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Doug, Jen and Victoria share fun and thoughtful stories from the worlds of pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!

Doug, Jen and Victoria share fun and thoughtful stories from the worlds of pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!


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Doug, Jen and Victoria share fun and thoughtful stories from the worlds of pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!






The Good News report from the DJV Show!

It might seem impossible, but there's still good news out there! On this episode of the DJV podcast, we bring you the latest, from missing dogs being reunited with their families, to Girl Scout cookies being available online for the first time ever, and the apps that you can use to help First Responders in your area! There are still good things happening out there folks, you've just got to look around! Let us know your good stories on social media, at or on Twitter...


Dr. Ken reveals new groundbreaking research supporting the hydroxychloroquine/Z-pak combo

The Coronavirus has been scary for all of us, and we could all use a little hope that it will be over soon. Today, our trusted cardiologist Dr. Ken Kronhaus came on the program to talk about the ground breaking follow-up study from France that show 78 out of 80 patients who were prescribed the hydroxychloroquine/Z-pak combination were cured, almost immediately. Read the full study here -


Warren Eckstein answers your questions about Pets and Coronavirus

If you're freaked out by all the Corona virus news everyday, Pet Expert Warren Eckstein is here to ease your fears. The most important thing you should be doing is making sure your furry best friend is still getting exercise, socializing with other animals, and getting a lot of love at home. Warren has tips for the best ways you can put those plans into action - without endangering yourself or your pet!


Doug's close call with COVID-19, Filling out the Census while quarantined and The Epoch Times take on the reality in China

On today's episode of the DJV podcast, Doug explains just how easy it is to come in contact with the Coronavirus - as he himself explains his, and his grandsons, close call with it in California. We also talk with Dana Cheng of the Epoch Times, who explains exactly what their sources in China are saying regarding the actual number of people still being infected today and why Iran and Italy have been impacted so hard when it originated in China. We also discuss the easiest ways that you can...


This week in Coronavirus - Spring Break idiots, Distilleries producing hand sanitizer, Remote exercise classes take over

It's another week and still, all we're talking about is Coronavirus. Doug, Jen and Victoria are trying to bring you the stories that not everyone is talking about - the distilleries in the US and France that have completely shut down their alcohol and perfume production lines to help the community by making hand sanitizer, the virtual exercise classes taking over Instagram live and other streaming services to keep you mentally and physically in shape, and the huge contributions that...


Dr. Ken's simple advice for beating COVID-19 - Just keep living a normal, healthy life

In all the panic and fear circulating around, it's easy to give into anxiety and lose sight of reality. Cardiologist Dr. Ken Kronhaus gives his calm insight into the best way to keep healthy - and it's surprisingly simple. Instead of worrying, listen to the podcast to find out how to limit your anxiety and keep your immune system the healthiest it can be.


Record breaking Smurf Festival, US Soccer insults USWNT, Harvey Weinstein's threat to Jennifer Aniston

On today's DJV podcast, we're talking all things... smurfs? There's a giant smurf festival in France that feels like the only thing not being canceled in the wake of the Coronavirus, Harvey Weinstein's crazy email about Jennifer Aniston after his sentencing and a new study revealing just how many consumers shop...when they're drunk. We also have the latest update from New Rochelle in New York, where the entire neighborhood is on lockdown after massive coronavirus outbreak and the latest...


DJV PSA - Don't use vodka to sanitize your hands, and other Coronavirus extremes to avoid

It's everywhere! Talk about Coronavirus that is, not that actually virus. We've got more reminders to keep you mellowed out - there's no reason to use Tito's vodka as hand sanitizer (first of all, it doesn't even work!), you don't need to get into fist fights over toilet paper and Zinc might just be the #1 way to keep yourself healthy. We also talk about William Shatner's latest divorce and the bizarre things that are being split between him and his ex-wife, the impact that quarantines might...


Calming Coronavirus fears, Tom Brady's Future and New York's plastic bag ban

On today's DJV Podcast, Doug, Jen and Victoria do their best to explain exactly how the Coronavirus could impact you in the US and talk about all the crazy things people are stocking up on. You definitely don't need 10 jumbo size packs of toilet paper! We also predict how the Tom Brady/ Patriots drama will finally be resolved, New York's new ban completely eliminating plastic bags, and a bunch of delicious food deals that you can score this week! Find us on social media at...


Coronavirus Halts Diet Coke production, Major Scam hits Shark Tank star and Dog Cloning - It's officially here

Today, Doug, Jen and Victoria explain the latest in the Coronavirus pandemic and how exactly the "community" spread of it could impact us in the US, who the DNC is interviewing to try and find another candidate to beat Bernie Sanders and a new company is offering to clone your dog for a HUGE price tag. We also talk about the major scam that Shark Tank host Barbra Corcoran fell for this week, the hack impacting MGM customers and why you should be stocking up if you're a diet coke fan. Plus, a...


CBS loses big in Dem Debate, Hot Pockets Heiress goes to jail and Tokyo Olympics prepare for Coronavirus

On today's episode of the DJV podcast, we're getting down to the bottom of who won and who loss the South Carolina democratic debate, and more importantly - which candidates need a major makeover from Jen and Victoria. We also talk about the latest updates in the Coronavirus and what the Tokyo Olympic committee is doing to prepare for it, and the hot pocket heiress who’s facing jail time after paying to get her kids into college In the college admissions scandal. Plus, a first amendment...


Bloomberg's debate meltdown, George Zimmerman sues 2020 candidates, Tik Tok's deadly trend

On the latest DKV podcast, all eyes are on the democratic debate. We talk about Bloomberg's disappointing appearance in his first debate, who "won" the evening and what that means for the upcoming Nevada caucus. Plus, notoriously horrible person George Zimmerman is in the news again - this time suing candidates Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttegieg for defamation and parents - there's a scary new trend that kids are trying on Tik Tok that you need to be on the lookout for. Find out all the...


Terrifying Daytona 500 crash, Boy Scout Bankruptcy and National Drink Wine Day

On today's podcast with Doug, Jen and Victoria, we discuss the horrifying crash that driver Ryan Newman had at the Daytona 500 this week, and what his condition is after being taken to the hospital. We also talk about why the Boys Scouts of America are struggling and had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Michael Avenatti's conviction following his attempt to extort Nike for $25 million and we celebrate #NationalDrinkWineDay with a little wine trivia! Plus, the bad new for TGI Fridays and...


The best and worst Oscar moments, Elizabeth Smart assault, Christina Koch's record breaking return from space

On today's podcast, we talk about our favorite Oscars moments and outfits, the actors who were snubbed in the In Memoriam segment and the sad passing of Robert Conrad and Orson Bean over the weekend. Plus, we celebrate Christina Koch (Cook) returning to Earth after her record breaking space mission and the continuing results from the disaster at the Iowa Caucus. Don't forget to subscribe to our podcasts on the Apple podcast app, Spotify or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts! You...


Dog fans unite over Puppy Bowl, Vanessa Bryant breaks her silence and TMZ Petition - will they be shut down?

It's the DJV podcast and to celebrate making it through another week, we're obviously talking about the most *important* story of the week - Wrestlers and Twins Nikki and Brie Bella announcing that they're BOTH pregnant. We've got the scoop on that, plus what the White House is doing to try and stop John Bolton from publishing his tell-all book about Trump, the heartbreaking statement from Vanessa Bryant following her husband Kobe's shocking death this week and the petition that's trying to...


Memories of Kobe Bryant and his legacy, Grammy winners and losers, Tinders new safety feature

On today's DJV podcast, there's really only one thing on our mind - Doug, Jen and Victoria take a few minutes to talk about Kobe Bryant, what he meant to LA and the world and how we're all still reeling from the shocking news. We cover the Grammy's and our favorite parts, including Alicia Keys as host and Billie Eilish's wins, plus the latest from Wuhan and the coronavirus, the Earthquakes that shook Puerto Rico, Turkey and parts of Canada yesterday and a new feature from Tinder that's...


California vineyard spills 100K gallons of wine, Eating sugar in winter is killing you and James Corden's huge surprise for fans

On today's podcast, we're taking a break from impeachment - but there's always something else to scare you in the news. There's a new app called ClearView that's letting people - and the FBI - identify you with just the snap of a picture. Plus, a gigantic wine spill in California is worrying environmentalists, fans are shocked to learn that *gasp*James Corden doesn't actually drive on carpool karaoke and we all take guesses about what kind of alcohol we think the democratic candidates drink....


How to celebrate MLK Jr. Day, Brad and Jen's SAG awards reunion, Gloria Allred's new lawsuit against Delta

On the last DJV podcast, we're celebrating MLK Jr day by remembering his great achievements and what you can do to show service to your community. We talk about who we'll be supporting in the Superbowl now that we now the final two teams, the big winners at the SAG awards and the big "Brad and Jen" moment over the weekend. Plus, what you can expect from democrats and republicans as the impeachment trial starts this week, Prince Harry's first remarks on his leaving his official role with the...


The Astros are even bigger cheaters than we thought, Pot makes you a bad driver and Lori Loughlin accused of withholding evidence

Welcome back to the DJV show and if you've been smoking a lot of weed, well.... there's a new study that you might not like. In a test of basic driving skills, the very worst drivers were ones who had started smoking before age 16... even though they weren't under the influence during the test. More Houston Astros are in big trouble after even more details are coming out in the cheating scandal, Lori Loughlin is being accused of withholding evidence in her college admissions scam trial and...


Bernie and Liz battle, Astros fire managers over sign stealing, Jeopardy GOAT Winner

On the DJV podcast with Doug, Jen and Victoria, we've got the down low on everything you missed from the latest democratic debate and the one other person we'd like to see on the stage. Plus, a new survey is revealing whether the average american trusts their doctor or Tom Hanks more, the winner of the GOAT tournament on jeopardy, and how the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal is going to change baseball rules going forward. Doug gets schooled on his opinions about what should be nominated...