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Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world — whether it's down the road or around the globe. Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.

Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world — whether it's down the road or around the globe. Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.


Toronto, ON


Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world — whether it's down the road or around the globe. Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.




Ontario Morning Podcast - August 11 2022

After a pandemic hiatus, the Ontario 55 Plus Summer Games kicked off in Peterborough this week. We'll Four recent shootings in the City of Peterborough will be discussed at a town hall tonight on rising violence, hosted by the local police service. A community advocate has a few ideas on how to push the conversation forward. A unique theatrical experience is hitting the streets of Kingston tonight. The Collingwood Paddling Club sent their kayakers and canoers to compete at the Ontario Summer...


Ontario Morning Podcast - August 10 2022

Pressures on the healthcare system were part of the government's speech from the throne yesterday. As hospitals face a staffing crisis, one mother says she had to take some of her daughter’s care into her own hands at the Kingston General Hospital. Prince Edward County's Janet Kellough joined us to talk about her book Wishful Seeing, and what it was like watching it come to life at 4th Line Theatre. Arts Jam Studio Sessions are a series of workshops kicking off today for 2SLGBTQ+ artists in...


Ontario Morning Podcast - August 4, 2022

If you're trying to book a seat on the Grey County Transit, book early! The new expansion pilot project saw ridership skyrocket to 240% in a few short months. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is taking a much needed trip from Owen Sound to Orangeville. Shops and storefronts run along the sidelines of a city’s downtown core, but a new Belleville play puts them center stage. Director Lisa Morris joined us to tell us more about her new play Owen Sound has a Sexual Health clinic once...


Ontario Morning Podcast - August 3 2022

First emergency rooms had to close down or limit capacity, now other hospital units are feeling the strain of staff shortages and shutting down as well. The Chief of Staff of Kingston Health Sciences Centre told us why they decided to close their urgent care unit doors, and what happened as a result. As homeless people continue to migrate outside of the cities, rural communities are finding themselves struggling to cope with their needs Today Peterborough County decides whether it needs...


Ontario Morning Podcast - August 2, 2022

Paramedics, like many health care workers have been championed as heroes during the pandemic. So why are they increasingly being victimized on the job? How does your garden grow? 2022 is the Year of the Garden and the Canadian Garden Council is celebrating Canada's garden culture. Councilors in Collingwood voted for a bump in their salary, as well as making the Mayor’s position a full time gig. We spoke with newly named Mayor Keith Hull on why this reflects the changing times in Collingwood....


Ontario Morning - July 29 2022

Some food for thought going into the weekend...Food Day Canada is tomorrow. What are you going to eat? The owner of The 100 Mile Store in Cree more joined us to talk about why we should eat local, and what's in season. Could Ontario be looking at its own version of the Fire Fest mess? Thousands of festival goers to the Ever After electronic music festival are demanding a refund after the festival was denied an event permit by the town. The Mayor of Oro-Medonte break down what’s happened and...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 28

A new transportation survey being conducted in Northumberland County could mean better service for commuters missing their usual VIA rail service. We learnt what the new alternative travel option would look like. Going to the gym isn't just for grownups anymore. The Boys and Girls club in Kingston unveiled a new gym for kids and youth. Veterinarians are supposed to be the ones who can whisper to horses and calm nervous dogs. But they are still saying that burnout and fatigue are taking their...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 27 2022

We've heard about the immense strain on hospitals right now. But public health units are being taxed too ... between expanded access to vaccinations, monkeypox and more. What aren't they doing - and what's at stake? In our books column today we spoke to a Queen's University grad whose recent book offers a counterpoint to the climate change news we hear all the time. Sounds like Here with Jared Hillel It may not have been quite the sort of tornado you remember from movies like the Wizard of...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 26 2022

Indigenous People across the nation listened intently to Pope Francis as he expressed deep sorrow over Indigenous children being forced into residential schools to assimilate. A Queen's University professor shared his reaction, and reflects on what this means for reconciliation efforts. Grandparents, Barrie police stand on guard for thee. We heard about a bust in a scam local fraud investigators have been looking into, that pulls on grandparental heartstrings for money. Relations between the...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 25 2022

As almost everything seems to cost more now, there's been a jump in the number of people accessing food banks. We spoke with Feed Ontario to get a better understanding about how this is playing out across the province Hockey Canada is facing a reckoning right now..including a reopening of a sexual assault investigation. What could this mean for the fall hockey season coming up? Summer travel plans have been impeded by delays and stress getting passports. The government promised action a...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 22 2022

A new outreach vehicle hit the road in Kingston this week, offering health and social services to the area’s most vulnerable residents. One of the project leads explains the importance of meeting the community where they are. Hurricane straps became a topic of conversation following last year’s tornado in Barrie. One developer building in the area says they’re implementing the straps on every home in their new project… and all projects moving forward. Feel like brushing up on your math...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 21, 2022

From dry conditions to extreme heat, it’s been a complicated growing season for Ontario farmers. A farmer updated us on how crops are faring, and what he thinks policymakers can do to help workers mitigate climate extremes Canadian painter Tom Thomson died over a century ago, but his twitter feed kept his legend alive for a decade. Today the man who wrote Tom's tweets posts for the last time...prompting a reflection on what Thomson meant, and means now, in Canadian art and culture. CBC's...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 20 2022

A recent study from Western University suggests Ontario's small towns and rural communities need to learn cultural acceptance and racial tolerance in order to stave off their own economic and demographic decline. If you don’t have a primary care physician, you might be concerned about hearing news that some hospitals and emergency rooms are scaling back services. A family doctor told us why it’s a confusing time to access health care and what can be done about it. As much of southern Ontario...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 18 2022

There are calls for the City of Peterborough to declare a state of emergency over homelessness, but one frontline worker says not enough resources have been exhausted to warrant one. As a seventh wave of COVID-19 begins sweeping across Canada. Ontario is expanding eligibility for a fourth dose of the vaccine. We spoke to a Southampton pharmacist about how much demand she's seeing for a fourth shot, and how she's reaching people who've delayed their third dose. What sound says summer to you?...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 15 2022

An old hay wagon is getting a second chance as a traveling playhouse. The Roamin’ Theatre Roulant will be touring Prince Edward County this summer with a play about the region’s history. The City of Peterborough says it has resources available to house those tenting in Victoria Park...yet, people remain outside. A research team is heading back to Barrie one year after an EF-2 Tornado left a trail of destruction and debris. We heard why they're documenting rebuilding efforts. Plus, the City's...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 14 2022

Learning a new language can be tough, learning a language that is barely spoken around you can be even harder. Here is how some of the work the Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest is doing to support indigenous language learning in tasty ways. Ticks and mosquitos can be a major annoyance but they also carry some serious diseases. Dr. Lin gives us all the tips on how to stay safe Remember when Peterborough was named the most overvalued housing market earlier this year? Well a more balanced...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 12 2022

Do you know the feeling of driving in circles trying to find parking down at the water? Acting Deputy Mayor Mariane McLeod spoke with us about how they're trying to deal with that in the town of Collingwood. It takes a village.. to build another village in Owen Sound . The community there is just about finished construction on a 'village' that will house refugees from Ukraine. Kids are returning to summer camp, but so is COVID. A camp for the deaf in Parry Sound canceled their junior program...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 11 2022

Commuters are feeling the fallout from the cancellation of Via Rail Train 651, and they’re calling on the route between Kingston and Toronto to be reinstated. Sleepover camps are back this summer, with no restrictions. But will COVID find a way to ruin the summer anyway? Have you noticed a little shimmer in the skies lately? There's a reason for it, but it won't last long.


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 8 2022

Kingston’s hospitality sector is trying to meet the demand of visitors to the city as tourism season ramps up. A new program is helping businesses match with summer workers to address the post pandemic surge. A new project is reminding us that human mastery of flight was inspired by nature. We heard about a public art unveiling this weekend honoring nature's original aviators at a former World War II air base in Picton. Controversy over the Indigenous ancestry claimed by some Queen's...


Ontario Morning Podcast - July 7 2022

Peterborough has been running The Link bus service for one year. We heard how the transportation network has been connecting rural communities and what’s next for operations as the pilot project reaches its first milestone. Scrapping old shingles...and notions of what a roofer looks like. We heard how one woman's quest for an all-female roofing crew sparked a cross-country effort to support women in trades.