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Doug, Jen, Victoria and Jai share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!

Doug, Jen, Victoria and Jai share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!


Boston, MA


Doug, Jen, Victoria and Jai share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!






The Daily DJV Show Download - 05/13/21 - Ellen Pulls The Plug

Trending today, with the help of a friend, Ellen DeGeneres says that after 19 seasons she's ending her show. Liz Cheney is on the way out amidst other turmoil in The Republican Party. Also trending, why "This Is Us" is ending, after 6 seasons.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 05/12/21 - Eyewitness Account Of Bombings In Israel

Trending today, eyewitness Uri Geller offers vivid descriptions from the site of bombings in Israel. Companies lining up to disassociate themselves from Facebook. Demi Lovato set to host UFO series for the Peacock. Also trending, a shocking "Benafer" update.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 05/11/21 - Grey's Anatomy Renewed For 18th Season, And Guess The Salaries?

Trending today, "Grey's Anatomy" was renewed again and you wouldn't believe what cast and crew are making? "Tiger King," Jeff Lowe claims he knows what happened to Carole Baskin’s husband, who disappeared in 1997. Also trending, Hollywood A-Listers supporting a NY bill that would shut down retail puppy mills.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 05/10/21 - Mark Wahlberg Packs On 30 Pounds

Trending today, a critique on Elon Musk's job hosting SNL. The reason a boat explodes near Margaritaville. Also trending, the reason Mark Wahlberg adds 30 pounds to create a "Daddy Bod."


The Daily DJV Show Download - 05/06/21 - Improvements Coming To Twitter

Trending today, learn about the improvements coming to Twitter. The cicadas are coming, the cicadas are coming!!! You'll be surprised to learn what percentage of daily conversations are gossip. Also trending, Kim Kardashian and her rumored Italian art treasure.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 05/05/21 - Bill & Malinda Had An Agreement About Bill's Mistress

Trending today, an interesting photo of the Bidens visiting the Clintons. Meghan Markle writes a children's book. Famous NYC restaurant to re-open without meat or seafood on its menu. Before they married, Bill and Malinda Gates had an agreement about Bill's mistress. Also trending, Elon Musk poo poos rumors about controversy over his SNL hosting.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 05/04/21 - Would You Wait Four Hours For A Burger?

Trending today, Britney Spears slams recent documentaries about her. Bill and Malinda Gates say they're untying the knot. White Castle opens new locations, with mile-long lines. Jenner doesn't want trans-girls in girls' sports. Also trending, our listeners tell us what's good about Government.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 05/03/21 - New J Lo and Ben Rumors

Trending today, the passing of 90-year-old actress/director Olympia Dukakis. Reality star Josh Duggar arrested on federal charges. Singer Morgan Wallen is a finalist in five categories in this year's Billboard Music Awards, but don't expect to see him there. Wondering why J Lo and Ben Affleck have been seen together recently. Also trending, a mother is notified by her daughter's school that she was going to receive a paddling.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/29/21 - Cousin Eddie Running For CA Governor!

Trending today, why no more Dodger Dogs at Dodger Stadium? Rudi Giuliani's neighbor blows the whistle on him. Did you hear who is running against Caitlyn Jenner for Governor of California? Also trending, a new documentary blows holes in the Titanic story.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/28/21 - Time For A "Cancel Culture" Update

Trending today, thoughts about why some TV series are not prime candidates for a re-boot. The ultimate prize was won on "Wheel of Fortune." Also trending, guess what live play-by-play sport Amazon is hoping to get.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/27/21 - SNL Cast Whines About Elon Musk As Guest Host

Trending today, why some SNL cast members are upset over Elon Musk as guest host. Hear what Andrew Brown Jr.'s family says about the video showing his fatal police shooting in North Carolina. Also trending, why ABC gave thumbs-down to a new sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer and Alec Baldwin.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/26/21 - Guess Who's Going To Run For Governor Of California?

Trending today, the newest celebrity who's announced their intent to run for California Governor, in the Gavin Newsom recall election. Doug explains why he was thumbs-down on the Oscar Telecast. Mask requirements being relaxed in California and other places. Also trending, Bill, Hillary and Jeffery Epstein Whitehouse adventures.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/22/21 - Pfizer: "Third Vaccination Probably Needed"

Trending today: rumors that Tom Bergeron may return to "Dancing With The Stars." Next, Ellen's mishap with weed drinks. LaVar Burton to guest host on "Jeopardy." Also trending, Pfizer says that a third vaccination may be needed.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/21/21 - Some Already Lifting The Pause on J&J Vaccine

Trending today, why the UK is ready to lift the pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine. Singer Ted "I've never been sick a day in my life" Nugent, reacts after testing positive for COVID yesterday. Mega hit songwriter Jim Steinman dead at 73. Also trending, poor Britney Spears faced with legal bills for herself, her dad and her mom.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/20/21 - Tesla Car, Deadly Crash While On Autopilot

Trending is a woman experiencing Superfetation. It's the formation of a fetus while another fetus is already present in the womb. Doug confesses his Caveman-like attraction to pregnant women. Also trending, a Tesla on autopilot crashes into a tree and kills two inside, but the circumstances are muddy.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/19/21 - Some States Lifting Mask Mandate

Trending today, the latest guidance for the Johnson&Johnson vaccine. Masks are starting to become a litter nuisance on our Streets. Also trending, some states are dropping the mandate for wearing masks, while others are considering making it permanent.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/15/21 - J&J Vaccine Yanked In All 50

Trending, what's next for the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, now on hold in all states. Next, adventures in Toilet Paper hoarding. Also trending, awkwardness between the two princes as they come together for the funeral for Prince Phillip.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/14/21 - DJV Joins Fight Against Hunger

37-million trending with daily hunger and DJV joins the Feeding America Radiothon. Please text RADIO to 662266 to help us. Six young women now suffering from blood-clots as a result of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine. Also trending, news that the quarantine and pandemic did not cause a baby boom, as predicted.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/13/21 - Rural Farm Areas Refusing The Vaccine

Trending today is FEMA offering to pay $9k for funerals resulting from COVID. Secretary of State wants further investigation of COVID origins. New Jersey the #2 state in new COVID cases. Also, trending is the question "why are rural farm areas refusing the vaccine," and Doug explains his motive for getting vaccinated.


The Daily DJV Show Download - 04/12/21 - Four Companies Control Worldwide Food Supplies

Trending today is who controls worldwide food production? There are four companies and one of them is Chinese owned. Next, the debate over vaccine cards and vaccine passports and Israel leads the pack. Also trending, new cases of COVID are exploding in the upper Midwest, and mainly with younger people.