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Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.

Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.


Toronto, ON


Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.




Ontario Morning - Wednesday May 18, 2021

Peterborough singer-songwriter and frustrated golfer, Chad Driscoll tells us about his parody of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" called "Ontario, Let Me Go (Play Some Golf)"; Jack Goodman, the owner and director of Camp New Moon and chair of the Ontario Camps Association's COVID-19 task force reacts to the Premier's announcement that camps will reopen again this summer; In Barrie fifteen local organizations have helped to create a new well-being plan titled "Our Shared Plan for a...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday May 17, 2021

Researchers at York University are taking a closer look at how stigma and anti-Asian racism is affecting Chinese Canadians during the pandemic. PhD student Terri Chu tells us about their research; Rad Simonpillai is the Culture Editor at NOW Magazine and a regular contributor to CBC Radio. He previews Canadian Screen Week that will culminate in the presentation of this year's awards; Laura Dunphy is a former hair stylist and the publisher of Salon Magazine, a national trade publication and...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday May 14, 2021

Karen Wirsig of Environmental Defense Canada explains the implications of the federal government's decision to classify plastics as 'toxic' for the purpose of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act; On his 1860 tour of Canada, the Prince of Wales visited Hiawatha First Nation. And the gifts he received at the time are going to loaned to back to Hiawatha First Nation and Peterborough Museum and Archives in 2023. Chief Laurie Carr of Hiawatha First Nation and Lori Beavis, the director of...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday May 13, 2021

The Prime Minister says this can be a 'one-shot' summer - meaning that anyone who is eligible will be able to get their first dose of a COVID vaccine before summer begins. What protection will that one shot provide? We ask Eric Arts a professor of microbiology and immunology at Western University in London; The provincial government is touting that more than half of Ontario adults have gotten their first dose of a COVID vaccine. So what are the implications for the stay-at-home order and the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday May 12, 2021

Everything from beach volleyball to summer camps have been cancelled. It's been hard on people who love organized sports and outdoor activities. For more on how people are being affected we speak with Rebecca Gunter an associate professor in the school of kinesiology and health science at York University; Our Haydn Watters reports on the extent of patient transfers among Ontario hospitals and the challenges it's presenting for the staff; We are fourteen months into the pandemic. So how are...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday May 11, 2021

The number of young people put in custody has been drastically reduced and that has led the province to close a number of detention facilities. But as a consequence, those who are held are sometimes taken to facilities far from their family and support. We find out more from Linda Mussell, a political scientist from Queen's University in Kingston; Researchers have analyzed how public health agencies and officials across Canada were communicating on Twitter in the early days of the pandemic....


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday May 10, 2021

Is banning certain foods at school the best way to protect children with severe allergies? Preliminary studies from a team at McMaster University in Hamilton say not necessarily. We find out more from allergist Dr. Susan Waserman; Erica Johnson of CBC's Go Public shares the story of an 85 year-old man with Alzheimer's who was sold all kinds of products that he did not want or need at an outlet of The Source; Suparna Sharma, editor at The Asian Age in New Delhi updates us the dire situation...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday May 7, 2021

Ashleigh Tuite, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Toronto's Dalla Lana School of Public Health explains the concept of 'herd immunity' and whether we will be able to achieve it here in Canada; With the news this week that Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing, we discuss later-life breakups with relationship counsellor Natasha Sharma; Todd Palmer is the organizer of the "24 Hour Window" 'raise-a-thon' that will be happening in Barrie tomorrow. He and three others will...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 6, 2021

The Canadian Institute For Health Information has taken a look at substance use and how often it led to hospitalization during the first months of the pandemic. Spokesperson Alex Maheux tells us about what they've learned; Why are the Premier and his ministers raising the issue of restricting incoming international travel? Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley suggests that they may be trying to deflect some of the responsibility for the third wave of the pandemic on to the federal...


Ontario Morning - Wednesday May 5, 2021

A group of people from across the province who met online recently launched a new website MyCovidStory.ca where people are invited invites people to share stories of how COVID has affected their lives. Mike Wickett, a member of the team that created the site tells us more; The CBC's Manjuala Selvarajah introduces us the Burnt Out Daughters, a peer support group for South Asian women; Murtaza Haider from the Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Management talks about the importance of...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 4, 2021

Workplace mental health expert Mary Ann Baynton tells us how workers can identify if they are suffering from burnout and what employers can do to help; We meet Ontario's first poet laureate, Randel Adjei, who is an art educator, spoken word poet and advocate for education; Don Drummond, who teaches at the School of Policy Studies at Queen's University in Kingston offers his perspective on the two recent reports on the outbreaks in Ontario long term care homes and the government's response;...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday May 3, 2021

Parents and teachers are already wondering what school will be like when classrooms reopen in September. What help will students need to make up for lost class time? And how will the emotional well being of students be affected when they return to full time in-class learning? Joel Westheimer, a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa offers his perspective; Dale Molnar of CBC Windsor reports on the rising demand for - and rising price of - steel; This week is the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday April 30, 2021

Barrie's business association has partnered with several local organizations to create Bright Spot a new initiative that provides secure spaces for the public to go when they feel unsafe. Kelly McKenna of the local BIA and Jasmine Botter, a local resident whose experience helped inspire the project tells us about it;Last summer The New York Times Magazine declared "Sweatpants Forever" but after more than a year of being super casual what can we expect to be wearing post-pandemic? Fashion...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 29, 2021

Dr. Rosana Salvaterra, Peterborough's medical officer of health is among those supporting the idea of diverting vaccine supplies to hot spots in the province; Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley updates us on the Ford government's decision to underwrite paid sick days for employees; Nita Chhinzer is an expert in human resources who teaches at the University of Guelph. She offers her perspective on the provincial government's program to temporarily cover the cost of paid sick days for...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday April 28, 2021

This week has brought chilling news about some of the youngest Canadians to die from Covid-19. Pediatrician Dan Flanders outlines what experts are saying about kids and the coronavirus; Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio is an assistant professor in the School of Nursing and Director of the Centre for Health Care Ethics at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. She explains why hospitals need to re-think those restrictions on visiting in order to be more compassionate to both patients and staff; Our host...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 27, 2021

Brenda Coleman, a clinical scientist at Sinai Health in Toronto tells us more about a study in which they hope to recruit teachers from across the province to find out how the pandemic has affected them physically and mentally; A conversation with author Sylvia McNicoll about the issue of copyright and how it affects writers' incomes; David Maslove a critical care doctor in Kingston talks about dealing with the surge of patients being brought in from hotspots around the province; We discuss...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday April 26, 2021

Ananya Tina Banerjee is an assistant professor of public health at McGill University and the University of Toronto. She updates us on the dire situation in India because of the pandemic and what Canadians and the international community can do to help; Erinn Drage is an environmental educator. She tells about the CBC's Hello Spring where you can share your images of the season; Amie Varley is a nurse and one of the hosts of The Gritty Nurse podcast. She talks about the growing toll that...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday April 23, 2021

Shelbi Kilcollins is the director of Marketing and Growth with the Peterborough Petes Hockey Club. She talks about the club's and the players' reaction to the official cancellation of the O.H.L. season; Happy trails to you. We meet George Christie who dedicated 30 years to creating the Collingwood Trails along with Wendy Martin, the Manager of Parks for Collingwood; Siham Rayale of Oxfam Canada explains why hers and other groups are advocating to have governments temporarily suspend the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 22, 2021

Donnie Crowder is the owner of Gail's Hot Box Huts, an ice fishing operation on Lake Simcoe. He tells us why he's concerned about what might be the impact of a new residential development of 7,000 homes;Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley recounts the confusion and disagreement among the Progressive Conservatives that led them to revise and retract restrictions put in place to curb the coronavirus. He tells us how recent polling has revealing declining support for the provincial...


Ontario Morning Podcast - April 21, 2021

Rob Benzie, the Queen's Park bureau chief for the Toronto Star discusses the Ford government's possible about face on providing emergency sick pay; Billions in new spending to combat climate change were included in Monday's federal budget. Anna Kanduth of the Canadian Institute For Climate Choices discusses what impact this spending might have in reducing our carbon emissions; Political scientist Niambi Carter of Howard University in Washington, D.C. offers her reaction and analysis of the...