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Classic Triple M Adelaide’s best way to kick start your day is with Roo & Ditts.

Classic Triple M Adelaide’s best way to kick start your day is with Roo & Ditts.
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Adelaide, SA


Classic Triple M Adelaide’s best way to kick start your day is with Roo & Ditts.




Brad Ebert says players will always be under scrutiny. Tom Brown about Kochie says AFl sanction is to save their image. RDB 260418

1) Tom Brown about Kochie's remarks on AFL decision on Sam Powell Pepper is to save their image 2) Brad Ebert from PAFC - Club decision on Powell Pepper was based on whatever evidence they had 3) Lehmo chat - All the dramatic events 4) Gleeso about Apu character from Simpsons 5) Roo & Ditts Angels - how to say no to a boy 6) Jackie who is in The Voice 8) Things that didn't make the cut


Roo & Ditts Anzac Day Specil 2018

Roo and Ditts look back at previous Anzac Day special chats. 1) Greatest story with Mark Donaldson VC 2) Matt McLachlan - Anzac Day war tour 3) Sam Neil looks back at Anzac Day 4) Ben Robert Smith - Celebrating 100 years



Taylor Walker talks beating Sydney, Kane Cornes, the Buddy Sledge and booing at the Footy


Roo & Ditts Best Of 20 April 2018

1) Ditts has wasps trouble 2) Lehmo - bags the tram with Roo an Ditts face on it 3) RD Angels - Nothing to wear 4) GPS your kids 5) Jimmy Barnes special


Roo and Ditts Best Of 190418

1) Daniel from Next Gen on food diary 2) Ian Moss 3) Forgetting someone's name 4) Terrible boss stories 5) Roo has a new cat named Dusty


Roo & Ditts Best Of 18 April 2018

1) Pete Helliar writes second kids book 2) Names turned bogan 3) Living in a property with a tragedy


Roo and Ditts Best of 17 April 2018

1) Give us your ideas 2) Roo & Ditts Angels - Bedding 3) South Aussie with Cosi - Travel plans for holidays 4) Tex Jokes 5) Cakeage 6) Police Commissioner Grant Stevens


Roo & Ditts Best of For 16 April 2018

1) Roo has a new pet in the house...named Dusty 2) Jars had a massive stitch up by Roo & Ditts 3) roo was overtaken by old lady on a bike 4) Dumb comments 5) Lehmo - tram 6) Amount of time spent on the phone


Lawrence Mooney will be missing the AFL GF. Eddie Mcguire on stadium upgrades. RDB 130418

1) Welcome - Eddie McGuire coming on today 2) Overnight - N more cricket deal for Channel 9. Exports of goats is on high demand. England Zamel disqualified 3) Lawrence Mooney - missing AFL GF 4) Top 5 things we've learnt this week 5) Eddie McGuire - How the stadium upgrades will be good for all states and country 6) Victoria will be having a stadium upgrade and 40 more years for GF at MCG. What do you think? 7) Dr Sam Shahin on Tailem Bend track


Brad Ebert explains club terms after Powell Pepper was fined. Lehmo gave son tomato sauce for first time. RDB 120418

1) Welcome - Bootcamp day 2) Overnight - Cameroon athletes fleed. Lower payroll tax for small businesses. Stag hotel shut once again. Tasting Australia starts tomorrow. 3) Lehmo - gave his son tomato sauce for the first time 4) Pressure test - bootcamp style 5) Brad Ebert from PAFC - explains why the club was disappointed with Powell Pepper after Hindley street incident 6) Get Fit bootcamp starts 7) Roo Vs Jars bootcamp challenge 8) Sam from Nextgen talks about different trainings...


Big Mal chats to John Farnham. Roo made it under 100Kgs. How to make your kids eat? RDB 110418

1) Welcome - Big Mal is on today 2) Overnight - Malcolm Turnbull did not know lyrics to John Farnham song. Black Spots around SA. farting is not harrasment 3) Lawrence Mooney as Big Mal - Chats with John Farnham about not knowing his song 4) Ken Phillips - ATO culture and targetting vulnerable people 5) Ditts about nude yoga 6) Pressure test contest 7) Wednesday worries - Roo about trying make toddlers eat. What are your troubles trying to get your kids to eat? 8) Get fit - weigh in...


Roo's son up to mischief. Tex Walker stole the car keys when he was young. Wil Anderson for Collingwood laughs. RDB 100418

1) Welcome - Roo says rain is coming 2) Overnight - Peter Maulanaskis is new opposition leader. Cocaine flew into the bag. Eddie Betts has named his two girls. Adelaide for Commonwealth Games 3) Roo's son cut the seatbelts in the car. what naughty thing has your kid done? 4) Tex walker, Crows Captain - He thought the coach had bad news when Eddie Betts was going to announce about wife giving birth 5) Amelia from CH7 - Rain is still in the forecast 6) Roo & ditts angels - School kids...


Chad Sayers returns after Ashes. Cosi gives school hoidays tips. RDB 090418

1) Overnight - Malcolm turnbull 30 polls low. Russell Crowe's auction went well. Calire Tallent disqualified in walking 2) Cosi gives school holidays tips 3) Monda phone in 4) Buzz Aldrin says there is species outside Earth 5) Lehmo - son is bad luck for Crows 6) Footy review - Port wins and saved at the end. Crows flat start 7) Pressure test contest 8) Chad sayers returns after Ashes 9) Sniffer dogs for drugs in schools. what do you think? 10) Eddie Betts watches wife deliver on...


Best pf the week from Roo and Ditts - 6 April 2018

1) Tuesday phone in back off Easter 2) Tex Walker, Crows captain - win Round 2 3) Lawrence Mooney as Big Mal 4) Cosi gives Get Fit tips 5) Roo's son's birthday 6) Get Fit weigh in - Ditts put on weight again 7) commonwealth games opening ceremony 8) Horrible bosses 9) Brad Ebert from PAFC - Selling his house 10) Southern suburbs kids' gangs 11) Lehmo - Didn't enjot Comm Games opening 12) Lawrence Mooney - call from Tex walker 13) Bruce McAvaney - excited about Comm Games 14)...


Bruce McAvaney thinks Karl Chalmers will win gold. Lawrence Mooney needed to mentor Tex Walker. RDB 060418

1) Welcome - Footy weekend 2) Overnight - Many drivers caught using ice. Scams should be made illegal and giving out our personal information. John Howard has some advice for Liberal party 3) Lawrence Mooney - Tex Walker called him 4) Top 5 things we've done 5) Bruce McAvaney - Excited to be in Gold Coast for Commonwealth Games 6) Pressure test contest 7) Roo apologises for Port Adelaide comments 8) BT whacks Ditts on rush Hour 9) Trevor Long - Explains eSports 10) Harry for Road...


Roo fell asleep watching Commonwealth Games opening. Lehmo has a good punishment for Crows fan that had a go at Hardwick. RDB 050418

1) Welcome - Commonwealth Games has officially begun 2) Overnight - Umpire shortage for juniors. SA no1 in using Ice drug. Crows supporter let go with no penalties for comments to Tigers coach 3) Brad Ebert from PAFC - selling his home at Henley Beach 4) Commonwealth games opening 5) Nanette from South - Having a community meeting on issues with kids gangs 6) Terrible bosses stories 7) Roo & Ditts Angels 8) Tim Vince - wool prices are high at the moment


Big Mal pretends to like sport. Roo and Ditts did not lose weight after Easter weekend. Cosi's Biggest Loser experience. Roo & Ditts 040418

1) Welcome - weigh in day and both nervous 2) Overnight - drug driving during Easter long weekend. Santos might get an American investor. Rex planes costs for wanting security screening 3) Lawrence Mooney as Big Mal - Comm games start today 4) Getting names wrong - guy in Bachelor get girl's name wrong 5) Cricket penalties might be too harshed for the trio for ball tampering, is it? 6) Get Fit with Cosi - Biggest Loser experience 7) Pressure test contest 8) Roo's son's 2 year old...


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