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Daybreak Alberta connects the province through music, chat and weekend culture. From the arts to the news, retail therapy to health tips, music to chat, leave the workweek behind.

Daybreak Alberta connects the province through music, chat and weekend culture. From the arts to the news, retail therapy to health tips, music to chat, leave the workweek behind.


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Daybreak Alberta connects the province through music, chat and weekend culture. From the arts to the news, retail therapy to health tips, music to chat, leave the workweek behind.






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A Trio of Alberta Books Recommended by Angie Abdou

Each month the books pile up on the desk of Angie Abdou. The acclaimed author ("The Bone Cage" "This One Wild Life") is back for the month of May to make recommendations for three books that piqued her interest. "Bootleg Stardust" by Glenn Dixon; "The Hill" by Ali Bryan; and "Rough" by Robin Van Eck.


A Glimmer of Hope and A Lesson in Resilience

The last 12 months or so have taken a toll on so many of us because even if you haven't been sick with Covid, or even known anyone with Covid, the demands on all of us to prevent the spread of the virus has been a constant. Lost in this is the usual health issues the health care system deals with. However, in the midst of all the dire news we see, there are moments of light and that was highlighted for Russell when he got a call from one of his dearest friends a few weeks ago. Russell asked...


Making A Game of Ending Discrimination

Would you play a game if it promised to make you feel awkward? Some new game developers are thinking you will say yes to that idea. Not That Funny is a tabletop game that creates everyday allies against racism and discrimination, one awkward conversation at a time. One of the developers of the game is Jesse Lipscombe, an Alberta actor and public speaker, who works with schools and companies to help everyone learn how to be inspired to end stereotypes. Jesse spoke with Russell about this new...


Angie Abdou and Her One Wild Life

Angie Abdou is a teacher, writer and frequently, she's on Daybreak to review some Alberta books. Angie's first novel, "The Bone Cage," was championed by Georges Laraque on Canada Reads back in 2011. Her other books include the novels "The Canterbury Trail," "Between," and "In Case I Go." A couple of years ago, she brought forth the nonfiction book "Home Ice," about her life as a hockey mom. Her latest is called "This One Wild Life," a personal story of a mother and daughter bonding over...


Success Chased Sharon Pollock

Tributes poured in for Sharon Pollock, the former artistic director of Theatre Calgary died on April 23 at age 85 after battling cancer. Pollock twice won the Governor General's Award for Drama for her plays, "Blood Relations" and "Doc." Theatre Calgary called Pollock a "giant" and a "fierce, bold and groundbreaking artist" whose work helped shape the Canadian landscape. Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, a noted theatre-goer, praised her for telling "our stories in new ways and forced us to look...


What To Say If The Boss Asks If You Got Your Shot

For better or worse, vaccination programs are underway with many of us receiving our first shots, and more will come in the weeks ahead. For those lucky to still be working, and maybe even going in to our workplace, some may be wondering if we have to tell our boss if we have gotten the vaccine. Does the boss have the right to ask. And then there is interactions with customers, clients, and other visitors to the workplace. Should they know if staff at a retail space have been vaccinated?...


What NHL Fans Can Learn From the ESL Debacle

It's being called a big win for fans of the "beautiful game." The international soccer world was rocked earlier this week when twelve of Europe's top clubs announced their intention to form a new super league, however, the upstart move prompted a swift and strong backlash. From fans to players to politicians, there was widespread condemnation. Many of the teams have now withdrawn from the group, leaving the proposal in shambles. It's a big contrast in the way sports teams and leagues are...


Poetry Painting and Pizza for A.B. Dillon

The debut book of poetry for Alberta writer, A.B. Dillon, garnered some early praise with Matronalia winning the Alberta Writers' Guild award for poetry. Her newest work is called Murmuration and one of the poems in it, entitled Miss Mercy, was long listed for the CBC Poetry Prize. Murmuration explores the past through patterns in colour and even in the flight paths of birds. A.B. (Angela) spoke with Russell from her home.


The Move to Electric Cars Is Speeding Up

According to The International Energy Agency, Canadians drive some of the most polluting cars in the world with carbon pollution from transportation increasing by nearly 30% over the two decades, thanks to a growing appetite for SUVs and trucks. Like many players in the Renewal Energy sector, transportation is under going a change, according to Markham Hislop, a journalist and founder of Energi Media, and the host of the podcast Energi Talks.


Trina Moyles Is On The Lookout

A young Canadian woman on a journey to experience Canada's vast boreal forest through her life in the wild. However, she also has her own story of her inner self, and Alberta writer Trina Moyles, tells the story in a new memoir detailing her daily life, work and adventures as a seasonal smoke spotter in northern Alberta. The book is called "Lookout: Love, Solitude, and Searching for Wildfire in the Boreal Forest." and Russell spoke with Trina from from her home in Peace River.


Obsessed With Obsession

What pushes people to push themselves? It's a question which a new book from Banff's Bernadette McDonald attempts to explore in the lives of mountain climbers in "Winter 8000." Daybreak's books reviewer, Angie Abdou, has a look inside the pages.


Angie Abdou Explores 5 Themes on Grief

Angie Abdou is Daybreak's Alberta books reviewer, and for the month of March, she joins Russell to discuss "Locations of Grief: An Emotional Geography" (collected essays edited by Catherine Owen).


Pandemic Postcards

CBC Radio, in conjunction with the Alberta Writers Guild, produced a series of short stories telling some of the impressions Alberta writers had in the early days of the Covid-19 outbreak. The Guild had sponsored a contest to get Albertans creating new work, and in the Spring of 2021, 8 of those stories, including a Top 3 finalist, were chosen to produce for broadcast. Here are those 8 stories, produced by Allan Boss.


Staying Warm with Film and History

On a cold day, you wouldn't be blamed for looking for something to do inside and where you can stay warm. On February 6, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery is screening two movies by Lethbridge film-maker, Dana Inkster, including one she made in 1999, "Welcome To Africville" a film that told some of the story of a legendary black community in Halifax. A few years later, Dana did a documentary called "Ladies of the Saturday Night," telling the tale of brothel workers during Drumheller's mining...


Alberta History Streams From the NFB for Black History Month

For more than thirty years Cheryl Foggo has chronicled the story of the thriving Black community on the Prairies, including pioneers who lived, worked, and raised families in the west. Her documentary which tells the story of one memorable man, John Ware, is available for free starting February 8 on the website of the National Film Board, "John Ware Reclaimed" explores the life of a Black rancher who settled in Alberta in the 1880's. Cheryl Foggo joins Russell by phone to chat about...


State of travel during COVID

Our regular travel columnist Kim Gray speaks with guest host Paul Karchut, about the state of the travel industry during COVID-19, and the ways that she's still scratching the travel itch while following the strict travel guidelines.


The future of Alberta's movie theatre business

The movie theatre business has been gutted during COVID 19 - with revenues down, 70, 80, 90 per cent. And with so many of us making the move to high def streaming from the comfort of our homes, guest host Paul Karchut asks the CEO of Landmark Theatres, which has 46 theatres across Canada and is headquartered in Calgary, what the future holds for his industry.


Life in Calgary as a Filipino-Canadian: Going from being seen to feeling like you matter

As part of our ongoing CBC Calgary Filipino bureau, Paul Karchut speaks with Filipino community leader, Cesar Cala, about a concept that he refers to as "first we exist, then we matter".


What Now For America?

What a week it has been in U.S. politics with the end of the Trump era and the beginning of the Presidency of Joseph Biden, along with Vice-President Kamala Harris. Professor Kimberly Brown-Pellum has reflected on an historic inauguration and what comes next. Russell spoke with the history professor at Florida A&M University from her home in Tallahassee, Florida.


Angie Abdou Hangs Out With Molly At The Mall

A new year is an exciting time to look ahead. However for her January Alberta Books reviewer, Angie Abdou looks back to the 2020 winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, "Molly of the Mall," by Heidi I. M. Jacobs.