dock with her own nursery rhyme medley!


J&E CATCH UP - Belly Rubbing, Wrong Addresses And Diana Rouvas!

Is it offensive to rub a pregnant lady's belly? The GV is divided! Elly's boyfriend tried to do something nice for her.. but a wrong address nearly ruined it all! Her story doesn't even come close to Andy from Benalla's though! The winner of The Voice joins the guys too to talk about what life is going to be like now that she's the champ! Shepp is up for an award that WE DON'T WANT! And J&E have launched a search for the GV's "sexiest" pet.. it sounds strange but it'll make more sense...


J&E CATCH UP - Elly's Back, Ben Fordham & Strange K.Os

Elly's been on holidays for two weeks but she's back baby! She brings with her a bunch of stories from her travels including an embarrassing place she was caught crying, how she faced her fear and finally gives in to tell the best story she's ever heard! A Victorian man was knocked out over the weekend due to the strangest reason his story doesn't come close to Chris from Nathalia who calls in with an epic K.O tale! The guys give a comprehensive sports wrap of everything that went on in...


J&E CATCH UP – Nugget, Amy Sheppard & Dad Bods!

Benny the boss continues to co-host with Josiah. Today we were introduced to Nugget, who likes to talk to you when you go to sleep at night. Amy Sheppard joined the show to surprise Boss Benny and there was also a massive revelation about a dad bod. Enjoy xo


J&E CATCH UP – The Shala Game, Cleaner vs Josiah & Benny The Boss Co Hosts!

Josiah is once again joined by boss Benny as Elly continues her European adventure. Ben starts a new game called the Shala name game & gets his wife angry. Josiah continues his work raising awareness for the homeless of Shepparton & calls out the state government. There's an update in the pursuit to get Amy Sheppard on the show and Benny has a brilliant new festival idea for Shepparton!


J&E CATCH UP – Why Don't We, Celeb Insta Challenge & Benny The Boss Co-Hosts

Josiah was once again joined by Benny the Boss - who set up a celeb insta challenge. Benny also has a relative with a strange names so we found a list of banned names in Victoria. The boys from Why Don't We came on and Josiah recapped his first night sleeping homeless. Enjoy xo


'Why Don't We' Super Fans Get To Interview The Band!

Josiah had the opportunity to interview one of the biggest boy bands in the world 'Why Don’t We' and chatted with 2 of the band members - Jack and Corbyn. Josiah gave 2 of their biggest fans that live in the GV the opportunity to take over and interview them instead!


J&E CATCH UP – Benny The Boss Co-Hosts, Best Looking Country Revealed & Parent Hotline!

Benny the boss man joins Josiah every day this week to co host the show and the boys had a big one this morning! We find out which country is the hottest in the world. Benny is hopeless at social media and reveals why. He also sets up a parent hotline. Everyone's fav segment Meet me in the Riddle is back + Josiah asks if he can couch surf at Benny's! Enjoy the catch up xo