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Doug, Jen and Victoria share fun and thoughtful stories from the worlds of pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!

Doug, Jen and Victoria share fun and thoughtful stories from the worlds of pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!


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Doug, Jen and Victoria share fun and thoughtful stories from the worlds of pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!






Download - 03/03/21 - Will The Administration Retaliate After Last Night's Iraqi Missile Attack?

Will The Biden Administration retaliate after last night's Iraqi missile attack, that left one American dead? Sadly, 13 dead after a California crash between an SUV and a tractor-trailer rig near the Mexican border. Former Rhode Island Governor Raimondo is confirmed as Biden's Commerce Secretary. She has been associated with a "Pro-Factory" platform. Some are surprised that President Biden has retained many of the Trump Administration's commerce policies. Next, our pet expert, Warren...


Download - 03/02/21 - Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Have a New Sixth Child, But Whose Is It?

The UK is considering a Vaccine Passport and many there have started a backlash. Victoria says that if the DMV is in charge of it here, they will make a big mess of it. A report shows that 57% of adults have had at least one COVID Vaccination. Victoria says that she will likely get the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, when it becomes available to her. Jennifer reports that LeBron James has listed his 9K square foot starter-home in Brentwood for $20.5 Million. He wants to move up to something more...


Download - 03/01/21 - NY Governor Cuomo May Be In Even Deeper Doo-Doo

Doug's out today, but Jennifer, Victoria and Jai carry on with a look back at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards show. They all agree that this year's show was more like a ZOOM call, complete with all the technical screw-ups as a regular ZOOM call. Jen says that she was bored and came in and out, but Victoria watched it from beginning to end. Victoria says that loved nominee Bill Murrays coolness of dressing casually and just plain having a good time. Racial controversy was brewing, because there...


Download - 02/25/21 - Paul McCartney's Memoirs To Be Available By Christmas

Paul McCartney is working on his memoirs, 1956 to present, with the help of music and a poet. The "Must-Have" item will be available for purchase by Christmas. The Department of Justice is ramping up its investigation into former police officer Derek Chauvin over the death of George Floyd. The crew discuss Quarterback Cam Newton's future and the fan's dissatisfaction with Patriots General Manager Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft. Jennifer provides an update on the condition of Tiger...


Download - 02/24/21 - No Need For Your Newly Neutered Puppy To Be Embarrassed

Doug notices passers-by staring at newly tapped Maple Trees and remembers his childhood memories, wondering if it caused pain to the trees. Then, on to our amazing bodies and how they miraculously heal themselves. Next, on to the serious news of the day, of Ted Cruz calling his complaining neighbors "*#!*#-holes." Things aren't looking good for New York Governor Cuomo as he faces charges of miss-reporting COVID deaths. The group wonders if we should lower the flag to half-staff remembering...


02/23/21 - Johns Hopkins Study Says Coronavirus Could Pretty Much Be Gone By April

Have you heard about the 95-year-old Nazi who was recently discovered in Tennessee, and deported? He was still receiving a pension for his service in the German Military. Victoria says that there are actually groups of Nazi hunters. And then, there's the Tik Tok video where American school students confused author Helen Keller with Hitler. Doug in in awe at the video of the Mars Perseverance Rover landing, 300-million miles away. Finally, Dr. Jack Stockwell has great...


Download - 02/22/21 - Shakespeare Now Classified as Offensive

The Disney+ subscription streaming service is taking heat over content disclaimers preceding selected "The Muppet Shows." Characters Statler and Waldorf's comments about Miss Piggy's size and others are deemed inappropriate, but Disney won't remove them from the collection. Other offerings from Disney containing warnings include "Peter Pan" and "Dumbo." And now, some of Shakespeare's works are even considered inappropriate. Next, the pandemic has led to many children not attending...


Download - 02/18/21 - What Adult Beverage Did The Pharos Bring Along on Their Final Journeys?

February 18th is national "Drink Wine Day," with it's origins believed to be over 4-thousand years ago in ancient Armenia. Mummies have contained evidence that the Pharos likely took some of their favorite vino on their final trips. Jennifer shares the backstory on the famous Lucy grape stomping episode. Studies indicate that 42% of Americans prefer the reds. Speaking of adult beverages, Victoria reminds us that no alcohol should be consumed 24 hours before being vaccinated. Jen shares her...


Download - 02/17/21 - Wine Fights off Some Cancers, Depression, Lowers Stroke and Heart Attack Risk

Doug asks how will we ever get out of debt by lowering Taxes? Victoria brings up the old "those who pay the most, pay the least in Taxes" point of view. Doug wonders what's happening in New Orleans, with this being Ash Wednesday? Even though there's no Mardi Gras, you can still drink on the streets of NO. Jen explains the meaning of Fat Tuesday and all about giving up stuff for Lent. It's now been medically proven that Wine fights depression, lowers the risk of heart attacks, strokes,...


Download - 02/16/21 - Fauci Says "Get Back To School"

Victoria begins with Dr. Anthony Fauci telling us that schools should re-open. But many African American families don't want this to happen and she goes on to explain. A discussion develops about the Judicial System's unfairness to Black Americans. Then, Jennifer tells us that the word California has become a verb, because of the wacky political stuff going on there. We move into the recurring debate about Aliens coming into the country and whether they should be entitled to the COVID...


Download - 02/15/21 - The Best Way To Keep Valentine Flowers Fresh

Dr. Fauci says the South African variance of COVID will be a challenge for current Vaccines. We may have to be vaccinated with a new version next year. This year's regular flu cases are down to 1/10th of last years and the thinking is that masking-up and Social Distancing for COVID may have played a major roll. Doug spent the weekend in Florida and met a friend for lunch at Mira Lago. Guess who passed through and chatted with everyone? The Trumpster. Doug says that he's gained weight, and in...


Download - 02/11/21 - The Boss In Trouble With The Law

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Unveils its 2021 Nominees and almost half of them this year are women. "Gronk," Rob Gronkowski, tight end for The Buccs had a great Superbowl and he couldn't help reacting to the streaker that ran onto the playing field last Sunday. Even though Patrick Mahomes didn't lead his team to win this year's Superbowl, he did last year, and he will definitely be back. "Hustler" magazine founder, Larry Flint is gone at 78. Bad news for Bruce Springsteen, he's in trouble...


Download - 02/10/21 - A Secret Tip To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Topless photo of Claudia Conway accidentally Tweeted by her mother, Kellyanne Conway. Claudia auditions for "American Idol." The official report released on Kobe Bryant's helicopter death blames pilot error, flying illegally through clouds. Sunday's Superbowl was the most streamed Superbowl and TV viewership was down. Victoria blames much of it on people "cutting the cord" and the lackluster Halftime entertainment, The Weeknd. Michelle Obama launching new TV cooking show, "Waffles and...


Download - 02/09/21- Britney Wants Freedom From Her Father

The original lead singer of The Supremes, Mary Wilson dies suddenly at 76. Doug explains why Diana Ross got all the hype, instead of Mary. Diane Sawyer interview with Britney Spears criticized for blaming her for being responsible for the Justin Timberlake breakup. Her entire life she has been held captive by her father and now she's going to court to try and get rid of him. Finally, Victoria asks Dr. Jack Stockwell to clarify his statements about how eating meat and...


Download - 02/08/21 - Why Was Ryan Seacrest Bounced From "E" Red Carpet Gig?

A look back at Christopher Plummer's life, probably best known for "The Sound of Music." Then, Victoria has the answer to why Ryan Seacrest is gone from "E" Red Carpet. Lou Dobbs tossed by FOX, most likely over his support of Trump claims of election fraud. Have you seen the photos of Miranda Lambert and her hubby's traffic accident? Next, Doug reflects on Bill Maher's recent show about moving on from Trump. What did you think about Queen Latifah's post Superbowl preview in "The Equalizer?"...


Download - 02/04/21 - Golden Globe Awards Set To Go

TV's "The Masked Dancer" a spin-off and produced by the same people who bring you "The Masked Singer," starts production of a new season. Jen wonders why Dolly Parton seems to have become more relevant in the last four months. Golden Globes are set for this month with Tina Fay and Amy Poehler as co-hosts. Due to the pandemic, many of the movie nominations are not widely known. Jane Fonda to receive the Cecil B. DeMille award . Doug believes that Anthony Hopkins should win something. Victoria...


Download - 02/03/21 - Dolly's New Fragrance

Dolly Parton has a new perfume, called Scents from Above and she plans to introduce it in Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast. Some creative quarantiners are throwing Sunday Superspreader parties during this year's Super Bowl Game. They may turn out to be more dangerous than the recent holidays. It's full steam ahead in California to recall Governor Gavin Newsom from office. A new study says that college football players are more likely to suffer injuries at practice than actual games. Next, we...


Download - 02/02/21 - Hydroxychloroquine Could Have Prevented 400k COVID Deaths

Doug begins with Daisy Mae's Pee Report. At 94, Tony Bennett is said to have battled Alzheimer's for the last 4 years. He has no problem remembering the lyrics. Next, a Jeff Bridges Lymphoma update. Kim Kardashian's robber write a book about stealing from her. SF Teacher says that Bernie Sanders is the model of the White Privileged. Many that The Fairness Doctrine may return. Then, we meet Author David Brown. In his book "The Mission" he tells the true story of the most ambitious science...


Download - 02/01/21 - Are Jewish Bankers in Space Starting Fires?

We begin with Doug offering a pronunciation guide on how to say February, the Doug way. Next a silly conspiracy theory that Jewish Bankers are starting forest fires from outer space. Television and "Catch 22" actor Bruce Kirby passes a 77. Founding member and guitarist for The Animals Hilton Valentine also dies at 77. The group wonders what it was like for working class musicians, like The Beatles when they found instant fame and wealth. Watch out! Harry Potter TV is coming! Finally, Tom...


Download - 01/28/21 - Do You Know What a Love Fern Is?

Doug begins with sad news of actor Cloris Leachman's death at 94, from natural causes. Did you know that she appeared in the original "Lassie" TV series? Also, a correction, that Hank Aaron's death was also of natural causes. The Atlanta Braves have donated $1-million to build a museum in his honor. Pamela Anderson ties the knot for the 5th time, with her bodyguard. Victoria defines a Valentine's Day "Love Fern," that came from Kate Hudson's movie "How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days." Jai...