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MITM #751- The "Royal Romance" One

6:00- Mercedes and JC want to know where you WOULDN'T recommend going for vacation 7:00- Mercedes is the only one whose family almost got into a fight at graduation, JC was shocked to hear the warning someone's house came with 8:00- Mercedes is torn between 2 friends, Mercedes and JC act out scenes from Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance


MITM #750- The "Health Class" One

6:00- Mercedes tried to DIY something and almost seriously injured herself 7:00-Mercedes and JC want to know how Valley parents feel about a video went viral of students attacking a parent, JC has been calling his friends the wrong name for years and just realized it now. 8:00- Mercedes had an unoriginal idea for a movie and JC wouldn't let her live it down, Mercedes says there are perks to being pregnant and JC gets yet another lesson on pregnancy,


MITM #749- The "Spyers" One

6:00- Mercedes said her phone was spying on her this weekend 7:00- Producer Jen recaps her experience at the 2018 BBMA's, One of JC's fears was almost validated over the weekend. 8:00- Shane Hnidy calls into the show to talk STANLEY CUP FINALS, Someone was talking to a celebrity and had no idea who they were.


The "Off the Mic" Podcast- Episode 16

Mercedes dishes about her wedding and her gift mis-give


MITM #748- The "Drake and the Migos" One

6:00- JC experienced a new kind of rage 7:00- Sophie gives Mercedes and JC a taste of what the Gen Z'ers are listening to, Kelly Clarkson joins the show 8:00- Mercedes makes an interesting observation about degrees of separation in this town


Kelly Clarkson on Mercedes in the Morning

This morning Kelly Clarkson called into the show to talk about her hosting the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday at MGM Grand. This is her first time hosting an awards show which makes her excited and nervous. We also touched on her family and her thoughts on the Royal Wedding! Listen to it all here!


MITM #747 - The "Coco" One

6:00- Mercedes was surprised to see someone loved ____ enough to get a bumper sticker about it 7:00- JC's wife HATES this about him, JC wants to have a "senior" friend 8:00- Mercedes and JC want you to "coco" your loved ones, JC was annoyed by a business that was TOO friendly


MITM #746- The "Yanny or Laurel" One

6:00- Kids embarrassing their parents in public 7:00- JC doesn't understand why this is a thing in Las Vegas, Mercedes looks back on something she did in a relationship when she was younger and thinks "that was kinda psycho" 8:00-JC wants to know how a celebrity interacted with you at a concert, Mercedes and JC are excited for the Royal Wedding and are convinced something always go wrong for people right before the wedding happens.


MITM #745- The "Sock-Shoe-Sock-Shoe" One

6:00- Mercedes found something in her shoe that scarred her for life 7:00- JC was nitpicked about something he does on the air, Mercedes says Chris Evans listens to our show 8:00- Mercedes wants to know if it's okay to be friends with THIS person on social media, JC and Mercedes debate the proper way to put on footwear.


Carnell "Golden Pipes" Johnson on Mercedes in the Morning

For the first time since country star Carrie Underwood made an offer to sing the National Anthem at the Vegas Golden Knights vs Winnipeg Jets Playoff Game, Carnell Johnson publicly addressed the question we've all been waiting for on Mercedes in the Morning. Will he be singing the anthem at tomorrow's game? Listen to the full interview to find out!


MITM #744- The "Plagiarized" One

6:00- Mercedes felt bad about showing up emptyhanded to something 7:00- JC was caught red-handed for plagarizing someone's work, Mercedes started a project on her own that she could have PAID to have finished 8:00-JC had to clean up a big mess after someone's kid, Mercedes and JC bring back the "Deal Breaker" after they received an email from a listener.


David Perron on Mercedes in the Morning

This morning David Perron of the Vegas Golden Knights called into the show to talk about Round 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. We talked playoff beards, living in Las Vegas and some of the perks you get as a player on the Vegas Golden Knights. Listen to it all here!


MITM #742- The "Shakira Shakira" One

6:00- Mercedes was inspired to try something because of JC talking about it on the show 7:00- Mercedes was really upset when she saw a pet having to go through THIS, Mercedes and JC want to know your take on a "polite message" from a restaurant to parents of small children 8:00- JC is the go-to guy for technology, Mercedes loves seeing animals when they act like humans


MITM #741 - The " Scandal" One

6:00-JC tried to cash in on someting valuable from his childhood 7:00- Nick & Kristen check in with us-- a SCANDAL was revealed about our little bet, Mercedes needed help with a graduation ceremony speech 8:00- JC plays a sound Mercedes says should be banned from the radio, Mercedes and JC debate about a school that's letting EVERYONE that tried out for a team on.


MITM #740 The "Weird" One

6:00- Mercedes noticed kids in her neighborhood have a new side hustle 7:00- Mercedes wants to know if she should ask someone this about a gift, Someone sent Mercedes a hand written letter that JC thinks is a scam 8:00- JC says people are eating pop tarts the wrong way, Mercedes and JC do weird things that nobody else does.


MITM #739- The "Hover Bar" One

6:00- Mercedes was impressed by something a guy did for her friend on their first date 7:00- Nick & Kristen in the Morning have to eat their words, Mercedes pokes fun at the spoiler bombshell dropped on her. 8:00-Someone gave JC a taste of HARSH truth this weekend, Mercedes is convinced the "Hover Bar" in the port-o-potty is a thing.


The "Off the Mic" Podcast- Episode 14

This Friday was a Monday, but we always get a good laugh with the Off the Mic podcast. This week we talked about friends using friends, booty shorts, nair, naming your "parts" and more... Quite the combination, but it works. PS: Jocelyn's voice will sound far away for the first half of the podcast, but it's okay because it's all still really funny. It's Friday-- Enjoy~


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