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Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world — whether it's down the road or around the globe. Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.

Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world — whether it's down the road or around the globe. Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.


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Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world — whether it's down the road or around the globe. Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.




Ontario Morning Podcast - May 24 2022

Chef Raquel Fox joined us to talk about budget cooking...and pushing back against the rising costs of groceries. Political parties have been pumping up their plans to make getting around easier and cheaper. We heard more about those promises, and WHY politicians are courting the commuter. We heard from the first of the four provincial candidates who we'll be featuring this week. This morning we spoke with Bay of Quinte NDP candidate Alison Kelly. Canadians love to talk about the weather, and...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday May 20, 2020

The CBC's Jason Viau reports on how some greenhouses are being used to grow illegal cannabis and how farm workers there may be unaware that they're aiding a criminal operation; Last year Mike Shoreman tried and failed to be the first person with a disability to paddleboard across an international border. This summer, he has a new goal: to paddle the Great Lakes; Our Haydn Taylor reports on some of the vitriol in the current provincial election campaign from signs vandalized with racist slurs...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday May 19, 2022

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 1 in every 50 Canadian children and adolescents are autistic. For years families have pleaded with the government for more support. Now a new report released by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences provides a nationwide assessment of autism and a strategy to help. We find out more from Mélanie Couture of the Academy; Author and playwright Drew Hayden Taylor takes Chris Glover and Ontario Morning's new host, Ramraajh Sharvendiran on a radio...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday May 18, 2022

North Korea is reported to be on the brink of a Covid-19 catastrophe unless it rolls out vaccines and drug treatments immediately. We speak with international affairs expert Tina Park of Carleton University about the situation; Because of the restrictions caused by COVID-19, thousands of people in the province have been forced to wait for medical treatment. Dr. Jeffery Tyberg, the Chief of Staff at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie tells us how they been trying to get to...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday May 17, 2020

The CBC's Antonia Reed investigates why eating disorders are on the rise for young people and adults snd why some people have been struggling with their relationship to food during the pandemic; A white gunman accused of "racially motivated violent extremism" killed 10 people and wounded three in Buffalo on Saturday. Today, President Biden will speak to Americans grieving after another example of racist violence. Political scientist Keneshia Grant discusses what message she expects him to...


Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday May 16, 2022

More than half-a-million Ontarians live with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But it's unlikely to be the focus of much attention during the debate tonight among provincial political party leaders. Heidi Bernhardt of The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada tells us how they are helping families engage with candidates; Alex Marland teaches political science at Memorial University. He'sthe author of 'Whipped: Party Discipline in Canada,' and a Professor of Political Science at...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 13 2022

A new report indicates Indigenous women now make up half of the female population in Canadian prisons…and the number is growing. Mental health has been a major focus throughout the pandemic...Promises to prioritize it are showing up on provincial election platforms. A national conference on this week brings together the latest research and advances in mental health and suicide prevention. Do they stay or do they go? Kingston City council held a special meeting last night to address the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 11 2022

Acres of farmland sit next to Lakehead’s Orillia Campus, and students think it could be put to good use. Thousands of construction workers from various trades have put down their equipment and picked up picket signs. We checked in on what the construction workers’ strike means for building projects in our region. Attention earthlings.... we could know a little more about the Milky Way. Andrew Fazekas joins us for more on the James Webb Telecope's latest imaging. Books column with Kimberly...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 10 2022

Affordability is poised to become a top election issue, and voters are looking to see which parties offer the best relief. A first-time homebuyer in Trent Hills shared how the rising cost of living has complicated his path to home ownership…even after he secured his first property. Getting home: Residents of Tipi Moza's subsidized and transitional housing in Kingston talk about the difference it has made for them. Thousands of construction workers are off the job this week. We heard from...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 9 2022

As Europe observes the anniversary of the end of World War 2, a group of history students are on the battlefields of Europe retracing the steps of Ontarians who participated in both world wars. A dramatic tale from almost a hundred years ago in Kawarthas history comes back to life on the silver screen. The story of the boys of Balsam Lake makes its way through Eastern Ontario this week..And the director tells us how the timing makes it more resonant than usual. May 9 is Victory Day in...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 6 2022

The province is proposing shifting some medical tasks required by some students to school staff. We heard you THAT proposal is getting a failing grade. Science fairs are a lot more than just a display of bristol boards in a school gymnasium... there's stiff competition, especially when you make it to the big leagues. Belleville is hosting a delegation from Lahr, Germany to mark 50 years since being linked as twin cities. Screentime column with Eli Glasner Before the provincial election next...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 5 2022

In the wake of a leaked draft of a US Supreme Court decision that could overturn Roe v Wade we spoke to Celia Zhang of the Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights all about destigmatizing abortion. Whose land is it on anyways? That's the question being asked in Brockville at the corner of Stewart Boulevard and the 401 overpass where an encampment has grown over the last few months. But it's unclear exactly who is there...and why...or what the city can do about it. As fighting intensifies...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 4 2022

It's official: Ontario's heading to the polls. We got the scoop on what the race looks like -- and how politics have changed since the last election. Interview with Paula Barnes who organized an information clinic tonight to help families in Huntsville. As we keep our eyes on the U.S. Supreme Court’s potential decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.. what is it like to seek sexual health services here in rural Ontario? Books column with Kern Carter Muskoka region listeners.. Have you seen a man...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 3 2022

A first-of-its kind program in Canada thinks it can help solve the ongoing doctor shortage in southeastern Ontario. A Port Severn man’s lodgings are making waves…he’s been living in a floating shipping container on Georgian Bay. Now, other communities are debating whether such accommodations should be allowed on their waterways. With the influx of pets being surrendered at the Kingston Humane Society, the need for temporary foster care is on the rise Last night the puck dropped on the NHL...


Ontario Morning Podcast - May 1 2022

Advance care, end-of-life treatment. It may be an uncomfortable and difficult discussion, but it's of the utmost importance for patient-centric care. Who's buying Electric? For some, it's their new dream car. Hallie Cotnam talked to people who've taken the plunge, or are trying to.... Many municipalities around Ontario clocked large increases of dog adoptions while so many of us were cooped up for the past couple of years during COVID..Now as life is shifting back, a troubling trend is...


Ontario Morning Podcast - April 29 2022

Buying a home is expensive…building more of them, might help. But endless red tape is making it nearly impossible to boost the provincial housing supply. Does the budget do enough to support building of new homes in Ontario? we hear some reaction to Health Canada lifting a decades old ban on blood donations from men who have sex with other men - and why it's a milestone. Today CBC pops up in Kingston to visit the local library and have some conversations with our friends and listeners there....


Ontario Morning Podcast - April 28 2022

It's budget day in Ontario, coming at a time when many of us are reviewing our spending and income and having to make decisions.People relying on disability payments in this province say they're forced to make impossible choices as the cost of living rises. If you're holding property in the most overvalued housing market in Southern Ontario, you’re sitting on way more than just chump change. But if you’re looking to buy, you might want to continue your search. We spoke with the president of...


Ontario Morning Podcast - April 27 2022

Rogers is putting Freedom Mobile up for sale, as part of its takeover of Shaw. Just who will end up buying it, we don't yet know A new report takes Canada’s armed forces to task for not doing enough to address racism. A Canadian Senator is going back to her roots — to encourage those thinking about running for municipal politics this fall. It's a little early for wine but this week’s book column might have you reaching for the corkscrew. As you do your taxes, you'll probably come across a...


Ontario Morning Podcast - April 26

In Shanghai people are venting their anger against the government in audio recordings that have gone viral. The so called Voices of April recordings speak of food shortages and government bungling...as residents there continue a strict lockdown that has gone on for weeks. An unusually high number of bees died in Ontario over the winter. Now, beekeepers are trying to figure out why -- and what it means for business and the environment. A discovery about the history of the Bruce Trail launched...


Ontario Morning Podcast - April 25 2022

At this stage of the pandemic, lots of us have had covid...and as we further relax restrictions...many are wondering...what happens if I am one of those who have to battle long covid? Whether you flip flop between missing your morning commute to the office... and enjoying the freedom to sleep in a little longer before your morning meeting ... adapting to in-person work might be just as scary as the abrupt remote work response... Day 5 of the OHL playoffs are here. The Petes, the Colts, and...