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Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.

Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.


Toronto, ON


Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.




Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday November 26, 2021

Catherine Field, a freelance journalist in Paris reports on the aftermath of the death of some 27 people who had boarded an inflatable dinghy in hopes of crossing the English Channel to the U.K.; Steven D'Souza of CBC's Marketplace reports on the threat of flooding and how many Canadians are vulnerable because of inconsistent real estate rules, a lack of of information about the risk, and the reluctance of some insurers; We hear from Kingston mother Lyn O'Callaghan has flown to Costa Rica to...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday November 25, 2021

Leah Dies from Holland Landing, just south of Barrie is one f the authors of a new book that is available online that deals with some of the hardships of infertility: "Where's Helen? Real and Raw Infertility Journeys" ; The cost of housing continues to climb out of reach for many. Could a solution to this crisis be something called a community land trust? Suzanne Martineau recently made a presentation to town council in Gravenhurst on the concept; Our Queen's Park correspondent Mike Crawley...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday November 24, 2021

Infectious disease epidemiologist Maria Sundaram discusses vaccine hesitancy among some parents now that kids under the age of 12 are eligible for the COVID vaccine; Who would have thought giving workers a raise would cause controversy? Chapman's in Grey County is giving employees who are double-vaxxed a one dollar per hour pay raise. But now the ice cream maker is the target of abuse from anti-vaxxers. Ashley Chapman tells us about the situation; Leila Sarangi is with the group Campaign...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday November 23, 2021

According to a new set of environmental audits, the Ontario government has ignored the public's right to consultation on environmentally-significant decisions. We find out more Ontario's Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk; We talk with Kim Hay an amateur astronomer from Yarker who has been honoured for her contributions to the science by having an asteroid named after her: 10062 Kim Hay; Mike Hearn, a father of two in Midland, explains why he's anxious to get them vaccinated against COVID; Fewer...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday November 22, 2021

Dr. Rob Meeder, Medical director for Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care's Family, Child and Youth Mental Health program in Midland discusses Health Canada's approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children aged five to 11; Sarah Kennell, National Director, Public Policy at Canadian Mental Health Association explains eco-anxiety and how recent events are prompting more fear and anxiety about the impacts of climate change; Nelson Wiseman, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday November 19, 2021

Farmer Lester Weber talks about why he and other southern Ontario farmers are sending bails of hay to Saskatchewan; Sean Holman, Wayne Crookes Professor of Environmental and Climate Journalist at the University of Victoria, looks into a new survey on how the media reports on climate change; Shari Kasman talks about her book "Rocks Don't Move and Other Questionable Facts", created from random facts from strangers she received in exchange for her old books; Asha Tomlinson breaks down a new...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday November 18, 2021

Colin Robertson, a former Canadian diplomat and vice president and fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, talks about what is on the agenda as leaders from Canada, the United States, and Mexico meet in Washington; Rob Norman, the creator of the new CBC podcast Limited Capacity, talks about all things dark and disturbing that went into his new show; Author and sustainable design professor Lloyd Alter explains how reducing consumption is the first step to shrinking your carbon...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday November 17, 2021

Lauren Tonelli of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters explains why the province is working on trapping a group of wild pigs that was sighted east of Toronto; Happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss shares the warning signs of a toxic workplace and how to prevent it from affecting our mental health; Jack Veicht from the Canadian Mental Health Association's Peterborough branch talks about the vicarious trauma that many front-line and outreach workers are experiencing during...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday November 16, 2021

Government relations advisor for Children First Canada Stephanie Mitton talks about the importance of recognizing children's rights and resilience during the pandemic ahead of National Child Day; Jonnathan Marconi, President of Highland Waters Community Metis Council, explains why he persuaded cities like Belleville and Napanee to publically commemorate Riel's role in history for this Louis Riel Day; Kerry McCuaig, a fellow in early childhood policy at Ontario Institute for Studies in...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday November 15, 2021

Blue Mountains wants you. And they are offering a minimum wage of $16.50. Lesley Biffin of the resort's' human resources department tells us what they are offering prospective employees; CBC journalist Emily Brass tells us about her new podcast 'Type Taboo: Diary of a New Diabetic' that profiles her personal health crisis; Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogosh discusses the use and efficacy of COVID-19 booster shots; CBC's Go Public investigated a new scam that cost one unwitting...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday November 12, 2021

Canada's national men's soccer team has two big matches coming up - against Costa Rica and then Mexico - which will be crucial in their efforts to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar next year. Sports journalist Ed Klajman discusses their prospects; Infectious disease expert Dr. Dominik Mertz of McMaster University in Hamilton discusses the concerning rise of cases counts and mortality in Europe; The Simcoe-Muskoka Health Unit has one of the highest infection rates in the province. Charles...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday November 11, 2021

Documentary filmmaker Eric Brunt tells us about his current project 'The Last Ones Standing' where Canadians veterans of the Second World War share their stories; Author David Borys shares the little-known story of the Canadian Military's Civil Affairs Branch at the end of the Second World War which he describes in his book "Civilians At The Sharp End"; Timothy Sawa of CBC Television's the fifth estate outlines their investigation into continuing allegations of abuse at the now-closed...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday November 10, 2021

Dr. Peter Juni, the head of COVID-19 science advisory table for the province discusses the different tests for COVID-19; Maybe you should make an effort to be in bed by 10 or 11 at night. That could be an optimal time to reinforce your circadian rhythm and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. Dr. Mert Aral tells us about their research; Infection control epidemiologist Colin Furness discusses the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in the province; How can you make sure your charitable...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday November 9, 2021

The pandemic forced CUSO International to stop sending volunteers into the field. Nic Moyer the organzation's CEO tells us how they're getting ready for their first deployment in twenty months; Collingwood will be honouring local veterans by lining the streets downtown with one-hundred-and-five banners. Susan Nicholson of the Collingwood BIA tells us about the effort; We get a cross-border account of what it's been like now that Canadians can cross over to the U.S. On the Canadian side we...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday November 8, 2021

The travel industry is grappling with its own impact on carbon emissions as tourism makes a comeback from pandemic restrictions. We talk about the prospects for a more sustainable recovery with Daniel Scott, a Professor on Sustainable Tourism at the University of Waterloo; Who is Indigenous? That question has become a dilemma for some Canadian universities as it appears there are faculty members who have made unsubstantiated claims about their heritage. We find out more from Janice Hill,...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday November 5, 2021

David Common from CBC's Marketplace tells us about their investigation that found a connection between a Canadian clothing retailer and a Chinese factory that is believed to use forced labour; The federal government has committed to no longer financing fossil fuel projects abroad. If they make good on an election promise, the Liberals will also end subsidies to domestic oil and gas industries. Sarah Burch the Canada Research Chair in Sustainability Governance and Innovation at the University...


Ontario Morning - Thursday November 4, 2021

Rocco Rossi from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce explains why this will not be a good time for many small business owners to pay the new higher minimum wage; Diwali has begun. We find out more about the celebration from Durgeshwar Tiwari, the Head Priest at the Hindu Cultural Center in London; Keith Neuman of the Environics Institute outlines some of what they learned in their new survey on Canadians' attitudes on race relations; Joann Chechalk who is a garlic farmer and the President of the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday November 3, 2021

Canada is proposing a global carbon tax to world leaders at COP-26 this week. Stewart Elgie, of the Smart Prosperity Institute at the University of Ottawa explains why he, too, thinks it could a successful strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; The CBC's Antonia Reed reports on how - and why - some members of younger generations - are successful at convincing people such as their parents to adopt behaviour that doesn't contribute to climate change; The Ontario government will raise the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday November 2, 2021

COP26 is underway in Glasgow, Scotland but the Presidents of both China and Russia will not be at the table. How will that effect the international effort to come to an agreement on reducing greenhouse gases? We ask international affairs expert Colin Robertson; Ellen White is a private investigator in Barrie and the creator of the podcast 'Whereabouts Unknown'. She talks about her work and her efforts to assist families and the police in their efforts to find missing persons; Seventy five...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday November 1, 2021

Will the threat of climate change mean we'll have to 'de-grow' the economy? Warren Mabee.of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy at Queen's University in Kingston looks at some of the challenges facing delegations at the COP26 talks; Diane Brisebois, from the Retail Council of Canada explains why it's vital that we support our local businesses this coming holiday season; The Mayor of Peterborough, Mayor Dianne Therrien addresses the threatening phone calls that she and her staff...