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Jess will be waking you up, eating your breakfast, driving you to work and whatever else you usually do between 6-9am weekdays on hit Goulburn Valley.

Jess will be waking you up, eating your breakfast, driving you to work and whatever else you usually do between 6-9am weekdays on hit Goulburn Valley.
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Jess will be waking you up, eating your breakfast, driving you to work and whatever else you usually do between 6-9am weekdays on hit Goulburn Valley.




Hot Chip Haters, Housemate Haters & Channel 9 Journo Lovers

Elly gets her housemate and Channel 9 reporter Mia Egerton-Warburton on the show because they want to call out their third housemate for dogging them big time! The photo of the three of them attached to this Catch Up is a lie - it's from happier times... Mia also gives us her weekly wrap of GV life, but the housemate stuff is way more entertaining/aggressive. Nathan Currie from Channel 9 joins Elly for his weekly AFL preview. They break stride for a hot second to talk about the FIFA World...


New Co- Hosts, Eyemares, Reviewing Family & Am I Old?

Elly's new co-host Josiah gets put through the ringer on today's Catch Up so she and the GV can get to know him before their first show! He's such a celery (that'll make sense when you listen) Also, ever given your mum a review after staying at her place? Elly has - and her mum took it surprisingly well! A large amount of people have been getting stuff stuck in their eyes so Elly had to do her civic duty as a radio host and talk about it. Soz if you're eating when you listen to this. Maybe...


Tanya Hennessy, A Big Announcement & Weird Thefts

What's the big announcement I hear you ask?! I'm not gonna tell you in here ya drongo, why would you listen to the Catch Up then? It's good though! Actually, now I think about it there are a couple of reasons why you should listen.. One is that the hilarious Tanya Hennessy joins Elly to talk about her new book but they get sidetracked a lot and end up discussing mouth retainers, nudity and a TanyaWorld theme park instead. It's also good! Also, a dude's entire porch has been stolen - no...


Bad First Impressions, Ridiculous Routes & Stolen Cows

Elly's back from a few days holiday and she's returned with a coupla stories! All of them involve her not being very smart, lets face it, but they do make for good radio! She embarrasses herself in front of her friend's new boyfriend and decides to take the longest route imaginable to get to Bali, that's basically the gist. Also, an unimaginable crime has been committed in Shepp and she's not happy about it! It's painted cow related, obviously. A dude gets haunted pretty badly so she...


Get Rich Quick, Modern Dads & Life Without A Phone

Wanna make a buck or two? A dude in the UK has a scheme that's earned him over 80 grand! Millenials, you can spend that on your smashed avo because we know that's why you can't buy a house.. BUT turns out avo's can buy you a smart phone though! Elly delves into that little fun fact in today's Catch Up. She also talks about what skills the modern dad needs - turns out it's way harder now than it was back in the day! Oh and she goes into how we're using our phones too much but chances are...


Makeup Hands, Spider(Delivery)Man & Nearly Dying

Validate Elly's way of life! Please, she needs it. This time it's to do with the way she applies her makeup - people don't like it but she's ready to defend herself! Besides, you should probs take pity on her because her boyfriend nearly died on the weekend. I mean, he ended up just getting a scratch but IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO BAD GUYS! Another reason you should support her is because in this Catch Up she'll tell you some things about good ole Queen Lizzy that'll blow your mind and she gets...


Matchmaking Dads, Footy Bants & A Co-Host Named Mia

Channel 9's Mia Egerton-Warburton makes up for missing the last two weeks of GV Wraps by sticking around for the hour to inadvertanly co-host the show. They talk about milk n stuff, it's fun. Nathan Currie - also from Channel 9 - returns to do his regular stint talking all things AFL and Elly get's to rub in the fact that his team sucks big time. Well they're actually okay but they lost to Elly's boys over the weekend so HA! Elly likes technology for the first time ever today because she...


Imaginary Friends, Savvy Preachers & Parent Hacks.

Sick of your kid not being toilet trained? Well non-parent Elly has heard of a hack that'll have them peeing on that bowl in no time! You're welcome. Sick of your kid playing with imaginary friends? Good. You should be getting them out of that habit ASAP because chances are their imaginary friend is a ghost and is coming for you all. Sick of your pastor asking you for 54 million dollars? It's a common occurance obvs but this one dude from America has taken it too far! But having said that,...


Sickie Chuckers, Leg Hair Pluckers & Rich... People

What better place to shave your legs than a hotel pool you ask? Well actually, there's heaps. AND there way worse things to find floating in a pool so let's delve into those on this Catch Up hey? Let's also review some of the ways people have been caught out chucking a sickie so if you contract some disease from floating leg hairs in a public pool you'll be safe. Also, wanna know what the best chocolate is? You've probably got an opinion on that already, but Elly's is better....


Migraines, Online Shopping & Newlywed Facts

Elly struggled through today's show with a migraine and boy do you hear about it! But in a fun way. Like, still listen to this Catch Up please. She asks for support from the GV and gets shut down so that's a bit of a lol. She doesn't know much about being married but an study into newlyweds has cleared things up a bit for her. And finally, the regional community are big online shoppers - shock horror! But the things we're buying are pretty odd.. Enjoy! Elly's off to pop a Pandol and...


Bandwagon Jumping, Quirky Ambassadors and Hollywood Dean!

Elly's boyfriend Gav gave her a surprise visit this weekend from Perth and so she felt it was only fair she do him a solid and support his football team. Turns out she's really good at it! Also, there are too many things in this world that need ambassadors but don't have them. Like naps, or the snipping tool on your computer, you know? So Elly wanted to know, what would you like to be an ambassador for? Maybe she should be an ambassador for Gav's football team seeing as she's so good at...


Resume Lies, Toy Stories & Nathan Currie Rivalry

Ever lied on your resume? Course you have - everybody's done it! Except Elly, she reckons she's too honest... (if you could put the eyeroll emoji in this Catch Up description, it would go here) Ok how about this one.. Ever put your childhood toys through a horrible time? Elly's poor barbie doll never saw those scissors coming... RIP. (the crying face emoji would go here) Ever had a rivalry with a fellow media professional? It's on this week between Elly and Nathan Currie from Channel 9 as...


Toilet Food, Living With The Parents & Good Deed Backlash

Elly gets the GV offside on today's show by stating a simple fact about food in toilets. People really disagree, it's mean. BUT NOW SHE'S CHANGED HER WAYS SO I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY TROLLS! There's also a whole heap more in this Catch Up. Katy Perry did a good deed that people didn't reward her for, a 30 year old dude still lives at home and there's stuff like obesity and Trump trending around the globe.. So that all gets discussed! Elly also chats to Jamie Lea from JL Productions who is...


Overseas Misadventures, Dad Venting & Pinky Vs Tongue

Elly came off a scooter in Greece last year, hence the sexy pic attached to this Catch Up. A story about a dude racking up a huge travel insurance bill reminded her of it so she spills the beans in today's show. Also, shout out to anyone who's a dad! It's been brought to Elly's attention that they often suffer a raw deal so she's apologising on behalf of sons and daughters everywhere. Bored at work? Cool, who isn't? Elly's come up with a cure for workplace boredom for you - what's...


Dream Death, Stinge Friends & The GV is Funny!

Could this be Elly's last day on earth? If last night's dream is anything to go by, it looks like she may not be waking up the GV for much longer! Caller Jarrod has a cracker of a story about a dream coming true that shakes her to her very core... Also, stingey people! Aren't they the worst?! Especially when they're in your friendship group - it's like, buy me a drink already Tiffany! Elly also talks about the future and how it's going to drastically change the way we do things in this...


Handbag Treats, Silly Trump & Arnott's Shapes Themed Mind Blown Monday

Ever looked at something differently after 26 years of looking at it the same way? Elly's had that revelation about Shapes and needs to share on a Mind Blown Monday. Plus, Crowded House may always take the weather with them, but Elly's housemate takes something even stranger with her everywhere she goes. Turns out creature comforts are rife in the GV so Elly puts the call out for more stories. The Royals crack a mention in this Catch Up too (just for something different) and we delve into...


The New Yanny/Laurel Mind Blower, Complaint Masters & Those Pesky Channel 9 Journos Again

Thought Laurel & Yanny sent you crazy? Wait til you hear about 'Brainstorm' and 'Green Needle'! (It'll make more sense when you listen to the Catch Up...) Plus, turns out complaining can actually be quite lucrative!* And there's a couple of big old complainers floating around the GV. (That'll also make more sense when you listen...) Nathan Currie from Channel 9 fills his regular spot talking all things AFL and twisting Elly's arm into making a risky tip for this weekend. If it doesn't...


Ninja Squatters, Smelly Squatters & Broomstick Squatters

Say Squat?! Who knew squatting could be so pertinent to every story Elly told today? Firstly, a dude was squatting in a house for 6 months without the owner knowing he was living there! Squat the F?! The next two stories use a bit of poetic license with the word squat... A dude next to Elly at the gym (who was sometimes doing squats) was stinky AF so she wants to know B.O etiquette. Finally, Elly talks 'Quidditch' which has moved from the pages of Harry Potter to playing fields around...


Floating Feet, Grocery Shopping Infatuation & Needy Children

Elly doesn't come across too well in this Catch Up. Firstly, she describes her weird love for grocery shopping, then she fixates on some washed up feet in Canada and THEN she talks about how she can't weed a garden without her mum's help... As concerning as those things are though, they do make for a good laugh. She makes up for her weirdness with a relatively straightforward and informative look at what's trending around the globe where you can learn what the one food you should be...


The Word That Could End Elly's Relationship, Shep Videos & Royals, Royals, Bloody Royals

Elly and Gav look cute right? Well their relationship is being threatened by one solitary word that Gav can't get around! Hear them duke it out and the GV come to Elly's rescue in today's Catch Up. Also, have you heard there's a royal wedding happening this weekend? A dude named Harry and some chick called Meghan are tying the knot so Elly acts as your official Royal Reporter giving you the lowdown on that. Finally, the #ShepProud Campaign video competition is open for 2018 so Elly...