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Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.

Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.


Toronto, ON


Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.




Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday September 24, 2021

The Canadian Red Cross is now offering opioid poisoning response training in addition to first aid and CPR. Shannon Scully-Pratt, an opioid harm reduction expert with the Canadian Red Cross in Barrie, tells us more about the initiatvie; What's to be done when the name of a street or a building, a statue or a sports team is culturally insensitive or offensive? The Ontario Human Rights Commission is offering to help municipalities and organizations by developing a policy statement on the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday Septembere 23, 2021

Starting thinking now about ordering books for Christmas gifts! Sue Carter the former editor-in-chief at Quill & Quire, Canada's book-publishing magazine explains how the publishing industry has also been disrupted by supply chain problems; Poet, writer, and dancer Abena Beloved Green tells us about her contribution to this year's virtual edition of Kingston Writers Fest; Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley updates us on Premier Ford's appearance at a news conference yesterday - the first...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday September 22, 2021

Political scientist Lori Turnbull of Dalhousie University in Halifax discusses what we might expect when Parliament resumes; Social media influencers area becoming major players in the tourism industry. We'll talk about their role in marketing for the travel industry post-pandemic with marketing expert Frederic Gonzalo; Ontario rolls out its vaccine passport program today. How does it work? And what do businesses think? The CBC's Haydn Watters got some answers for us; Ruth Matthew of Student...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday September 21, 2021

Michael Johns, a visiting professor at York University joins us from his home in Barrie with analysis of the voting results that gave the Liberals another minority government; Mike Schreiner the leader of the Green Party of Ontario offers his reaction to the election results which saw the Greens elect their first M.P. from Ontario; Rejean Grenier with Elections Canada for Ontario discusses the outstanding votes to be counted; mail-in ballots and the long lines at some polling stations; Tony...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday September 21, 2021

Barrie city councilor Natalie Harris talks about efforts to help people overcome the residual trauma from the tornado that hit in July; CBC producer Antonia Reed reports that before the pandemic many kids weren't getting the recommended amount of physical activity. And - no surprise perhaps - even fewer are now; John Beebe is with the Democratic Engagement Exchange at Ryerson University a non-partisan organization encouraging voter participation. He outlines the effect of the pandemic on the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday September 17, 2021

Dan Tisch, CEO of Argyle Communications and an expert in political leadership communications,takes a look at what parties need to do win over voters in the final days of the election campaign; Belleville city councillor Chris Malette on why the city is inviting residents to join a citywide free-for-all yard sale; Tess Girard is the director of Prison Farm, a new documentary about Collins Bay and Joyceville Institutions in Kingston, the prison farms there — and the difference it's made in...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday September 16, 2021

Kingston Police continue to crack down on large parties in the university district. Chief Antje McNeely talks about what they're encountering and how they're responding: Tonight the City of Orillia is holding the Climate Future Virtual Open House hosted by Bob MacDonald of CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks. Renee Recoskie tells us about what they're hoping to accomplish; Canada is facing an acute shortage of affordable housing. How are the federal parties promising to respond? Leilani Farha is...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday September 15, 2021

And now it's getting personal. With the Conservatives and Liberals head-to-head in the polls, the parties are now going negative with their messaging. Is this an effective strategy? We ask Anna Esselment at political scientist at the University of Waterloo; A student from Barrie, Andie Kaiser, who is in her first year at the University of Waterloo, talks about winning a Village Media Journalism Scholarship; Cases of COVID have been reported in over 200 schools since classes resumed. So are...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday September 14, 2021

The province is now in the fourth wave of the pandemic, And yet, even with high vaccination rates cases continue to rise. And with kids back school at school concerns are mounting. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch talks about our current situation and when we might begin to see the effects of the pandemic begin to mitigate; For more than a year and a half, the pressure has been unrelenting on doctors, nurses, and all support staff. And now anti-vaccine protesters are...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday September 13, 2021

Canada has had significant vaccine uptake; but even so the Delta variant continues to present serious challenges. So how far are we from the end of the pandemic? We hear from Globe and Mail health columnist Andre Picard; The battle to save two heritage homes in Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County was lost. Liz Driver from Save Heritage Sandbanks Homes explains why many residents wanted to see the buildings preserved; Kingston issued a new emergency order to curb parties in the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday September 10, 2021

Political scientist Lori Turnbull from Dalhousie University in Halifax offers her analysis of last night's debate among the leaders of the major parties; Author Sydney Warner Brooman tells us about her new collection of short stories called 'The Pump' that portrays growing up queer in a small Ontario town; We have further analysis of last night's leaders debate. This from an Indigenous perspective with Dawn Lavell-Harvard of the First Peoples House of Learning at Trent University in...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday September 8, 2021

As global supply chains continue to be disrupted because of the pandemic, businesses and consumers alike\ are starting to wonder when the flow of goods will get back to normal. Martin Gooch, the CEO of Value Chain Management International explains why he doesn't expect that to happen any time soon; Jennifer Campbell with Heritage Services in Kingston tells us about city council's decision to make a building and funding available to the volunteer-run Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest; What's...


Ontario Morning - Tuesday September 7, 2021 - Part 1

Dr. Heather Prime is a psychologist who specializes in children and families. She talks about the value of setting routines for kids, especially as the school year resumes and how to go about establishing them; Dan McGarvey has the business digest; This week for Karchut on Cars, Paul looks at how electric vehicles have been prone to battery fires; Our happiness and well being expert Jennifer Moss talks about 'microstress' and how to respond to it.


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday September 3, 2021

Exploring the psychology of retirement - the 'third age' after childhood and middle age. Julia Spaniol, the Canada Research chair in cognitive aging at Ryerson University tells us about a study they will be conducting on the retirement years; Midland teenager Jasmine Jenkinson is a winner in the 'Your Voice Is Power' competition sponsored by Amazon, Georgia Tech and Pharell Williams. She talks about the inspiration for her entry in the song competition; Infectious control epidemiologist...


Ontario Morning Podcast - September 2, 2021

Prescott Mayor Brett Todd tells us about a public transit pilot project called the River Route with will provide bus service through Brockville, Augusta, Prescott and Edwardsburg/Cardinal; Broadcaster, author, and entrepreneur Erica Ehm tells about the acadeMY boot camp for teens that's being put on this week by the non-profit organization Inside Out; Quebec now has a vaccine passport - Ontario will have one soon. We get an overview on how they work and why they're being implemented from...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday September 1, 2021

Alex Ballingall, who covers federal politics for the Toronto Star outlines party positions addressing climate change; Stress, anxiety and eating disorders are just some of the mental health challenges that have been triggered or made worse for kids during the pandemic. CBC producer Antonia Reed shares what she learned from talking to parents and experts; Rural communities and their issues are seldom a priority during federal elections. Ashleigh Weeden who is studying at the School of...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday August 31, 2021

The major parties are making commitments about climate change on the campaign trail. Climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe offers her analysis of their respective positions on the issue; New data shows that overdose-related calls reached a record high in Peterborough this year. Evan Brockest from Peterborough Public Health describes how the region’s opioid crisis has worsened and the efforts to provide prevention and treatment; Calling all crossing guards. The school year is just about to begin...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday August 30, 2021

Our guest host Jelena Adzic discussed the federal election campaign with Michael Johns, Barrie resident and visiting professor at York University; The pandemic has caused many of us to feel stressed about an uncertain future. Psychotherapist Gina Miranda says being mindful can help us to manage: As parents prepare to send their kids back to school, many are asking 'are the schools safe?' Dr. Alika Fontaine, the incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association outlines what he thinks is...


Ontario Morning Podcast - August 27, 2021

Earlier in the pandemic the price of lumber skyrocketed - now it's fallen so far at least one producer is cutting production. Joel Neuheimer of the Forest Products Association of Canada explains the ups and downs we've seen; Serious video game players are now turning to coaches to improve their play - just like athletes. Game developer Liana Kerzner from Holland's Landing tells us more; What are the prospects for us voting online in future federal elections? Aleksander Essex is a...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday August 26, 2021

COVID cases keep trending upward and if things stay the same Ontario's Science Table estimates cases would double in the next 20 days. So what could this mean for school reopening plans? Doctor Janine McCready is an infectious disease physician offers her perspective; Since the pandemic started many establishments managed to adapt by offering services such as take-out and open-air dining - many others did not survive. What challenges await? We ask Olivier Bourbeau of Restaurants Canada; Lori...