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Neil is one of Australia’s most experienced journalists with success in newspapers, radio and television. Listen to the best bits of his show & exclusive interviews here - and don't forget to tune in live between 8.30am and midday. (


Melbourne, VIC


Neil is one of Australia’s most experienced journalists with success in newspapers, radio and television. Listen to the best bits of his show & exclusive interviews here - and don't forget to tune in live between 8.30am and midday. (




Radio 3AW Melbourne GPO Box 369 Melbourne, Vic 3001 Australia 03 96 900 693


John Pesutto shares personal experience with cannabis

Following Premier Jacinta Allan's revelation she smoked cannabis a "long, long time ago", Opposition leader, John Pesutto shared his experience urging for an in-depth analysis on the risk of legalising cannabis. See for privacy information.


3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell, November 30th (2023)

See for privacy information.


Neil Mitchell rings his 2023 NVP winner!

Leni has won a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hatch thanks to 3 Point Motors Mercedes-Benz. See for privacy information.


Jeff Kennett weighs in on proposed legalisation of cannabis

Former Liberal Premier of Victoria, Jeff Kennett, has looked back at the time his government looked at legalisation of cannabis. See for privacy information.


Liberal Democrat MP says legalisation of cannabis could get across without opposition support

Liberal Democrat member for the South Eastern Metropolitan region, David Limbrick says there is enough support across the crossbench for the government to get it across without the opposition. See for privacy information.


Legalise Cannabis MP on 'sensible' state government response to proposed legalisation of drug

Legalise Cannabis Victoria MP for Western Metropolitan, David Ettershank, says the government has realised legalisation of the drug is inevitable. See for privacy information.


Local council accused of acting like 'scrooges' in snubbing Christmas event

Renee Gaitanis lives in Wollert in Melbourne's north and is an organiser of an event called "Stardust Way Christmas Lights" and made an appeal to the public to tell Whittlesea council how important the event is in the community. See for privacy information.


Massive tree narrowly misses house as wild weather sweeps the state

Keeley, the girlfriend of the owner of the house, spoke to Neil Mitchell on what happened, claiming she thought there was going to be a tornado! See for privacy information.


Israeli Ambassador to Australia on the 'unacceptable' protest targeting Israeli families to Melbourne

Acting Ambassador to the Israel Embassy of Australia, Chris Cantour, was there at the hotel last night and told Neil Mitchell what the experience was like for himself and the family members. See for privacy information.


Neil Mitchell slams 'idiot' protestors targeting families of Israeli victims and hostages

Neil Mitchell has slammed "idiot" protestors who were seen blocking the entrance to a hotel where families of Israeli victims and hostages were staying in Melbourne. See for privacy information.


'Marathon and a half': Runner provides update ahead of 1300k Antarctica run

A runner who plans to run 1300k in Antarctica in a bid to encourage more girls to stay in sport has provided an update before she heads out in two weeks time. See for privacy information.


John Howard slams high court for delay of reasons for asylum seeker decision

Former prime minister John Howard has shared his take on a high court decision to release asylum seekers from indefinite detention. See for privacy information.


FROM THE ARCHIVES: Neil Mitchtell reflects on 1996 editorial after the Port Arthur Massacre

Neil has looked back at an editorial from 1996 over gun lobbyist's campaigning following the Port Arthur massacre. See for privacy information.


3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell, November 29th (2023)

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Peter Hitchener looks back on his career as he moves to weekend news

Nine News Melbourne weeknight news anchor Peter Hitchener has discussed his move back to weekend news as he congratulated Neil Mitchell on finishing up 35 years on full-time radio. See for privacy information.


Bill Shorten grills Neil Mitchell following AFL grand final bet

In his last week before retiring from full-time radio, Neil Mitchell has been interviewed by minister for the national disability insurance scheme, Bill Shorten, after Neil lost a bet over the winner of the 2023 AFL grand final. See for privacy information.


Neil Mitchell looks back 15 years on the inspiring story of Tate Kemp

Back in 2008, Neil Mitchell met Tate Kemp, a young boy with cerebral palsy who was told he would never walk or talk. But at five years old, he set himself a goal to complete the five kilometre leg of the Melbourne Marathon, completing the race in four hours with a smile on his face the whole time! The 3AW Mornings host then spoke with Tate's mum Sue on how he is going 15 years on. See for privacy information.


Sally Capp: Carnival Australia pulling ships from ports would be an 'enormous loss'

Lord mayor Sally Capp says Carnival Australia's decision to dump ships coming into Melbourne ports will come as an "enormous loss" to the state's economy. See for privacy information.


'Really positive step' in Neil Mitchell's push for federal road toll action

Neil Mitchell has applauded the "really positive step" in Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and opposition leader Peter Dutton coming together to address the road toll. Last week, the 3AW Mornings host asked Dutton to read out the letter in Parliament, with the opposition leader fulfilling his promise. See for privacy information.


The man from Monbulk who helped rescue 41 trapped workers over in India!

A man from Monbulk has helped rescued 41 trapped workers, after a tunnel collapsed in the Uttarkashi District in northern India on November 12. His name is Professor Arnold Dix, who spoke to Neil Mitchell last week as he was about to go underground to complete the mission. See for privacy information.