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Doug, Jen, Victoria and Jai share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!

Doug, Jen, Victoria and Jai share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!


Boston, MA


Doug, Jen, Victoria and Jai share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music and tons more - there's something for everyone on the DJV Show!






DJV Download - 07/22/21 - The 10 Worst Businesses In America

Trending today, is Britney married, or isn't she? Actor Megan Fox gave up the drink. The term "Shark Attack" is being replaced by "Shark Interaction." Gwen Stefani express her joy at being married to Blake. Giant horse goes viral with over 11-million views. Also trending, special guest author Michael Levine offers a list of the 10 worst business in America from his new book: "Broken Windows, Broken Business."


DJV Download - 07/21/21 - The Kardashians, Made Easy

Trending today, the question about the team name, Milwaukee Bucks. Dolly puts on Playboy Bunny outfit for husband's 79th Birthday. Kylie Jenner's new private jet. Untangling the confusion over the Kardashians. Attorney Michael Avenatti attempts to extort $22-million from Nike and is arrested by The FBI. Also trending, Amazon's Bezos says that we should move heavy polluting industry into outer space.


DJV Download - 07/20/21 - Toyota Pulls Ads From Japan Olympics

Trending today, ex-Britney bodyguard says that she was forced to take some horrible drugs. Pop Star Halsey gives birth to her first. Luke Prokop is the first NHL player come out. Car manufacturer, Toyota pulls ads from Tokyo Olympics broadcasts. Tokyo 2020 is scrambling to modify the Olympic opening ceremony just three days before it takes place after composer Keigo Oyamada resigned. Also Trending, Prince Harry to publish his personal encounter of life.


DJV Download - 07/19/21 - Sexual Activity At The Olympics

Trending today, a look at sexual activity at the Olympics. Trans woman weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has been cleared to compete in Tokyo Olympics. Adele and LeBron James' agent Rich Paul looked cozy at NBA Finals game. Also trending, Bill Cosby's wife spotted without wedding ring and rumors are flying.


DJV Download - 07/14/21 - Britney's Day In Court

Trending today, Britney Spears' new "Pit-Bull" lawyer pleads her case in court. Model Ashley Graham is pregnant with #2. Video of Justin Bieber yelling at his wife goes viral, but is being "taken out of context." POTUS picks Disney child star Olivia Rodrigo to help promote COVID vaccinations in young people. Also trending, Mj Rodriguez becomes first trans gender actress to be nominated for Emmy in A Leading Role.


DJV Download - 07/13/21 - No Whoppers In Lincoln, NE

Trending today, oops! Stanley Cup reportedly dented during Tampa Bay Lightning celebration. Jennifer is the only DJVer to drink bubbly from the Stanley Cup. F.D.A. Attaches Warning of "Rare Nerve Syndrome" to J&J Vaccine. "Night Court" actor Charlie Robinson dies at 75. Also trending, Lincoln, NE Burger King sign says "WE ALL QUIT" as entire staff quits.


DJV Download - 07/12/21 - Britney's Dad Takes Millions Of Her Money To Maintain Power Over Her

Trending today, Binx the cat was rescued alive from the Surfside condo collapse and reunited with his family. Britney's dad spent millions of her money to maintain power over her. Italy is victorious over England in Soccer at Wembley. Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria is back in the spotlight. Also trending, Mel B talks about 25th reunion of Spice Girls. You can hear this podcast at DJV, or wherever you get your podcasts.


DJV Download - 07/08/21 - Reaction To Biden's Door-To-Door Vaccine Plan

Trending today, Britney's mother speaks out in support of ending the conservatorship. Cher, Miley and other celebs jump in. People reacting unfavorably to POTUS door-to-door vaccination plans. Learn why Sha'Carri Richardson not selected to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Also trending, Angelina and Brad battling in court over sale of French wine business.


DJV Download - 07/07/21 - Scarlett Johansson And Colin Jost Expecting

Trending today, Britney's lawyer and her manager resign. Next, results from a listener poll on China. Scarlett Johansson rumored to be close to delivery of her 1st child with Colin Jost. "The Voice" host Carson Daly officiated at Gwen and Blake's wedding. Also trending, comedian Pete Davidson plans to have all of his tattoos removed by the age of 30.


DJV Download - 07/06/21 - Jennifer Lopez, The Happiest She's Ever Been

Trending today, 24 year old NHL Goalie dies in 4th of July fireworks accident. A Flash Mob breaks out in singing The National Anthem at a Texas Walmart. "True Detective" actor Stephen Dorff says he's "embarrassed" for Scarlett Johansson for appearing in "garbage" "Black Widow." Also trending, J-Lo says that she's living her best life, ever.


DJV Download - 07/05/21 - Gwen And Blake Make It Official

Trending today, name three couples that tied the knot over The 4h Of July. All about Blake and Gwen's big weekend wedding. New Yorker reporter Ronan Farrow says that Britney's father has made a zombie out of her. Also trending, Mathew McConaughey sounding very much like a gubernatorial candidate in his Independence Day message.


DJV Download - 07/01/21 - No Freedom For Britney Right Now

Trending today, Bill Cosby is released from prison, after a Grand Jury tosses his conviction on a technicality. Actor James Franco loses a court battle and has to pony-up $2.2 million. "Smallville" cast member Allison Mack will do some jail time for recruiting young actresses into a sex cult. Also trending, the Britney judge refuses to give her freedom, for the time being.


DJV Download - 06/30/21 - Hunger-Rage Guy Wants To Punch Out McDonalds Staffer

Trending today, K-Fed doesn't want Britney to receive full freedom, for monetary reasons. Late Night host, James Corden changes "Spill Your Guts" segment after receiving thousands of Anti-Asian complaints. Also trending, Hunger-Rage customer wants to punch out McDonalds employee.


DJV Download - 06/29/21 - Britney's Sister Speaks Out

Trending today, Britney Spears sister speaks out in her behalf while Brit enjoys her vacation in Maui. Olympic Track and Field trial end in Eugene, OR, with several new world records set. Kim Kardashian's label chosen to supply Team USA with undergarments and loungewear. Also trending, "Bachelor Nation" stars face backlash for PPP Loans.


DJV Download - 06/28/21 - Serena Williams Says "NO" To Olympics

Trending today, Serena Williams is the latest to pass on the Olympics. Spectator who caused massive series of crashes at Tour de France disappears. 78-year-old creator of "COPS" dies of heart attack during road race. Also trending, Lakers' guard robbed at gunpoint.


DJV Download - 06/24/21 - Britney Pleads To Get Her Life Back

Trending today, Britney begs court to end the sick conservatorship by her father. Even ex Justin Timberlake offers his support. Blink-182 rockstar Mark Hoppus reveals Cancer diagnosis. Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell pleads guilty to attempted child endangerment. Also trending, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell forcibly removed from flight after altercation with his wife.


DJV Download - 06/23/21 - Texas Governor To Nix Dog Abuse Bill

Trending today, Britany Spears seeks release from father's control, in court. Coby's wife settles wrongful-death lawsuit with helicopter company. Fake body parts looking good in film about Pamela Anderson. 12 US Olympic Basketball players set. Also trending, Texas Governor vetoes bill to protect abused dogs.


DJV Download - 06/22/21 - Las Vegas Raiders Player Comes Out

Trending today, the controversy over a transgender Olympics weight lifter. Defensive End, Carl Nassib becomes first NFL player to come out as Gay. Justin Bieber and wife Hailey meet French president Emmanuel Macron and give him a taste of Hollywood. Also trending, Warriors Basketball MVP Steph Curry takes a pass on Japan Olympics.


DJV Download - 06/21/21 - Chihuahua Bites Off 23-Year-Old's Eyelid

Trending today, names of Worx Tools Fathers Day sweepstakes. POTUS dog crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. Olympic Runner Usain Bolt names new twins. Back Street Boys and NSYNC start joint effort, "Back-SYNC." Dippin’ Dots CEO Sued by Ex-GF Over Alleged Revenge Porn. Also trending, birthday girl's eyelid ripped off by Chihuahua.


DJV Download - 06/17/21 - Salma Hayek's Pet Owl Hurls Hairball

Trending today, is J.Fleck the new moniker for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck? A visiting celebrity receives a special gift from Salma Hayek's pet owl. Charles Manson murder house sells. Reese Witherspoon says she needed Hypnotherapy during the filming of "Wild." Also trending, Phoenix Suns out indefinitely, from COVID.