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Start your day with Stevo and Mitch in the Morning! Hear your favorite music plus plenty of random facts, special guests, and amusing high jinks, weekdays.

Start your day with Stevo and Mitch in the Morning! Hear your favorite music plus plenty of random facts, special guests, and amusing high jinks, weekdays.
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Albuquerque, NM


Start your day with Stevo and Mitch in the Morning! Hear your favorite music plus plenty of random facts, special guests, and amusing high jinks, weekdays.




8/1/2014 - TAMP 08/01/2014: August is Here! Guardians of the Galaxy is Here

Guys! Gals! Animals! It's August! 1. Go see Guardians of the Galaxy. 2. Purchase a gift for Matteo immediately. His bday is August 12th and he needs your support. 3. Listen to this podcast!


7/31/2014 - TAMP 07/31/2014: Albuquerque Natives Achieve No Rest Due to Ove

Thursday is here! The weekend approaches rapidly, and boy are our arms tired! Today we are blessed with the strengthened presence of Mr. Clay Schroff from the Aspen Project, we have a few sweet round of Noah-lympics (No-uh-lympics), and have a great discussion with Pastor Brian Nixon about the canonization of Scripture for Theology Thursday!


7/29/2014 - TAMP 07/29/2014: Bringing Down the House with Roy

It's New Music Tuesday guys and gals! We've got a few new tracks for you to review, an interview with Mr. Skip Heitzig about his current sermon series "Playlist," and Caleb from the Mix Gameroom and Skatepark stops by to tell us about those haps. 1993 was the coolest year!


7/25/2014 - TAMP 07/25/2014: Christmas in July!

Sam Swann is back and it's let's do it! Today we discuss a story about a 4 year old getting banned from a donut shop, Disneyland adventures, and state pride. In fact, we call two random people from both Ohio and Mississippi and hear just how much state pride they have. The results are shocking.


7/24/2014 - TAMP 07/24/2014: Thursday be the Realisssss

Yes! Thursday! Today we chat it up with Emily Kreiger from National Geographic Kids about the new book "Myths Busted 2," Michelle Schroff from Project Zoe, AND we have an incredible edition of Theology Thursday wherein we discuss four views on war. Get into it!


7/22/2014 - TAMP 07/22/2014: A Very Satisfying New Music Tuesday

Today is the day! It's New Music Tuesday and today is a very special day because we premiere "Satisfied" by House of Heroes! We even have a little chat with Tim Skipper, (the singer, duh) who gives us a little insight into the inspirations behind the song. Sweeeet. Get ready for a good one!


7/21/2014 - TAMP 07/21/2014: Monday Madness with Team Awesome Morning Party

Another week has begun, and with it...a new Team Awesome Morning Party! Come right on in and hear some convos about politics, myths, smart phone technology, and cool stuff. We've even got a real-life politician in the house! We welcome Col. Allen Weh in to hear more about what's going on his world. Always cool stuff.


7/16/2014 - TAMP 07/16/2014: Stevo's Bday Celebration!

Today is Stevo's birthday! Aging into a ripe, old 42 years old, he grabs the day by the horns and wrestles it to the ground. Matteo and Doug try to help, but the endless amount of donuts and related tales prevent them from doing so and cause major diabetic sweats/comas. Will Team Awesome Morning Party survive? Will the world ever be the same? Find out...the Day After Tomorrow. Maybe.


7/15/2014 - TAMP 07/15/2014: Tuesday Chicken Butt!

It's New Music Tuesday! It's also raining in Albuquerque! What is this, Narnia?!? Help me Mr. Tumnus, help me!


7/14/2014 - TAMP 07/14/2014: Monday So What!

I'm not even going to tell you what happens on today's podcast. You're just going to have to listen in. So what!?!


7/10/2014 - TAMP 07/10/2014: Making Our Own Movies and Theology Thursday!

Boooooooom duuuuuuuuuudes! It's Thursday, so you know that means we have a ton of fun and even some thinking in store for you! Aside from trying to write our own movie based on the real-life story of a man who's cell phone ended up on a trip around the world (without him), we welcome Clay Schroff from the Aspen Project AND Pastor Brian Nixon for today's politically-charged edition of Theology Thursday! There's really not much more you could ask for from a normal, old Thursday.


7/9/2014 - TAMP 07/09/2014: Comics Corner and Stories of Legend

Golly bob howdy! It's Wednesday, so you know what's up; Comics Corner, cool stories, and even a sweet "Persecuted" contest! We've got a stellar interview with Daniel Lusko, director of the film and tons of schwag to give out! Neato mosquito!


7/8/2014 - TAMP 07/08/2014: Team Awesome Morning Party Gets Persecuted (In

That's right, folks! We got a Title Sponsor! So, yes, today's podcast (and the next couple of weeks') sounds a bit...different. But it's a good different, I say! Speaking of persecution, it's also New Music Tuesday and our listeners are ready. We welcome in Caleb from the Mix Gameroom and Skatepark, the incredible local talent Chad Barela, and Mr. Skip Heitzig himself! Check it out!


7/7/2014 - TAMP 07/07/2014: Monday Madness and Facebook Faux Pas

Boom baby! We're back with a crazy Team Awesome Morning Party because it's Monday and that's how we do. In fact, here's a song: The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake. You dream about going up there...but that is a BIG mistake. Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor. Such wonderful things around you, what more is you looking for? Under the sea, under the sea, ETC. -Music and lyrics by Joe Walsh and Douglas Case, 1995.


7/3/2014 - TAMP 07/03/2014: The Day Before Independence Day

It's July 3rd and freedom rings within the studio today, as Team Awesome Morning Party gets all 'murican on you with a show of patriotic pride that is unequaled amongst other morning shows. Heck, they even take a citizenship naturalization quiz to prove how American they really are! We also have a great talk with Michelle Schroff from Project Zoe and a solid Theology Thursday! Check it out!


7/2/2014 - TAMP 07/02/2014: Ooky-Spooky Facebook Stories, Comics Corner, an

Today is Wednesday and we're talking all kinds of cool stuff. Comics Corner is super cool. What's Going On Wednesday is super cooler. We even have a spooky tale of social media messages from beyond the grave that is kinda cool. Weird...yes. Fake...probably. Check it out!


7/1/2014 - TAMP 07/01/2014: A Very Quick and Slightly Late New Music Tuesda

Whoa nelly! It's New Music Tuesday...but it's kinda late. And very fast. Why?!?!? We also discuss an interesting situation with a local-to-New Mexico teacher who turned down a bonus. Why!?!? Just tune in and find out.


6/30/2014 - TAMP 06/30/2014: The Monday from the Uninspired Depths of the P

It's Monday, and we're glowing! Who else is stoked?!? You are! That's right, you ARE! Pretty awesome. You gotta love it. Neato, gang! Coolio.


6/27/2014 - TAMP 06/27/2014: The Tale of the Lowes Guy

Happy Friday, everyone! Team Awesome Morning Party is here with a story so exciting, so dramatic, so horrific, so terrifyingly lame that it basically is all that we talk about the whole show. Perk those ears up and tune in, but listener be warned; it's truly ***shocking. (***lame.)


6/26/2014 - TAMP 06/26/2014: TAMP Does the World Cup

Go U-S-&-A!!!! Today it's all about the World Cup here at Team Awesome Morning Party, so Stevo and Producer Doug help Matteo understand fut-ball (soccer for the layman.) We also welcome Clay Schroff from the Aspen Project, Jennifer from Nat'l Geographic KIDS, and B-Nix (Petero's out "sick") for Theology Thursday! Check it so you don't wreck it...yourself. !!!